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that great sucking sound….

Dear Sir, Mr., Mrs., Ms., Miss Taxpayer, whatever term you prefer,

I am addressing you today to ask you to ponder this question.  Who is it that is sucking at the government teet most?  Is it ‘we the people’ or is it, wait for it………the government?  For those of us that are addicted to politics, news of the day, etc., we have learned this week about the GSA, that would be the Government Service Agency.  Haven’t heard of them, don’t fret, neither had I.  It turns out that this one agency on the one occasion in this week’s news spent almost $1MILLION on a junket to SIN city, Las Vegas for those who don’t know where Rio Linda is.  This was a junket attended by 300 public service employees, otherwise known at bureaucrats.  Congress has called the head of this agency to testify before some committee, can you keep up with Congressional committees because I sure can’t.  Anyhoo, this guy comes to testify and takes the fifth!  He won’t even answer whether or not he is who he is in relation to his position in the GSA.

Now we always hear how government wants to cut out waste, fraud and abuse, don’t we?  I have no idea, could probably google it but I am too mad and too tired to do it right now, so if you are of a mind to, you can google it, but I digress….breathe…..I have no idea how many agencies, departments and such exist within the federal government nor do I know the exact number of bureaucrats there are and I would bet that no on in government could actually answer that question either but IF I were a betting person and I am not, I would bet that if were possible to actually know these numbers and know how many parties, trips, personal expenses and probably how many weenie dogs as personal pets we the taxpayers have paid for.  If that were even possible I bet that the sum would rival what is spent on all entitlements, thus the great sucking sound.  The pig is being sucked from both sides and the government bureaucrats have the inside advantage.

Add to this the Secretary of Defense flies from DC to Californication every weekend on a Gulfstream 550 or some such fancy flying machine to the tune of $1MILLION per year, probably not as much as former Speaker of the House San Fran Nancy Pelosi spent (for the first two years of this administration) but close, all the POTUS family vacations, I wonder if the Secret Service has been sending us the bill for SERVICE?  You would think an agency called the Secret Service would know how to be serviced secretly?????  I am not even going to get into the Secretary of State, Secretary of Energy (Solyndra), Secretary of Education, Secretary of Agriculture, TSA, EPA, HHS (the people writing the rules for Obamacare), Dept. of Transportation, Dept. of Defense, and I am losing my mind……

Think about it, wouldn’t it be a kick in the pants if the government was the biggest teet sucker of ALL, but then that would make taxpayers just plain SUCKERS, wouldn’t it?  I know I am crazy but these are things that run through my head before I go to sleep at night and pray to be delivered from evil.  I have no doubt that will happen in God’s own time.   In the meantime, we need to know the truth, to question everything and take nothing at face value.

Goodnight and sweet dreams….



  1. Beth

    wow. Speechless.

  2. Great job here, FOH. You have made your case well. Government, IMO, is a ‘necessary evil.’ It needs to be watched carefully and those who work for it need to be watched carefully as well. Having just worked in a State government situation, I will tell you that it is not watched as carefully as necessary. Sad situation indeed. And our national government is so entrencehd, it’s difficult to imagine getting it under control. That said, it really isn’t that difficult, but it would take women and men of character to pull this off. Seems to me we are lacking on the character end of things.

    • Character, honesty and integrity all lacking. From listening to the lady from GSA last night the process of getting rid of a federal employee is somewhere between impossible and not happening’!

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