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where do we go from here?

Back in September of 2000, Dr. Walter E. Williams wrote a column about whether or not diametrically opposed ideologies can or even should compromise and looks at various secessionist movements.  Dr. Williams serves on the faculty of George Manson University as John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics and is the author of ‘Race and Economics: How Much Can Be Blamed on Discrimination?’ and ‘Up from the Projects: An Autobiography.’

In this article he asks the question, “If one group of people prefers government control and management of people’s lives, and another prefers liberty and a desire to be left alone, should they be required to fight, antagonize one another, and risk bloodshed and loss of life in order to impose their preferences, or should they be able to peaceably part company and go their separate ways?”  I find this question more relevant today than it was even in 2000, given the current debates this nation is having.  I am not speaking of the debates of politicians although they are certainly trying to sway the people one way or another depending on Party affliction.  I am talking about the everyday citizen here and trying to figure out what the prevailing wisdom within our ranks.  Do those who want government management and control of people’s lives intend to compromise with those who prefer liberty and desire to be left alone and vice versa?  Where is the area of at least partial agreement to base a compromise on?

The Constitution, in Article 1, Section 8 enumerates the activities for which Congress is authorized to tax and spend.  These powers were to be war and peace, negotiation and foreign commerce.  Nowhere among the enumerated powers of Congress is there authority to tax and spend for:  Social Security, Medicare, public education, farm subsidies, bank bailouts, food stamps, Medicaid or for any of the other numerous other activities that represent roughly 2/3 of the federal budget.  There is no authority for Congressional mandates to the states and people about how they may use their land, the speed at which they can drive, whether a library has a wheelchair ramp or for the gallons of water used for a toilet flush. A list of congressional violations of the letter and spirit of the Constitution is virtually without end.

Truth is we are all dependent on the Federal Government in one way or the other.  Generations of Americans have paid into Social Security and Medicare and feel, rightfully so, that they are entitled to expect it to be returned to them.  A large majority of these Americans are of the liberty loving, desire to be left alone group.  They went along with the mandated deductions from their income and participated in the Federal dependence trap.  I don’t think any of them, until recently knew that what they had allowed and participated in expecting a return, would be threatened if they don’t agree to go along with the ever-expanding dependency society.

The trap was set and now it is about to be sprung because as always happens when government makes more and more promises on the backs of future generations they run out of revenue to cover their generously promised perks in trade for votes.  They squandered the funds that were entrusted to them and now after kicking the can down the road for generations, they have to FIX it, once again on the backs of future generations as well as on the backs of current retirees and soon to be retirees by reducing benefits and limiting access to medical care.  It’s not a pretty picture and there will be sacrifice and suffering, not by Congress (they have a special retirement system just for them) but by every citizen across this country, young and old.

I have my own opinion of what the government critters deserve.  I feel I have been duped my entire life.  Neither of those two feeling matter now.  The question is, will we  choose the hard solution or will we allow government to keep on mandating every aspect of our lives, keep expanding public dependence of government, keep printing more dollars and devaluing the dollars we already have, continue to deny us our own energy resources, continue under educating our children and putting the cost of it all on the backs of our children and grandchildren?

Short of a tax payers rebellion, the only way to make them hear us is at the ballot box.  Liberty shouldn’t require a vote, as it is a God-given natural right but it is either that or……………what is your answer?



  1. The name of this post is something I ask myself on a daily basis….I don’t have the answer, but God is watching all of this unfold and He does have the answer. I hope to be blessed enough to see what this answer is when the time is right.

  2. Yep, we are in a right pickle at this point. We’ve let the leviathan grow until it’s unclear whether we can control it. Part of me is fascinated about how this tension will resolve itself, but mostly I just worry about my kids’ futures. Good post.

    • I don’t think we have to worry about controlling ‘it’, I think that God is in control. What we do have to control is our own actions and/or reactions to the unfolding future. I too worry about out kids and their kids and we have 1 great grandchild now, so I am not making light of the situation. It may not be easy and future generations may face things we have not but I believe that if we look to God, we and they will be equipped to handle ‘it’…..I know I don’t need to tell you to enjoy everyday with your children as it happens.

      • thx for the comforting words, Flyoverhere.

  3. FOH

    I don’t think there is a coming into the middle on both sides. Both sides are so divided it’s like a marriage where one partner wants monogamy and the other wants to have swingers in the marriage. There is no compromise.

    • No I don’t see a middle ground but I do see the route that I need to take. It has to do with God and the fact that he is in control and will equip us with whatever is need

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