whatever is on my mind….


  1. FOH,

    No words are needed. The poem is beautiful.

    • just a little blue today….

      • FOH,

        I understand the feeling completely. I have the blues almost every day now. I want the best for my country but I have no idea what to do but pray and that does not seem enough.

  2. thedrpete

    I will be at her feet this Friday afternoon, and will tell her, FOH, that you say “hi”.

  3. Today, you”re a poet; and you didn’t even know it. But your feet show it; they’re Longfellows!!

    Great sentiment. Mind if I reblog? Where has America gone awry?

    • Be my guest and thanks for the feet compliments!

  4. Reblogged this on LIFE, THE WAY I SEE IT and commented:
    Democrat and Republican; forget the color and unite benign Old Glory!

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