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Although I missed my daily routine, I also enjoyed missing it for 8 days!  We had a little R&R in a beautiful setting.  Lake Palo Pinto just south of Possum Kingdom is a mix of mesquite covered ranch land, to rolling hills, to rock canyons.  The blue bonnets, indian paintbrush, and other beautiful wild flowers were in bloom.  There are native pecan trees, red oak, live oak, cedar, and mesquite trees.  We went there to crappie fish but the crappie weren’t quite ready to bite, so we did a lot of sight seeing in the area and were overwhelmed by the unexpected beauty in this little part of Texas that we had never visited.  I’m not sure what the sea level is at this little lake but it is in a deep hole.  We had NO TV reception and iffy cell phone reception.  I could get internet if I went to the camp office but didn’t do much of that.  It was nice not to hear any news and just soak up some peace and quiet.


The drive home was a different story.  We left early and planned to be home by mid-afternoon.  Then we had a tire blowout on the fifth-wheel and put on the spare on the shoulder of the highway.  The fender was damaged and we lost the hub-cap.  We started on our merry way again and about 2 hours later we had the second tire blowout on the fifth wheel.  This time we had to call for help.  Fortunately we were close enough to home that we knew who to call and help arrived quickly with another wheel and tire.  We made it home and it is good to be back!


I will be catching up on the events of this past week.  Looks like there is a lot to opine about in the news.  I missed all of you, so I hope that you will come by from time to time and let me know what is on your mind.


Our little home away from home



  1. thedrpete

    I can but hope, FOH, that your vacation was as joyous as was mine. Got home Sunday evening. The only “news” that permeated my skull was the storm that slammed my daughter’s family in McAllen TX (much damage, but no injuries) and the death of a close friend. Got home in time for the funeral yesterday.

    • Welcome back dr pete. We did have a wonderful, restful time. We thankfully didn’t have any storms where we went. Sorry to hear of your daughter’s family misfortune in McAllen and that you have lost a friend. Guess we are back to the real world!

    • drpete,

      I’m so sorry for your loss.

      • thedrpete

        Thanks, pepp, for the condolence, but we both know that death is part of life. At my age, I’m reminded ever more frequently.

    • My sympathies for the loss of your friend, drpete.

      My folks live in Edinburg, and though the storm was bad, they had no damage to report. Hope your daughter’s family and home are ok, too.

  2. Davetherave

    Sounds like you had a very nice, relaxing time FOH and you sure deserved it. Sorry about the blow outs, but I’m glad to hear you all made it home safe and sound. Welcome back to the world of crazy… 🙂

    • Yep we are back and glad to see our babies but not so glad to see and hear the real world news. The good Lord kept us safe during our blowouts and we got home finally. Thanks for stopping by!!!!

  3. FOH,

    Missed you but glad you had a wonderful time on your vacation except for the blow outs.
    The state of Texas seems to have a lot of beauty in it. Never been there but would like to do so one day. Not likely I ever will get to go though.

    • Thanks pepp! It is good to be home. Texas does have a lot of beautiful scenery and most of us Texans are pretty nice people too. Y’all come someday!

  4. Welcome Back!

  5. Yay!!! Glad you had a great time 🙂

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