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utopia does exist but….

it does not exist within the mortal bounds of this planet.  It can be tasted this side of heaven but only in the hearts and souls of those who are willing to humble themselves and listen with ears that hear the message of truth.

Mankind has been trying to find a Utopian existence since the beginning of time.  The horrible tyranny that results each and every time is too soon forgotten and the cycle begins again.  There is and always has been only one benevolent Master.  The Creator of everything and everyone that has ever existed, God in heaven.  Men down through the ages have risen up and proclaimed themselves to be that Master who can create an existence of total equality but it isn’t the equality that the common citizen thinks he is being promised.  America is at a crossroad today.   We are seeing the age-old tactic of ‘Divide and Conquer’ playing out.  The divisions by class, ethnicity, gender, age, lifestyle and moral character, all of us pitted against someone else.

I hold no expectation that mankind will make a different choice this time, or see through the empty promise of equality on all levels.  The most empty of all is that of economic equality that only exists when productivity ceases and poverty is then universal.  We see this being played out.  Industry, whether it be in banking, energy production, manufacturing, farming, education or medicine are not functioning in productive ways due to over regulation of some and over stimulation of others.  These are all signs and symptoms of a coming dictatorship.

The common citizen suspicions that all is not well and makes a choice according to what is good for his own self, his own family, his own future.  He does not look at what is good for the whole because that is not how we were created.  Individual ‘free-will’ mandates that our decisions will always be individual and no two individuals have the exact same opinion of what that is.  When our choices are limited between bad and terrible we will always choose the lesser of evils.

Our choices are being limited more and more each day.  The individual good is placed behind the collective good.  There may be nothing that I as one individual can do to stop inevitability but the freedom that exists in my own mind and soul can be controlled by no human being.  My faith and my hope come not from who rules life on earth or from my material possessions or comfort, because this world is not my home.  I am just passing through on my way to the only place where Utopia exits.

These last few weeks as I watched my Mother pass from this life with such calm, such grace and such peace, I knew that she was gaining knowledge of her coming life in eternity and that what she was learning made it possible to let go her earthly bonds peacefully, without fear.  She still knew us and smiled for us.  She hugged, kissed and told us she loved us.  All during this time I still kept wondering how she was so calm, how she could not fight harder to stay with us to see babies grow and hear their songs.  Then on the last day as I sat in the room with her and watched her slipping away, a calm came over me.  I stood right beside her and watched as she breathed her last breath and felt the last beat of her heart and knew that she was going home at last and that her journey through this pilgrim land brought her finally to her eternal destiny and to a joyous reunion with her Savior and all those loved ones already there.

It does not matter whether we elect a Democrat or a Republican, America’s problems will improve only IF the people return, not to religion but to a personal relationship and intimate spiritual knowledge of our Creator who allows us to choose……

From Bondage to Spiritual Faith
From Spiritual Faith to Great Courage
From Great Courage to Liberty
From Liberty to Abundance
From Abundance to Complacency
From Complacency to Apathy
From Apathy to Dependency
From Dependency back to Bondage

The progression of democracies shown above has been played out many times over the ages.  America today is transitioning from apathy to dependency.  Will we avoid the coming bondage, come to a spiritual awakening before it is too late?

I have been touched by my blog friends over the past few months and days.  You have comforted and supported me with your kind words and prayers.  I am so thankful for and to you all.  Please forgive my inability to respond to each one of you over the last few days and know that your outreach has been so appreciated.



  1. thedrpete

    Freedom, flyoverhere, isn’t free. It has a price and isn’t cheap. If men were all angels, we’d need no government. If men in government were all angels, we’d need no constraints on government. Men are NOT all angels.

    Many among is — those who immensely-value individual liberty, personal responsibility, honor, courage, working hard, being productive, being caring of family and community — have here in America acted — for decades at a time — as if freedom WERE free or at least certainly cheap. We have focused on our work and our families and our communities, but woefully little on constraining the men in government, including and especially the most who aren’t angels.

