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thieves, thieves, tramps and thieves….

This song comes to mind this morning as I read about all the scandals coming out of the sacred halls of government.  Maybe the story Cher sings about seems a strange comparison?  I find it applicable on so many levels.

Common people know how things work and the industrious ones learn how to survive.  Although they don’t know the details they know when they are being lied to and adjust accordingly.  Every news outlet in the country is providing cover for the current administration, with maybe a few exceptions but not many.  There is just enough truth in their stories to make them believable at first glance and normally people who are minding their own business and living their lives give them no more than a glance, maybe a curious glance but they don’t have the time or inclination to dig deeper.

The more I try to dig deeper the more I realize the Truth is illusive and has been so obfuscated that we may never know it.  Many see the coming tyranny and many have found evidence of just how corrupt the ‘powers that be’ are.  However, all the dots can’t be connected yet, and probably never will be.  At least, not until the deed is done and then conspiracies will still fly rampant.

It makes me want to retreat into some place where I can’t be found.  Sadly there is only one place where we can’t be touched and if we go there we will be playing right into their hands, we will be gone and that is what they want.  Survivors will be the ones who compromise principles, sell out their friends and family, but they too will find that when they are no longer ‘useful idiots‘ they too will be sacrificed.

This may seem a tale too sad and foreboding and it is for those without the hope and assurance of life eternal in the place where truth lives.  Many find that solution to be too far-fetched and unbelievable and will be the ones who survive this side of heaven only for a short time, “Oh ye of little faith”……thankfully, this world is not my home, just passing through.

I leave you with the song now.  I saw Cher’s performance of this very clip long ago on television, funny how it came to mind today….



  1. FOH,

    The Hawk and I decided we would rather fight and die than lie down and take it. So we know where our destiny lies. And since that is our course, I’m going to try to make whatever time we have left as good as possible.

    • Everyday is a gift! More joy on a day to day basis is my goal. I have got to get this crap off my mind at least some of the time….

      • FOH,

        Yes every day is a gift and I have to have some piece of mind at times. So I will veg out on some TV program at night. During the day I’ve been outside doing yard and garden work. It is beautiful right now and I just love it. I wish it would stay like it is all summer with temps in the 70s and cool down to the 50s at night. Just wonderful.

      • It is so beautiful outside now. I have been out some too. The reprieve is wonderful!!!!

  2. I understand your point about digging for the truth. The more I dig, the more I realize how true the old saying ‘truth is stranger than fiction’ really is. Once you start to digging however, there is no turning back-nothing on TV looks the same, nothing in government looks the same, and nothing in our culture looks the same.

    It’s like that part in the Matrix where the guy wants to go back into the program again to escape the darkness of the real world. He tries to enjoy the Matrix and even helps the machines track down and kill the ones who have awoken to the fact that all mankind are slaves. Not a big science fiction fan, but that movie really mirrors what we’re going through and may go through in America.

    • so true about not seeing anything the same and that really causes me indigestion, I don’t enjoy seeing the booger man everywhere, I am now suspicious of everything. I didn’t see the Matrix but sounds like it may have been a forecaster of the future. I am giving myself permission to enjoy each new day as it comes and to listen less to the lies….

      • You mentioned connecting the dots; I can’t think of a better place to start, for anyone who truly wants to know what happened to this country, than to begin with John D. Rockefeller Sr. That may sound odd, but after reading Titan by Ron Chernow, I started getting more dots to connect than I knew what to do with.

        The robber barons that emerged after the Civil War completely reshuffled our country to the point where it affects us even to this day. They basically built a new foundation for America. You start researching how those guys reorganized America and everything else starts making a little more sense.

      • You got me to thinking about why it is that people like Rockefeller never get too old to do their dirty work. Many evil doers live to be very old and continue their evil ways to the end. Senator Robert Byrd kept getting re-elected even after he couldn’t control his drooling but he kept right on voting with the Liberal plans for America…..most normal people think about retiring and enjoying a few years of life long before people like Byrd, Soros, Pelosi and Reid. Guess we fell into that trap too, believing retirement in the golden years is a right…..Have a good rest of the day, I plan on it!

    • Re: “connecting the dots,” Alex and FOH, a whole lot of humanoids don’t necessarily want to connect the dots if it means having their beliefs challanged. It isn’t easy to discover that what was once a truth solid as stone is, in fact, a lot of hot air instead.

      • Exactly! If you really want the truth, you’ll find it. “Seek and ye shall find.” No one ever said it would be pretty however. The less we hold onto titles and identities, the more welcome truth becomes.

        Most people I come in contact with have no desire to dig, connect dots, or let go of any sort of identity. And I understand why-it can be scary.

      • So true Alex. Connect the dots was always a favorite game…..

      • No it isn’t easy to find out something you have believed to be true is in fact a lie. I have spent the majority of my life not thinking much about government and had no inkling that I should be concerned about what they were actually doing to all of us. Gives new meaning to, ‘youth is wasted on the young’.

  3. After reading your post the first thing that came to mind was the concept of learning to ‘pick your battles’ and not putting mental energy into those things that don’t apply. This has not always been one of my strong suits. I’m always learning, though.

    BTW, the song brings back memories of decades past. hehe

    • I am always learning as well Mrs AL and I love having the input from others. It is always helpful to see things from slightly or even radically different angles. Picking battles, not my strong suit either. I often jump in with both feet before knowing who or what I am dealing with….

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