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Yesterday I watched a presentation of the life and ministry of Jesus Christ on the History Channel.  I am very familiar with this story but something new hit me as I watched.  I hope that I can accurately describe my thoughts as they relate to faith and to patriotism and to the messy and nasty political battle that will determine whether future generations will live under freedom or tyranny.

One mistake that I have been making as a christian has been to act and to think like Judas Iscariot.  He was hand-picked by Jesus to be one of His disciples and Judas believed that Jesus was the Messiah of Old Testament prophecy.  Judas, had his own agenda and failed to hear the Master’s words or to understand His mission.  Judas’ mission was revolution and was part of a movement to attack the Roman’s and free the Jews from Cesar’s rule.  He believed that Jesus mission was to lead this revolution in spite of all indications to the contrary.  We all know how Judas ended up.  In an effort to force Jesus to take the reins of revolution he sold Jesus out with a kiss for 30 pieces of silver.  He believed that when Jesus was brought before Roman authorities that he would at last call the revolutionaries out of hiding and the battle for freedom would begin.  Too late, he realized what he had done and hung himself.

I see a parallel playing out today in America.  Patriots believe and rightly so that Liberty is being replaced by government tyranny.  The media are dishonest and covers for the POTUS and the Democrat party, the POTUS and Democrat politicians are dishonest and know that the media has their back.  Congress is in gridlock, Republican Primary voters did everything possible to pick anybody but Romney, the Federal Reserve is printing money right and left, we are being denied access to our own energy resources and we haven’t seen the current levels of poverty since the Great Depression.

Many of us have been asking ‘why’ our fellow citizens are abandoning Liberty for a government supplied security blanket.  There are many symptoms of this phenomenon all being discussed here in the blogosphere and by talk radio pundits as well as so-called news outlets and opinion writers.  Many have posited and proposed strategies for changing the course of our nation.  The truth is staring us in the face.  America has lost her moral compass, her North Star, she has turned her back on God and on truth.

It is my belief that things won’t change unless and until we have a ‘come to Jesus’ conversation and a revival of moral standards.  The Truth will set us free once again but it requires repentance and asking for forgiveness for turning a blind eye to the moral undoing of our nation, for allowing our children to be brainwashed by television and Hollywood and taught fictional history in public schools.  Only a moral society can retain its freedom.  A secular, immoral society requires a dictator.

Over the last three and a half years I have mistakenly taken the Judas attitude, thinking a bloody revolution might be the only way to restore freedom.  Finally I hit the wall and realized that the only control I have is control of myself.  I gave my worries to my God, knowing that He is in charge and that whatever happens, those who are faithful to Him will be provided and equipped to handle the future.

This doesn’t mean that I am leaving the battle for freedom in this election year.  It simply means that I want to win the War for the very soul of mankind and serve in God’s army against the real enemy.  My weapon and my armor of choice is Truth.  Truth is found in God’s Holy Word and is more powerful than any two-edged sword.  I will continue to point out the failures of the Obama administration and promote the alternative.  A lively debate is necessary and helpful but I will not lose my soul in the process.

Our own Founders knew that the great experiment they set forth required a moral and decent society grounded in the belief of an omnipotent, all-seeing, all-knowing God, creator and Father to all.

“We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution as a whale goes through a net. Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”
John Adams (The Works of John Adams, ed. C. F. Adams, Boston: Little, Brown Co., 1851, 4:31)



  1. FOH,

    I believe that there are times we have to let go and let God. Now is one of those times in history that we must ask God to be on our side. Not the other way around since so many of us have allowed this country to be destroyed with depravity. But, I also believe that if it comes down to us having to fight for our country, we must also do that too.

    • Hi pepp! I am not abdicating the fight, didn’t mean to give that impression. I do think that if all Christians began to bear witness of their faith by living according to it rather than just giving it lip service that we would experience a revival. The moral grounding of our country is gone. You can’t turn on the television without witnessing things that should offend us enough to turn the thing off. I would say that today in our nation that most children have never heard the song, ‘Jesus Loves Me’ and that is sad. Now instead of teaching the ‘Golden Rule’ in schools we have to have Bullying Laws and that is sad. People don’t start the day thanking God for what they have, we just call on Him when we get ourselves in a pickle. I don’t think that God will stand with us if we are not putting Him first. God told Abraham that He would spare the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah if there were only 50 righteous people. Abraham bartered with God and got that number down to 10, (I wonder if this may be where the term, ‘Jewed or Jewing’ came from)……anyway I believe that a revival can happen one person at a time and that the soul of our nation might be saved from Satan, both the one who steals men’s souls and the one whose picture you put in a recent post!

  2. FOH,
    I know you were not abdicating giving up on a fight. I know where you are on this. I feel the exact same way. I detest what our children are being taught in schools then they come home to watch trash on TV if they don’t have a parent there.

    I believe also that we need to tell God we are with Him and do some humility for ourselves and for our actions or lack of them in regard to some things.

    I don’t have any children in school, but my grand children are. I worry what they are being taught. But I don’t dare and say a thing to my ex daughter in law. She gets ticked off when I say anything about what the kids are being taught. And she’s supposed to be a Christian or at least she calls herself one. But, she doesn’t seem to be the least concerned about what the kids are being brainwashed with.

    My grandson was already turned into a greenie in Kindergarten. I couldn’t believe my ears when he spoke about it. He had a hat for it too.

    And then the homosexuality they are teaching in schools. It’s too dangerous to even have your kids in public schools these days.

    • If I didn’t have my faith I would already be a blithering idiot after the last three and a half years and two years before that when he was dispensing the koolaid…..

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