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Equality?  What does that mean?  Women in particular know that when a garment says, ‘one size fits all’ that it is a lie.  Well at least most women do.  I have seen examples where a woman believed that because the label said so the garment fit, in spite of bumps and bulges that distorted the original shape into something unrecognizable.

The wonderful thing about humans are our differences.  If we all were equal we would have to be robots, like those in the Stepford wives.  There would be no one with a dry sense of humor, no one with exceptional intelligence, no one whose voice conjured up visions of an angelic choir, no one who could write a musical masterpiece or paint a Mona Lisa, no one who could make us laugh or cry with a portrayal of heroes or villains.  Life itself would be boring with no one to inspire exceptionalism, to cause aspirations to soar and imaginations to create.

Our equality comes from our Creator.  The right to live and breathe, the desire to explore, plan and create, to dream and to chase that dream, to make a home, a family and be free to keep dreaming and doing the things that bring us joy, happiness, and peace.  We come in different sizes, colors, and purposes and we all yearn to live free to use our talents, intelligence and desire to achieve the goals important to us as individuals.

Most of humanity is content to allow others to live their dreams while living their own dreams.  Then there are others who are willing to limit the dreams of others out of fear that their own dreams might suffer.  Instead of finding a better place to live their dreams they will try to turn every place into their own dream.  They begin to turn to authorities to force their dreams on the whole society and tyranny ensues…..

Mankind never learns and repeats the mistakes of the past forgetting or not knowing the lessons of history…..think before you allow your will to be imposed on others because soon they will impose their will upon you…..



  1. An interesting take: what makes mankind interesting is, OUR DIFFERENNCES

  2. Davetherave

    Good piece FOH. There is no such thing as equality; never has been, never will be. But as you assert (and rightly so), mankind will continue to try and find, impose, their dream of Utopia on everyone. We were made in God’s image and not the image man believes we should be. The dream of H.G. Well’s will live on till the end of time.

    • and the saga continues as the world turns…..g’day Dave!

  3. The strength of unity is diversity, and the Lord is the Creator of both. Thanks for visiting my site.

    • When people of all stripes can assimilate under the cause of Liberty, all will benefit greatly!

  4. FOH,

    Great essay about making your dreams come true no matter what they might be. It certainly would be a dull place without the unique personalities of other people.

    It’s a shame and a crime IMHO for someone to try to make people who are not successful or reached their dream to envy or hate that person. We should be looking at successful people and trying to emulate the kinds of virtues and ethics that have made them successful and go on about doing our own reaching of our goals.

    • If our children are not taught to imitate success, future generations will be doomed to mediocrity at best…thanks for coming by pepp!

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