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Let’s talk entitlement…..

Calling everyone, Red and Yellow, Black, Brown and White, Rich, Poor, Young, Old and Women and any other group I forgot!  All you white males with a job, forget it, you have no leg to stand on here, you are not entitled to anything and certainly not deciding how to spend what you earn!  If you can read what Ms. Pelosi said not see what she is saying, re-read until you do!  Let’s forget for a moment about the entitlement society we hear about all the time.  Let’s look at the stealth entitlement society,  Government Bureaucracy!  This is not about people who are on food stamps, welfare checks, WIC, Medicare, Medicaid, or Social Security.  Let us take a look at government and the attitude that they are entitled to our tax dollars and your entitlement dollars.  We can look first to the GSA, Government Service Agency, their disregard for the people they are there to serve and the total lack of honesty, integrity and just common decency.

While politicians are calling for entitlements to be reformed, why aren’t they looking at every government agency?  Do we really believe that it is limited to this one agency.  Think about it.  Do you know or have you observed the work ethics of many, many government employee?  I have and I can tell you that they take tax dollars for granted.  Of course, ALL government employees shouldn’t be lumped into the bottom of the barrel, but at the very least even the good ones should be blowing the whistle on the massive waste, fraud and abuse, starting at the very top, POTUS on down.

If you are part of the 40%+ who don’t pay income taxes, this still applies to you.  Think about it?  I wish all those who aren’t paying income taxes to see that it is much better to pay taxes than to be at the behest of government and I wish for you a better and brighter future but it cannot come from government.  The only thing government can distribute is envy and poverty when it comes to convincing citizens to rob from one another.  If you are convinced that you cannot make it without government, I feel truly sorry for you because you have swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker.  Since when should you punished for succeeding in supporting yourself and your family, or starting and building a successful business.  Let’s just pretend for a minute that there are no taxes and every able-bodied person in America has a job.  Ok, got that?  Now, tell me, how many of you would voluntarily hand over 10 to 30 percent of your income to total strangers?  Wouldn’t you want to choose how to use what you earn to help your own family and your own charities.  I know I do.  There are people who do truly need help and there are more of us now than there was 3 and 1/2 years ago.

There is no war on the poor, women, old people, young people or people of any particular completion except the imaginary war coming from the current administration.  They pit us against one another and use us as pawns in their ever-increasing thirst for power (getting elected) and money from the pockets of the only people who are able to pay the bills of our country and those are becoming fewer.  Some of us are being sucked back down into poverty and some are just leaving the country.  You cannot become richer by making someone else poorer.  Redistribution has historically failed to lift the poor up, its only success has been to bring the successful down.  Is that really what you want?  Stop biting the hands that feed you!

Our country has $15 TRILLION in debt, $5 TRILLION added in the last 3 1/2 years.  If all the income from all the 1% were taken away from them it wouldn’t even begin to repay the debt, much less make it possible to hand out more.  Yet government bureaucrats spend our money like there is no tomorrow without accomplishing anything better than lining their own pockets.

Are you more worried about climate change than what it costs to heat and cool your home and fill up your car?  I know I’m not!  It is about time for the federal government, all its agencies, departments and programs to be audited and find out exactly how much they are wasting!   Then we can talk about senior citizens who have been forced to pay into Social Security and Medicare for their working lives, people who are handicapped and unable to work, veterans who have been disabled while serving our country and why our medical care costs so much?

That is my rant for the day, what say you?



  1. FOH,

    I have always contended that the biggest welfare recipients are the government employees. They are all on the same dole that screws us tax payers for all they can get out of us. It boils me. Then they turn around and complain about SS when, at least, the people paid into that. The government employees, including, but not all, the senate and the congress are paid by us, usually all they can get and take. It makes me sick. Where is the fund that they paid into for this??????

    • They have the biggest attitude of entitlement IMHO!

      • FOH,

        They sure do. And look what they do up there? Nothing for the most part. I’m sick to death of all of them. And no budget coming out of Harry Reid’s controlled senate. He needs to be voted out, but somehow he always manages to get back in in Nevada.

      • FOH,

        They sure do. And look what they do up there? Nothing for the most part. I’m sick to death of all of them. And no budget coming out of Harry Reid’s controlled senate. He needs to be voted out, but somehow he always manages to get back in in Nevada.

  2. Davetherave

    Good rant piece FOH! I totally agree with Pepp. The biggest blood suckers in the history of our country is the government. It’s is nothing more than legalized highway robbery. Every time those jerks come up with another way to rip us off they exempt themselves from doing the same thing. It amazes me how we the people still have all the power, but refuse to use it and keep letting those leaches get away with picking our pockets.

    • the politicians are bad enough for sure but the bureaucrats who implement and oversee what Congress dictates are even worse. They aren’t elected and we the people have no way to control them other than through our electeds, a vicious circle of XXSDFSFEA”@%$$%!

      • Davetherave

        LMAO! My blunt mouth couldn’t have said your ending any better. 🙂

  3. 😉 Thanks Dave…..

  4. bonju

    Bravo! Finally a blog that tells the truth – give it to ’em – Government needs to get smaller and I’m no Republican. I don’t believe in being governed at all but then I do believe we have to help people less fortunate than ourselves. All the so called “entitlement” programs we working poor have paid into all our lives with all the jobs we have had. We put into it so we deserve it back when we need it. We are entitled to these profits not the government – but you kicked ass and thanks for pinging back to the Bonju Blog – keep doing it – cause we AGREE!

    Bonju Patten

    • It is obvious that government no longer respects the tax payer or our dollars. I am a Constitutional Conservative leaning Libertarian….

      • bonju

        I used to be a conservative but now I believe I’m fed up with the entire system and think I’m just an anarchist. Wish people would join me on this side. It is so much nicer. We live by 3 rules: love myself, love your neighbor, don’t hurt anyone – Libertarian – my late dad voted that way in the 1990s for Clinton’s reelection year – when asked who was running he said: “I don’t have a clue but it’s not Clinton” LOL

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