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I heard a statistic the other day that says that 50% of the people in America have no clue who represents them in Washington DC.  I think that percentage is too low but I am a grumpy old lady who is ticked off that my golden years are looking more like ‘a lump of coal’ years…..

I can’t say that I blame folks for not wanting to think about what the federal government might be up to simply because the answer is so illusive and requires a lot of time to even skim the surface.  I don’t like what I am becoming.  I miss the time that I got up in the morning with a plan for the day that had nothing to do with worrying about anything more important than making a living and meeting the responsibilities of the day and then enjoying some down time at the end of the day with my family.

We don’t watch television anymore because it is either some so-called reality show that has absolutely nothing to do with reality or sit coms that aren’t funny and some other stuff I don’t even want to get into here.  There is nothing uplifting, with a positive message out there unless you believe you are a victim of one sort or another, then there are plenty of shows to convince you that it isn’t your fault and someone else needs to pay for victimizing you.  Last week I was browsing around on Facebook and the big question on everyone’s status update was who to vote for on American Idol….

Life has never been easy but it becomes a lot harder with government trying to help anyone and everyone whether they want it or not.  Do you know that parents aren’t smart enough to raise their own children?  Do you know that farmers who make their living off the land are so dumb they are killing the land?  Do you know that the top people in the wind power industry are trying to figure out what to do when the wind isn’t blowing?  Do you know that a lot of ordinary people with 401Ks are invested and have profited from the evil Big Oil industry?  Do you know that your children are being taught that you are just old-fashioned and out of touch?  Do you know that cholesterol is necessary to sustain life?  Do you know that carbon dioxide is necessary for trees to produce oxygen?  I am being redundant, I know.

I read a lot of blogs written by a lot of smart and good folks.  They spend a lot of time shining a light on the mountains of evidence we all need to know about our government and its shenanigans.  Others are dedicated to encouragement and inspiring us to find the good in people.  I believe there are a lot more good people than bad but they aren’t exactly dominating the news cycles.  I salute all these dedicated bloggers who are willing to put so much time and effort into their research and to the patriotism and good will they demonstrate.

One of my favorites is ‘We The People‘ at

I have to wonder though if we are just singing to the choir?  Are people of opposing ideologies willing to look at historical evidence?  If you ever watch a debate between a liberal and a conservative you know what I mean.  I think the fat lady is tuning up and I can only hope she is carrying the right tune…..

Ok, maybe she isn't fat....

ok, maybe not fat, she is just a large woman....



  1. We are only preaching to the choir. Those who plan to vote for the Dictator will not have their minds changed ever.

    • That’s what I thought…. 😦

      • Very sad but true. I fear there will be so many who believe his lies, uniformed people.
        I only hope and pray there are enough conservatives who vote to outnumber the fraud votes.

  2. Jan

    Sadly, I think Pepp is right FOH. I am related to some lefties. There is never an exchange of honest ideas when one discusses anything related to politics. They will talk over you, spout talking points (channeling Obama), or, if you score a point based on FACT, shut off altogether and get mad. I had one young lefty friend ask me not to send her anything on Obama because she “loves” him and doesn’t want to know anything negative about him. Oh my. How discouraging.
    You remind me so much of me FOH! I too feel blindsided in my golden/coal years. I never thought in our lifetime we would have such a disgrace in the White House or such monsters in Congress. It is no longer a division of parties, but a division of morals, culture and values. Dennis Prager’s new book is correct–we are the last, best hope–but I don’t know if it isn’t just too late to swing the pendulum back once again. I pray not.

    • people talk of compromise but how do you compromise good with evil….my prayer is the same as yours…..

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