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Mitt Romney declared the winner before the voting is done.  I am not surprised, its his turn you know.  Back in 2008 it was McCain’s turn, Romney knew back then he wouldn’t take the nomination but it was a perfect time to launch his campaign for the 2012 election.  The RNC hasn’t learned anything and is still foisting RINO Progressives on the base.  Speaking of the ‘base’, I heard on Fox, I think it was Krauthammer speaking about how the ‘base’ has been deserting the Republican Party and that those who no longer call themselves, (color me in here) Republicans have expanded the percentage of ‘swing’ voters from around 20% to 40%.  You would think the GOP would get the message?

Obama‘s attorneys admitted in a NJ courtroom that the so-called birth certificate of last summer was a fake, duh….and that it should be thrown out as evidence for that reason, duh…..crickets from the GOP.  Common sense says that spending millions of dollars to hide records means there is something to hide.  There is much speculation as to what exactly that is but it makes no difference because no one is going to dethrone the first Black man to hold the office of POTUS.  It just isn’t going to be done…..

Lately we have seen a smidgen of evidence of the bureaucratic nonchalance on the spending of our tax dollars.  Anyone with half a brain already knows that term, ‘its good enough for government work’.  Just in my tiny little corner of the world, I have seen the total incapacity of government employees to see a problem and actually do something that will fix the problem.  If it ain’t in their little government handbook they can’t do it, even if they want to.  I wish someone had the balls to find out exactly how much waste, fraud and abuse goes on in all levels of government, city, county, state, and federal.

Another thing that bothers me is enforced diversity.  The idea that government should mandate people, communities and businesses to meet quotas of ethnic diversity.  How about some diversity with Obama’s Czars, talk about surrounding yourself with like-minded people!  I and every other person I know wants to be around people who have things in common, it makes for a more peaceful existence.  Maybe that is part of the plan, to stir up division through diversity.

At this stage of my own life, I don’t worry for myself so much but the thought of what future generations may face really bothers me.  Sometimes I become so conspiratorial that it makes me think I may be losing my mind.  Then I remember and turn immediately back to my faith with renewed reliance on its foundation of grace, mercy, hope and love as I look for ways to relieve the stress.  The best way to do that is by  concentrating on helping someone else and stop thinking about my own problems. Answers are often found that weren’t there before.  The pursuit of happiness isn’t an option, it is a necessity for the sake of sanity……

Today’s pursuit involves watching my 3-year-old granddaughter jump on the trampoline and gathering with friends this evening for a shrimp boil!



  1. My trivial pursuit today has been doing laundry and writing. I would love to join my grand daughter on a trampoline and have lots of fun and laughs.
    Have a ball FOH!

    • Thanks pepp! You have some fun too!!!

  2. I’m not so sure about the attorney statement; but this article: scroll down to @ the 4th paragraph about the Supreme Court’s definition of a natural born citizen. I’m not sure, but it would be interesting!

    But my question; why haven’t we heard this on the news media. I’d ‘consider the source’ on MSNBC, CNN and NPR; but FOX? Then again, FOX may want to MAKE SURE that this wasn’t a hoax before ‘breaking it.’ Too many implications.

  3. I think part of the reason we haven’t heard it is that it has become a taboo subject. I don’t know, I think I have become cynical on just about every aspect of Obama….the truth is about him is elusive …

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