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Have you noticed lately how many apologies or demands for apologies are flying around on the news.  Everybody is offended….

Reminds me of a bunch of grade school kids running to the teacher to ‘tell’.  Of course the teacher makes the supposed perpetrator apologize.  Then when the teacher turns her back, said perpetrator and tattler stick their tongues out at each other and wait for the next opportunity to have a repeat of the dust-up…

The head guy down in Columbia wants an apology from the White House that demonstrates more remorse than the already given apology because he is standing up for the reputation of his country.  If only it were that easy to settle a score.  I was just thinking maybe if Israel apologizes to Iran for breathing would that end the threat of nuclear war.  If America apologizes for being powerful and exceptional would radical Islam be pacified….oh wait, Obama already did that didn’t he…..wonder if he will apologize to the American people for his failed administration and beg forgiveness and for second chance, hhhmmmmm

I think we better find out what the other hand is up to…..



  1. FOH,

    Now we find out that wants the “racially” intended word “illegal” being taken off of describing “illegal immigrants. According to them, left wing hacks, the word is prejudicial and we “must” think of the humanity of these people, not that they are “illegal”. Whoops, I used that word “illegal”.

    • I heard that idiot on Hannity last night having that debate with Tucker Carlson, standing in for Hannity and Jay Sekulo. I was just idiotic. He said that we should call them ‘Illegals’, prospective tax payers. I think he really should have said, prospective Democrat voters. Every where I look Alinsky’s play book is playing out…..

      • FOH,
        Yeah, that is where I got the info too from Hannity. I thought I’d lose it during that shouting match.

        Prospective Tax payers my butt. I will continue to call these people who break into our country “illegals”.

        What, I wonder would that Latino guy call a person who broke into his home, a prospective resident?

        I’ve never heard anything so stupid in all my life and it keeps getting more stupid as the days go by.

        All I can say is I pray every night that God will deliver us from the evil that permeates every aspect of our lives these days.

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