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then I am not living as I should.  What is it about religion and politics that cause people to clam up?  I don’t know but people should talk about both of these subjects more often. The other day I was listening to a report about the IRS tax code and how complicated it is.  The report said that if you had 50 tax specialists prepare the same tax return, you would wind up with 50 different outcomes.  Not a comforting thought is it?  How did it get that way?  The answer is we let it happen because most of us didn’t know it was happening because we don’t talk to each other about what is actually going on at the highest levels of government.  That is just one example of how the politicos pull the wool over our eyes.

IRS Travel Ban: Revoking Citizenship By Stealth

The groundwork has been and is being laid for a myriad of new rules and laws to limit the freedom of individual citizens based on which class, race, gender, expressed or implied ideology, religion, education and the list goes on from there.  Generations have been educated in public schools to fear people of faith.  Maybe that is one of the reasons people who hold to religious and moral principles have receded into the background, not wanting to appear different from the general population they/we have kept our opinions to ourselves while allowing Secularism (a religion also) to infect the public square.  We don’t want to be targeted or persecuted so we trade the blessings and privileges of strong faith for perceived security in this world.  We put God on the back burner and only run to Him in times of trouble and distress instead of spreading His unmatched love for humanity to all we meet.  Jesus lived a perfect, sinless life, never harming anyone, healing the sick and teaching love and yet He was crucified.  I never understand what is so scary over something called ‘good news’ especially when every individual can freely accept or reject it.

Yes religion and politics are like oil and water, any guesses as to which is which?  Our land will not heal until people of faith come out of the shadows and live by the standards they profess to believe…..preaching to myself today!

God Bless and G’day!



  1. thedrpete

    The current tax code (just federal, just individual “earned” income, nothing else), FOH, is more than 70,000 pages, and has been changed 3.4 times per each day that congress has been in session since 1986. The top 1% of earners have 20% of earned income and pay 40% of all individual income taxes. That gets them demagogued with not paying their fair share. The top 25% pay 86% of all federal income taxes, while the bottom half pay just 3%.

    Play with the numbers to make sense, if you can, that the “middle class” is getting hosed by taxes. Huh?

    • I think that ‘hosed’ is putting it mildly. The middle class is being done away with, IMHO

      • thedrpete

        UUuuummmm, if, FOH, the top 25% of earners pay 86% of all federal income taxes, how is “the middle class” (the 2nd and 3rd quartiles, so twice as many folks) paying 14% versus 86% getting hosed . . . or to your point even worse than hosed?

        And besides that, “middle class” and “the poor” and “the rich” are fictions and demagoguery from progressives. With few exceptions those categories are life stages and temporary markers in an upwardly and downwardly-mobile society.

    • thedrpete

      The U.S. population is 313 million people. Only 85 million pay federal taxes. That’s 27% paying and 73% on a free ride.

      The federal tax code is now 3.8 million words, triple what it was in 2001, and every one of those added words represents a loophole, that for quid pro quo collusion between the government or its officials and certain taxpayers.

      • I love ya dr pete! All that number crunching’ and bean countin’ not my forte….although I have done some bookkeeping in my time the numbers never ran into the billions and trillion…just boggles my mind. I am so glad that you can do that and bring more perspective to what I wanted to say!!!

  2. FOH,

    Interesting thoughts here. I recall when I was a very small child my parents and others saying “Never speak of politics or religion” as both those subjects will result in an argument and you lose your friends that way.

    Here in KY, we’re in part of the Bible belt so nobody gets offended talking religion except those who don’t want to be bothered with it. I know some secular people who are kind and nice even though they have no religion, they live by the Golden Rule.

    I don’t like to talk politics myself around the family. It gets me into trouble all the time so I gave up on it. As for religion it’s the same way. Nobody can talk about it without getting into an argument where some end up not speaking to one another. I don’t know why it has to be that way, but it’s what I’ve seen.

    I recall my X-husband’s brother left the family because his Mother told him if he didn’t go to church his soul was damned. He has never seen the family since and his 2 children are not allowed to see their grand parents.

    That’s why I like blogging. You can talk about things like this.

    If one wants to proclaim themselves a Christian I think that is fine.

    Now 2 of the Hawk’s sisters voted for Obama and they intend to do so again. They no longer speak to me. I sent a cute and fairly harmless Michelle joke and accidentally sent it to them. Boy, did I get chewed out. The one sister kept emailing me over and over about how bad the Hawk and I were that we didn’t like Obama.

    • Oh I totally get how talking politics in family can get. I was shunned by my own parents when they found out I was voting Republican. Actually I called myself Republican back then but have since changed that to Constitutional Conservative leaning heavily Libertarian….

  3. Eventually all Christians wind up rubbing others the wrong way. Can’t be helped. It’s one of the prices we pay.

    As for why politics and religion aren’t discussed, don’t have an answer for that. I was raised really weird I guess and we discussed both. Sure, there were disagreements but that’s life.

    • I have never minded differences of opinion and thoroughly enjoy a good debate based on facts and not on emotion.

      I think when Christians wind up rubbing others the wrong way is when we forget to act and speak like Christians. Some want to use the Bible like a baseball bat…..

      • I agree only to a point, FOH. By nature those who are Christian and hold to the tenents of the Bible and its teachings will eventually have to rub people the wrong way simply because we DO act and speak like Christians. Now for those who “want to use the Bible like a baseball bat,” that don’t sound Christian to yours truly. Sure hope this make sense.

      • sure does sound right, I forget that some folks don’t like you sometimes because you haven’t done anything to make them not like you, if that makes sense. I have see examples of the baseball bat scenario and ‘no’ it isn’t Christian… Love the insight Mrs AL!

  4. Well, seems to me good manners dictate we start no fights on social occasions; hence no religion or politics at a formal dinner of disparate people. But it becomes a gag rule misapplied on many other occasions. When to honor it is a matter for judgment., right?
    Also, when to wear a sandwich board saying in red, 12 inch letters: “I am a Christian” and when to simply live as one in plain sight of all is a judgment, too. And I suspect maybe those working at living a Christian life won’t need a sandwich board anyway…

    • True and that is why the way I live must be a reflection of my faith. There seems to be a gag rule in almost all places. I know the old adage that says religion and politics don’t mix but I can’t separate mine as my faith dictates my politics as it does all other aspects of my life. I can’t believe that all people don’t want to remain free and until all people start having conversations about that we may find out one day that it is too late and that we have been pawns in a game none of knew we were playing…….

  5. Jan

    FOH, I too am befuddled by the offense taken by secular leftists when Jesus is mentioned. Jesus preached a gospel (that “good news” you mentioned) of love, caring, peace. This is controversial? I think that many lefties do not know ANYTHING about either Judaism or Christianity and they simply pick things out of context from the Bible and try to club us over the head with them. Why not simply ignore us, if you think we are nuts/stupid/simpleminded? After all, I ignore atheists. They might offer me the same courtesy! I am supposed to share my faith, and I try to at least demonstrate it. But many people get really antsy if one mentions Jesus. How our country has changed in this regard since my youth. One more sad fact.

    • I always think about a scenario where I know a bridge is washed out on the road ahead and stop to try to warn other drivers of the danger ahead. Most would be thankful and consider being told about it was a good thing. Would anyone get angry that I impeded their journey toward disaster?

  6. Children are being taught in schools that Christianity is a superstition and that intelligent, cool people reject superstition. Chesterton said said that if you don’t believe (in God), you will believe anthing.

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