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Pretty is as pretty does……

Like all little girls I wanted to be pretty.  I loved knowing and confirming, at least in my own mind, by looking in my mirror that I was pretty……..

I also learned there was more to being pretty than what I saw in the mirror.  My parents and my Dad in particular taught me that there was more to ‘pretty’ than what the mirror told me.  This is where being ‘ladylike’ was added to the pretty equation.  Being ‘ladylike’ included things like modesty, speaking softly, standing straight and tall, poise and grace.  I spent a lot of time walking around with a book perched on the top of my head to learn the poise and grace part.  I am a bit of a klutz, can’t chew gum and walk at the same time.  Riding a bicycle and learning to walk in high heels were monumental challenges…..

As I grew up, one of my greatest pleasures was seeing approval on Dad’s face when before leaving the house to go somewhere, I always asked him, “Do I pass, Daddy?”  Having my parents approval was important to me and affirmed my importance to them.  I am very thankful that my parents gave me guidelines and boundaries during childhood and adolescence.

Todays girls and women leave nothing to the imagination.  They expose and enhance all their physical assets for the world to see.  The message they send lets the boys and men know that pursuit and courtship are unnecessary, which leaves no opportunity to know each other, no chance to become friends, or find mutual interests and goals.  It’s just wham, bam, thank ya ma’am.  It is no wonder that abortion is rampant, single parent homes are prevalent and marriage is something you can just quit at the first sign of trouble.  People no longer understand commitment, fidelity or loyalty in the one on one relationship that is the most important in assuring a strong and powerful society that perpetuates nations.

After being married to my DH for almost 46 years, I can attest to the fact that our relationship now is more fulfilling and exciting than it was at the beginning.  Total trust is something that liberates us to enjoy each other in ways that cannot be described to people who think marriage is confining and out of step with the times we live in.  There is no better feeling than knowing the person who stands beside you is always on your side and loves you unconditionally.

Every failed society and civilization since the beginning of time got there by moving away from basic morality and the breakdown of strong family units.  Today in America children are looked upon as burdens, expendable when inconvenient.   Inconvenient because of passion, lust or maybe just recreation and lack of planning.  Human life so inconsequential that the possibility of conception isn’t even considered as something important enough to prevent if pregnancy isn’t wanted.  The saddest part is that there is more maternal instinct within the animal kingdom to preserve and protect offspring than is being currently exhibited in the human realm.  Then within the human realm there is more desire to preserve and protect the animals than their own species.  A pitiful commentary on humanity.

The war on women is not being waged by Republicans.  It is being waged by an ideology that has permeated society that there should be no consequences for bad, immoral or irresponsible behavior.  That ideology is Socialism and all its related ‘isms’.  It has led to more mass extermination of whatever slice of humanity is considered undesirable by whatever master or dictator or tyrant is in control.  Yet, the process is repeated time and time again and humanity never remembers the lesson…..

This is my rant for the day.  All comments and opinions welcome!



  1. Paula Lowrie

    I think you are right on target, Lura…….I agree completely

    • Thanks Paula for the positive feedback and thank you for reading and commenting….

  2. thedrpete

    One of the purposes of having children used to be having help with the work that had to be done, especially when a basically-agrarian society. Progressives, however, passed child-labor laws to prevent that. One result was that parents couldn’t teach and kids couldn’t learn the meaning and value of working.

    Progressives then started Social Security, thus transferring responsibility for caring for the elderly from family to government. One result was a caring-disconnect between the family generations. My assessment is that, first, both grandparents and grandkids lose, then second, both parents and their children lose . . . humanity. Medicare exascerbated the situation.

    • The unintended or maybe intended from the cradle to grave society. This is why I had guilt pangs when we admitted Mom to the nursing home, still I chose to live with the guilt instead of doing the hard thing. I tell myself that we did what we did because the prognosis was grim and that we would have chosen a different route if that had not been the case.

  3. FOH,

    Agree with all you stated in this very good essay. I got lots of discipline as a child but no positive feedback which I had to fix later in life.

    It is a sad commentary on life today when I read some bloggers who are young and are calling for the death of seniors as they are “costing” them too much.

    Communism has no respect for life. If you cannot “be a serf working for the proletariat” you are done away with. I believe if the communists get their way electing the Fraud again for another term, the genocide will begin with the elderly and the seniors over the age of 50 since Holden one of O’s czars stated that nobody older than 50 or younger than 14 need exist as they are useless to the collective.

    I refuse to call them progressives as that may imply we were somehow progressing with something here. Since we are not and are going over to Communism I will call it Communism as it should be called. These people like to use all kinds of words and phrases to dupe the people as to who and what they really are.

    • We do need to call a spade a spade and stop abusing perfectly good words, like progressive, gay, etc. I too think we old people will be sacrificed first….

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