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Our nation is in the midst of what is shaping up to be the nastiest election season ever witnessed.  We are being pitted against one another by race, gender, class, lifestyle, and education and this list goes on and on.  We have become a people willing to go after each other on merely a hint of received bias or prejudice.  Since I am White, it may be that I am not permitted to speak to the issue of racial prejudice.  We have been conditioned for many a year to just keep our mouths shut.

The text for yesterdays sermon at church was in Acts the 17th chapter.  The Apostle Paul was in Athens and he was speaking to Greek philosophers of two sects with totally opposing views on how life should be lived. These two sects had one thing in common, neither believed in life after death.  Paul had seen the multitude of idols all over the city of Athens.  There was one in particular that caught his attention.  It was an altar to THE UNKOWN GOD.  When he got to speak he began proclaiming the God they called UNKNOWN.   When the preacher came to verse 26 of the 17th chapter of Acts, it jumped out at me like a bolt of lightning.  It says, “From one man He made every nation of men, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and He determined the times set for them and the exact places where they should live”.  Then in verse 28, “For in Him we live and move and have our being.  As some of your poets have said, “We are His offspring”.

God does not see us by race, skin color is meaningless in His eyes because we are all made from one man, one blood by one Creator.   Humankind has been manipulated and separated according to skin color and race by our own kin for the purpose of controlling and empowering those who would use us as pawns for their own purposes.

I remember as a child of about 5 years old, I loved to go into the local drug store and have a cherry coke and spin around on the stools at the soda fountain while my mother was grocery shopping just down the street.  On one of those days while I was enjoying my cherry coke, a car pulled up to the curb outside and a little black girl got out of the car and came and knocked on the screen door.  The old gentleman who owned the drug store went to the door and spoke with her, but I couldn’t hear the conversation.  The little girl went back to the car and it backed out and pulled away.  The old druggist went behind the soda fountain and dipped up an ice cream cone.  Then walked to the back of the store and went into the storage area of the building.  I was curious so I followed him quietly.  He went all the way to the back of the building and opened the door to the alley.  There I saw the car that had pulled away from the front and the little black girl was standing there.  She handed the druggist some change and he handed her the ice cream cone.  Since I had brought my cherry coke with me, I decided to step out into the alley.  I don’t remember if the little girl and I had a conversation but we sat down on a box in the alley and she ate he ice cream and I drank my cherry coke.  She was with an older black gentleman who I thought must be her grandfather.  He stood and watched us, when she finished the ice cream she got back into the car and they left.  I returned to the grocery store where my mother had finished buying groceries and we got into the car to go home.  On the way I told her about the little black girl and asked her why she wanted to eat her ice cream in the alley.  Mother told me that she had to.  I didn’t understand it then and I still don’t.

All this happened back in the mid 1950’s and of course I soon found out why the little girl had her ice cream in the alley.  That incident has stuck with me my whole life and I often wonder where that little girl is and how her life came out.  It makes my heart sick when I see how racism and prejudice have been exploited in the Black community by Black leaders like Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and a host of others.  I don’t defend White leaders like Democrat Governor George Wallace who vehemently fought school de-segregation back in the 1960’s and a host of other Whites that ginned up racism and prejudice in the White community.   I admire Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King for the way they conducted themselves in quiet and peaceful protest and accomplished so much for the Black race.

I cannot know firsthand the hardships placed on the Black community except through empathy as another human being the same way I felt about that little girl having to eat her ice cream in the hot alley instead of spinning around on the stools at the soda fountain inside where the tall ceilings and ceiling fans made it cool inside.

It is a shame that government intervention became the vehicle necessary for the Civil Rights Movement to attain recognition.  I have to believe that the motives of politicians and legislatures were not sinister to begin with.  What we see now though in 2012 is that we have a Black President along with the Democrat Party ginning up all that anger and violence that permeated the 1960’s.  How exactly did the Democrat Party claim the mantle as champions of the Black community?  The KKK was an arm of the Democrat Party.  Jim Crow laws were instituted by southern Democrats.  Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger, a eugenicist and Socialist Democrat, who believed that one way to limit the numbers of undesirable minorities was to kill as many of their offspring as possible through abortion along with the poor and handicapped of any race.  We don’t see Planned Parenthood clinics in predominately white middle class neighborhoods for a very good reason.  The welfare system has done more to destroy the family unit of Blacks as well as poor Whites by making it more profitable for there not to be two parent homes.  Affirmative action has taught young Blacks that they can’t compete intellectually with other races in areas of education and employment and caused resentment in the White community when they couldn’t be accepted into colleges or get a job because the minority quotas had to be met first.

In an effort to equalize, government has practiced picking winners and losers perpetuating and even escalating racism and prejudice and we are seeing the results.  I fear a new race war is about to explode.  It is being exploited by a media and an ideology that has never elevated citizens of any civilization and has led to the mass extermination of people everywhere it has ever been tried.  That ideology is Socialism in all it’s forms.  It is sad because we still have not learned that we were all made from one man, one blood and are all the offspring of one Creator.

The same scenario is repeated generation after generation, civilization to civilization.  It is sad because we still have not learned that we were all made from one man, one blood and are all the offspring of one Creator or to judge men according to the content of their character and not by the color of their skin (whether it be red, yellow, black, brown or white).



  1. thedrpete

    I went to interracial schools from kindergarten on beginning in 1947. Our high school’s colors were black and orange, we being the Tigers. In a intra-squad cross country meet my best friend (with whom I spent this Easter Sunday) was captain of one team, I the other. We picked guys, then I called the “orange” team together. Gary said, “All you black guys come over here.” After a quick and pregnant pause, laughter erupted from everyone.

    One of those black guys — and he was black — went off to college with me, and we lived on the same floor. Years later in 1968 I ran into him back on campus. When I went to hug him, he informed me that we could no longer be friends. He then explained that it was because I was white.

    I didn’t understand it then and I still don’t.

    • Last night on Hannity I heard clips from Black Panther radio. It made my blood run cold to hear the pure hatred and the calls to make the streets run red with the blood of whitey and cracker. The person, I think a female was saying how things had not changed, how whitey must pay for the sins of slavery and oppression. The NBP have put a bounty on the head of George Zimmerman, calling him a white Jew. Obama is weighing on on everything that serves to divide. The Alinsky tactic of top down, bottom up is playing out before our very eyes. Obama is implementing Obamacare by releasing half a billion dollars for that purpose, our election results will be calculated by a company outside the USA, owned by an Obama supporter and an avowed Socialist, he said that if he had a son that he would look like Trayvon Martin, he threatened SCOTUS and he even weighed in on the ‘no women allowed’ rule at Augusta. The dictator is here and he is continuing to roll….

      • thedrpete

        Just to note, FOH, as near as I can tell no one on Planet Earth can show me evidence that there is now or ever has been a “no women allowed” rule at Augusta National Golf Club. Analagously, no one on Planet Earth can show me evidence that there is now or ever has been a “no Mormons allowed as POTUS” rule.

      • well what do I know, I don’t even play golf, LOL. Well it would seem that the current resident, if not a devout Muslim is at the very least a Muslim sympathizer and so a Morman would be welcome change…..guess now I will be accused of profiling….

  2. Bullies find all kinds of ways to oppress others. This whoha you wrote about is just another bully technique. I’m with you, FOH, color doesn’t mean diddly to me. What matters is the content of the heart. Now does that mean I don’t respect others’ desire to be identified in a unique manner? Nope. But anyone, anyone who pulls this whoha is the real bigot.

    • Glad to have you back Mrs. AL, I missed you! Love the ‘whoa’ perspective too…

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