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After the attacks of 9/11 it was said that the sleeping giant was awakened and for a short time it seemed to be true.  It didn’t take long to find out the giant has a split personality disorder, that is if the sleeping giant is ‘we the people’.

Our ‘betters’ from all ideologies and political stripes began to fear us.  A united, aware and vigilant citizenry makes it more difficult to control them and the answer was to divide us.  From what I see the plan has been successful.    We have been divided along lines of race, class, gender, age, ability, education, religion, etc., and our awareness of our ‘betters’ actions obfuscated.  The foundations of our Constitution are being systematically dismantled.  It isn’t Nero (the federal government) fiddling while Rome burns, it is we the people doing the fiddling (minding the business of our everyday lives).  We have allowed Nero to separate us and we are unable to see that it is our own future being taken from us and that the outcome will be the same as that of Rome, our heads on stakes at least figuratively and maybe literally for some.

The uniqueness of America, where the value of every citizen was equal, is no more.   If all citizens were of equal value we would have no need of ‘hate crime’ laws.  Hate Crimes can only be committed against ‘special’ people according to race, gender or lifestyle.  Blacks victimized by other Blacks are out of luck and Whites or Asians victimized by anyone are out of luck, at least as far as the crimes committed against them receiving the special and far worse designation of being at ‘hate crime’.  People killed in the commission of any crime are equally dead, aren’t they?  Are the lost lives of some people a greater loss than the lost lives of others?  Do you see something wrong with this scenario?

If ‘we the people’ were to unite under the banner of Liberty it could not be taken from any of us.  We could still disagree on semantics but do it as equally free people.  If we continue to allow those we disagree with to be stripped of freedom we will ALL lose our own.  Neither Liberals nor Conservatives stand still for any individual to tell them what they can or cannot do in their own personal lives, so why do we stand for government to dictate what should be our own personal business?  It is a conundrum to me….

We have become as pawns in a game of chess and all of us are expendable and will be sacrificed when it benefits those with power over us.



  1. Great post! You articulated exactly how I and many feel on a day-to-day basis. You’re so right on with the preferential treatment certain classes of people receive. We cannot have true equality in this country until everyone is held to the same standard. The double standard we see is meant to divide however-for a noble and united country can never be conquered.

    You’re right though, too few people seem to care. If you post a serious thought provoking blog like this on Facebook, you may get a few likes and comments; but if you post a cat doing a flip or something, it will get like 100 likes and just as many comments. Most Americans don’t want to deal with anything serious of uncomfortable, and this fact will be our downfall.

    • All my posts are also posted on Facebook and you are right. I am lucky to get one or two likes and no comments out of my almost 300 friends. Some of them tell me privately that they like it and are glad I said it. I think they just don’t want to be the political junky nut that a lot of my friends think I am. They love me, but think I am too serious….I keep trying though!

      Thanks for opining here!

  2. Thanks for another thoughtful post. I would like to add my optimism to your own, because I see two happenings at present: Real Christians are coming together in love and unity, and real Patriots are coming forth for their country. And every story God writes has a happy ending.

    • Thank you for stopping by rj and thank you for the affirmative words. I know who is really in charge and that believers will be victorious! I am also a patriot and believe that when push comes to shove, people will find their patriotism as well….

  3. Well said my friend! 🙂 What is the cliche? We believe in equality, but some are more equal than others? yea!

    • Thanks for dropping by! Glad to have you call me friend! God sees us all and loves us all equally, no matter our wealth, education, beauty, etc., we are all important for the whole body of humanity to function. In that body we can’t all be the head, else the rest of the body doesn’t function…..

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