    Many have sought, and continue to seek goodies from government. We don’t. The result is that we’ve gotten baddies from government, all while paying scant attention.

    We need a new paradigm for living. It is we who seek nothing from government who must remain involved in and with government. Like men, government is a force for both good and evil. It is we who must make it the former.

    Thoughtful and reflective, FOH, along with insightful and inciteful. Sure got me to ponderin’.

    • Dave, a lot of things over the last few months have caused me to ponder the best way to go about my daily life without fearing what is ahead. What I have learned is something I already knew and that is that if God brings me to it, He will also get me through it…..

    • No sir, freedom is not free. When good men of good character stand by and do nothing, society rots. Our ‘free will’ is both a great gift and a great burden and should be jealously defended. I have arrived at a point in my life where I know that the only person I can control is me. How I deal with the challenges of life will define my journey. My goal is to run a good race and find rest when the journey ends.

      • thedrpete

        As to my contention that it is WE who must constrain the non-angels in government, because otherwise those non-angels will be serving only themselves and the moochers and gimmees, along with the quid-pro-quo plunderers-of-liberty; am I reading you right that you will take no part in that constraining?

      • No, not at all! I am merely speaking to my method of dealing with the madness personally, in my own heart and mind.

    • Very well written doc and I agree with you100%. I do however see an issue with your assumption that We The People are still the same people that desire the same thing from our daily lives and our government. IMO; we already have a new paradigm of living in our country and it’s heading the wrong way; living like bums. We The People does not represent the same thing it use to. We are fractured, split, renegades and way too many only caring about their own personal cause. Nothing is changing in DC, because to many of We The People don’t want it to change. We have gotten greatly outnumbered now, because of the progressive agenda to turn as many as possible into infant slaves depending on the government to provide them with everything. We sign petitions to change DC, we vote to change DC, we go door to door to change DC, but nothing ever changes anymore. In my opinion; there is no such thing as simple as We The People anymore. It is now We Of Many Different People that have no interest in seeing one common goal for the better of our nation. We are the minority now in this vast ocean of We Of Many Different People.

      • thedrpete

        There never was, Dave, the homogeneous We the People that you assert we no longer are.

  2. Very well written FOH! There is little one person can do to change the outside influences around them, but they have total control over how those outside influences effects their behavior and thoughts. The libby’s can take away my rights, my freedom and life, but they cannot and never will be able to take away from me what keeps me sane in this insane world; my love and faith in God. That’s the one thing they can never take away from me and they are very angry with me, because they cannot.

    • thedrpete

      Those in our intelligence services and black ops who have been captured, and interrogated while tortured, Dave, have entered a human-existence zone wherein, I think, what you think “they can never take away”, they have . . . at least from them. Men with their families in Nazi concentration camps likely likewise.

      • There are many stories Doc of our brave soldiers that died due to torture without giving any information to the enemy and holding onto the only thing they had left; they’re love of our country and God. For many; the human existence zone stays in tact, because they only exist to serve God.

  3. Cromwellsheart

    Thats a fine piece of writing lass.

    • just answering some of my own questions…..

      • Cromwellsheart

        Aye, reflection is a natural state. An affirmation of who and what we are about.

      • Aye! and good for the soul.

  4. FOH,

    Great essay. I cannot think of a thing to say on this. It seems you have covered it well. I am having a lot of introspection also at this stage of my life for whatever reason I do not know.

    Utopia does not exist in this life. Perhaps it does in eternal life as I was taught, but how do I know that is true? I do not. I have not had one dead person come back to tell me what it is like to be in eternal bliss where Utopia exists according to Christian teachings I had.

    For me right now I seem to be questioning so many things. It is a process I guess we all go through.

