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if I wanted America to fail….my thoughts

I just recently saw the video that is all over the web.  It is very sobering, thought-provoking and a good way to explain to the less interested why things haven’t gotten better in the last 3 and 1/2 years.

I have been thinking about how and why we got here for a very long time.  I saw these things coming long before tea parties, OWS, the media’s total disregard for reporting facts, even before FOX news.

If I wanted America to fail I would destroy the culture, the work ethic, patriotism, morality, religion and the family.  The process would be slow and require much patience but it would guarantee success.  I would steal America’s children through public education.  Schools would take over family life through extra curricular activities then while parents were more interested in the success of their children in sports or band or cheerleading I would start tweaking classroom curriculum.  I would put in place a ‘one size fits all’ test and it would gradually take ‘teaching’ any particular subject and replace it with ‘how to pass the test’.  It would be the only test the urchins had to pass, other grades would become meaningless and ‘failing’ a subject would never be heard of again.  I would stop excellency from being recognized and rewarded accordingly.  I would bring in new studies to replace Civics, History, English grammar and broaden the study of Literature to include ‘fringe’ concepts and authors.  I would take prayer and discipline out of public schools and I would create excuses for bad behavior.  I would end the practice of ‘recess’ for elementary students in order to stop them from settling their own disputes on the playground and put them in ‘special’ classes to learn tolerance and acceptance.  I would build a wall between parents and the school.  By the time this generation graduated and went on to college their brains would be mush and ready for the real dissection to begin.

The ‘greatest generation’ gave birth to the ‘baby boomer generation’ who gave birth to the ‘hippy generation’.  We have moved from great pride and patriotism to great successes in entrepreneurship and an upward mobile people to generations of discontents, bored with everyday life and always looking for the next ‘high’.  We went from respecting hard work and persistence to demanding instant gratification.  Our ancestors defeated tyranny and established a nation on a Constitution that guaranteed freedom of the individual and gave birth to the idea that anyone can succeed.  We overcame a civil war, defeated the Nazis and Communism.  We put men on the moon and made great strides in technologies of all kinds.  Children grew up believing that there were no limits to what they could do or where they could go as long as they were willing to put forth the effort to achieve their chosen destinies.

We have fallen from that shining city on a hill to the rat infested gutters and sewers of self-pity, envy, immorality and have become victims of our own success.   Our problems did not start with Obama, nor will they end should he be defeated in November because he is merely the catalyst that brought ‘the plan’ out of the shadows into the light of day.  The cancer within is deep and metastasized within a powerful and centralized government.  Fascism, Communism, Marxism, Socialism, none of those ‘isms’ were ever really defeated, they just went underground and found the fodder to grow and spread.  Now, like all cancer, it is coming to the surface and it is ugly, its newest name is Progressivism.

Over the last week when we learned that the Labor Relations Board was about to place labor restrictions on the children of family farmers, there was a great outcry from ‘we the people’ and today the LRB backed down, now saying they will work directly with farm organizations and agencies to come up with a ‘program’ to insure the safety of farm children.  They have not retreated, they are just taking a different tack.  They have learned that they can get away with anything when its ‘for the children’.

‘THEY’ cannot insure the safety, security or economic success of anyone but have convinced enough people that they can and so it goes…….

God can save America only if we are willing…..



  1. thedrpete

    I’ve already opined on this subject in a blogpost a few days ago, FOH, so I won’t repeat myself. But, I did want to tell you that this morning I told the Lady that you said “hi”.

    • Thank you dr pete! I thought about that this morning and wondered if you would remember!

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