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There is a youthful naivety among most Americans in spite of the angry, bitter world in which we live today, in spite of our sophistication. We tend strongly to believe in the best of people – to believe that all people are inherently good and decent. While a sympathize with this notion, sadly, it is false.

We may behave “acceptably,” but our motives, in the secret place of our heart, are not lofty and noble, they are selfish. Seldom, if ever, do we do anything “good” without selfish motivation. We are all in the same boat, every human since Adam (whether literal or figurative.) There were three offenses in the Garden of Eden and those same three offenses rule our individual nature daily, unless we DO something about it.

1 John 2: 16-17

This is the reason Christ came to rescue us. We were unable to rescue ourselves, in spite…

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  1. I’m afraid I do not believe in the best of people. I wait to see if they have earned my trust and loyalty first.

    • unfortunately that is the way it is now days….

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