    • Thanks pepp, reflection is good. My faith tells me that heaven and hell are real. It is a hard thing to describe but I know that when I leave this life another will be waiting. Today as I was leaving Mom’s house, I was just about to go our the door and something told me to go into Mom’s room and get the necklace that my Dad gave her when they were dating and take it to her. I did that. It was not something that I had thought of before or planned to do but I believe that it was divinely inspired. A lot of people would call that crazy. I just think it was because I was listening.

      It’s good to have you back pepp!

      • FOH,

        I don’t think that something telling you to go back and get that necklace was crazy. I probably have crazier stories about my post death Mother experiences. I will tell you one and I guess if others want to laugh they can.

        My mother’s death exhausted me because grieving is exhausting in itself. I had to go back to work way too soon after my Mother’s death. I had problems driving the 2 hr round trip to my job. I would fall asleep at the wheel of the car.

        One night I was driving home when I felt a tap on my shoulder and I swore I heard my Mother speak to me saying, “Patty, you are about to drive off the road and crash because you are asleep.”

        Suddenly I was awake and saw I was driving the car into the divider on the interstate. I was able to quickly adjust and get the car back onto the highway. So, I know my Mother woke me up. I have no doubt of it even now 11 years later. It is as fresh in my mind as the night I knew she was in the back seat of my car tapping me on the shoulder.

  5. I am so saddened to hear of your Mother. Reblog.

  6. Reblogged this on LIFE, THE WAY I SEE IT and commented:
    This post piqued my curiosity, as I’m not an especially religious person, but very spiritual. The 7th paragraph discusses how America will only become America again, not if we vote Democrat or Republican, but this paragraph laid the groundwork for much that I’ve thought.

    • There a lot of religious people who don’t have spiritual relationship with God. My faith and my relationship have sustained me through some hard and trying times in life and made my joy more complete in the blessings. Thanks for the reblog!

      • Cromwellsheart

        Lura you hit the nail there. I tire of people asking why I do not attend a church anymore. I refuse to bow to idols, I refuse to listen to orthodoxy. It brainwashes.

        Our small group are all prepper nuts and according to a lot of folk around us, well the polite version is hippy nutters. Not bad for five old soldiers out of sixteen. I digress, we meet weekly and pray, talk and eat together. We do not tell each other what or how to believe or live. It is an instinctual existence we live, we will look out for each other come what may. We agree this is based on Gods love of our fellows. Some started to call me pastor awhile back, they soon stopped when we agreed we did not need leaders or spokesmen, just our joint faith.

        God takes us where He wants, for His reasons, accept and you are free, free of government, fear and want. As I get older I see the world for what it is, a preparation for judgement. For too long the western world has pursued material gain at the cost of spiritual fulfilment. The way of the Galilean shows how simple and rewarding life can be.

      • I fear that I may have given the wrong impression. For me the Bible is God’s Holy Word, a set of instructions to live by and to teach us how to attain salvation from sin. The ‘church’ as described in the New Testament is Christ’s body, we are His kingdom. Religiosity has nothing to do with spirituality as you well know. A lot of people claim the mantle of christianity but do not practice its precepts. The ‘world’ expects the christian to be perfect, above sin when that is impossible. I pray without ceasing, confessing and repenting of sins and receiving forgiveness because I am covered by the blood of Christ, who became the perfect sacrifice for all mankind.

        I love all people and I love sharing the gospel, the good news because it is truth and truth sets us truly free, no matter our life circumstances. I don’t love the actions of all people and I pray for their eyes to be opened and their ears to hear because the rewards are indescribable! I want everyone to know the joy and the peace that comes with understanding.

        Some are afraid of christianity, thinking it can be forced on them. That isn’t even a possibility because our maker did give us free will. The freedom to choose which path we take. It is a simple concept but very difficult to explain unless the listener is willing to hear.

        I pray that you will know that I do not judge and that my comments are to explain, or try to, my own faith. I pray for the blessings of grace and peace and continued conversation and friendship….

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