whatever is on my mind….

it always surprises me when….

people rush to tell someone ‘politely’ to shut up when someone speaks out about what is going on in our country.


A man in his late seventies posts about his frustrations with the Obama administration and all of the things he sees that are just not right.  His son rebukes him for speaking out on Facebook.  I post a reply to him of my thanks.  Another person posts that we just need to compromise.  Then the son continues his rebuke.


This man has seen a lot more history and knows what has already been lost but he speaks for more people than he knows.  The time for compromise has past and we are at a crossroads that cannot be ignored.  Yet, younger more foolish generations rebuke the knowledge and wisdom of their fathers.


The son and others do not take seriously the over reach of government and that their own pursuits will be null and void if the current state of affairs continues.  He posts that politics isn’t his cup of tea (paraphrased) and is more concerned about helping the poor.  Does he even realize that charitable contributions are being discouraged and have gone down immensely under this administration or that they may be made non-deductible by the IRS?  I personally don’t need a deduction but a lot of people use it and when it is gone the only charity left will be the federal government…..God Help Us…


Evidently I have jumped the shark?  At least I am not alone…..





  1. thedrpete

    Abraham Lincoln, accepting the Republican nomination for President in 1858 said, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”. The issue then was half-slave and half-free.

    I would say now in 2012 that our American house which is divided against itself also cannot stand. The issue now is pro-unalienable-rights-frolm the-Creator-and-thus-pro-Declaration of Independence-and-pro-United States Constitution (as written, original meaning) versus progressivism, which redefines liberty regularly, that to fit circumstances, and which holds that the Declaratikon and Constitution were fine then, but no longer fit in this changed world.

    The latter is akin to regularly redefining the meaning of pregnant to fit circumstances. And as far as compromising, what exactly is sorta pregnant?

    • No such thing as, a little bit pregnant….or a little bit free.

  2. FOH,

    I don’t think you’ve jumped the shark. I see us divided to the extreme and there is no compromise if one believes in the Constitution to the letter.

    I will call “progressives” by their real name: Marxists, commies, socialists. There is no way the Constitution survives under this kind of government that the so called president and his minions are trying desperately to install.

    In fact, actually we are witnessing the overthrow of our government at present. I too never thought I’d see this day. I suppose one could say I took my freedom for granted, thinking it would be there always. Now I’m saddened, fearful and left wondering what on earth is going to happen.

    Those of us in our older years have always lived in freedom. Some of the younger folks have not been taught the right thing, but those things that oppose our Republic. They don’t even know what totalitarian government is or what becomes of those under it. They think there will be this Utopia where all men will be equal. This is a lie. But, they don’t know it.
    All I do now is pray every single day and night that someone, somebody will finally bring down this Marxist we have as a president. It is eerie that a Russian president said at one time that America would be taken down without a shot. We are there now.

    • Yes we are at the jumping off point for sure, or as my Dad used to say, ‘between a rock and a hard place’…

      • FOH,

        I guess we’ll have to go to the hard place if something does not change.

  3. oh, Facebook can be a really scary place. People I like, respect–and on FB I learn that some of them are so woefully misinformed, and so intolerant of other views. Many just think it’s bad form to discuss politics at all, or post political things on FB.

    they can stuff it. I only wish I had started speaking out sooner. You give that disrespectful son “what for” for me, kay? LOL


    • I know what you mean about FB, I have been rebuked myself and de-friended by friends that really weren’t…

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