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we have almost attained minority status…..

By we, I mean we who actually pay Income Tax.  We are about to drop below the 50% mark and when it happens our whole way of life in America will begin to change very quickly.  The change has already been taking place but at a pace so slow that it has barely been noticed and then only by very few.

Human beings are at once the most intelligent and the stupidest of all creation.  All mankind from the beginning are created equal meaning our image, our life, our free will and our desire to be happy mirrored that of our Creator.  These gifts are not earned they are given.  Perhaps that is one of the reasons we take them for granted.  In my human mind I have tried since childhood to imagine God‘s reason for creating all that He created.  What was lacking in His omnipotent existence, or am I being presumptuous?  Was it loneliness or mere amusement.    Why didn’t He create mankind without free will?  Seems it would have been a lot less messy.  Is is even possible that our all-knowing, all-seeing and all-powerful God needed something from what He created.  It makes sense, at least in my limited mind, to look at mankind’s own need to be creative and see what was derived from what they created.

The first thing I think of is our children, we see them as a reflection of ourselves.  We love them as God loves us and for that reason we want the best for them, we protect them, we nurture them.  We teach them our ways, our desires and our visions for their future.  We want them to love us in return because of our overwhelming love for them.  We want them to obey us because we are older and wiser and want to protect them from the folly that is youth.  Whether they love and respect us or not, we never stop loving them and desiring to cover their disappointments and failures with healing and help.  Sometimes as they grow older they are able to see where we were coming from back in the silly days of their youth.  Sometimes they grow older but not wiser and continue taking the paths of destruction. It is at that point a parent has to allow them to sink or to swim on their own.  It breaks the parent’s heart but they are helpless to overcome the child’s own free will.

Obviously, I believe that everything that exists was no accident.  When I look at all the intertwined intricacies and relationships of all that exists.  The perfect timing and cycles that allow for the amazing ability of all living things to adjust to new challenges and circumstances with each new discovery uncovered by mankind as we progress in our knowledge of what surrounds us, all telling me that everything in existence was intentional, not to mention genius.  Why was humanity the last thing created?  The Biblical reason being that God, after creating the heavens and the earth, saw that it was good but lacking something so He created man in His own image.  Even evolutionists can’t point to proof positive of anything evolving or why nothing has evolved after mankind.

Talk about evolving, this post has evolved into something that would require three lifetimes to opine about and has been attempted by much greater minds.  Should it though, is God’s basic motive for creation something more simple like love and respect, thankfulness and gratitude for the blessings of life, of free will to pursue our own happiness.   God gives us those things to have during our lifetime whether we worship Him and obey His commandments or not, they are ours until we draw our last breath.  We did nothing on our own merit that made us deserving of such gifts.  It rains on the just and the unjust.  Eternity is another matter and I won’t go there for now except to say that even better and more wonderful gifts are promised according to His will and our obedience.

Now back to my original intent which is to try to understand why any human being would ever willingly compromise the gifts of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in exchange for temporal gifts promised not by a family member or close friend but by a government that does not see individuals but puts us in categories of the collective as a whole.  The government gives and the government takes away on the whims of people who only see the collective thereby determining who gives more to government  and who takes more from government based  on which parts of the collective can be manipulated into coöperation, allowing government’s power to increase over the whole collective.

After all these words, I still have no idea why Americans in particular are so cavalier as to use the best of gifts, one’s own free will, as the means of their own destruction.   The will of the mob trumps personal freedom.  The the will of the government trumps the mob and tyranny returns.  The cycle has repeated itself since the beginning of time with each swing of the pendulum and man’s inhumanity to man never ends.

These are things that are on my mind and thoughts expressed more for my own benefit than anything else.  They not meant to persuade your agreement with me but perhaps to inspire you to ponder the purpose of our existence as well as the best use of it.  Whether you agree or disagree your comments as always are welcome.

The Declaration of Independence.



  1. thedrpete

    As to, “[W]hy [would] any human being would ever willingly compromise the gifts of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”? Probably, FOH, for some violating others’ rights to liberty and life is their easier “pursuit of happiness”. And for many the “pursuit of happiness” — disproportionately for women, and especially for unmarried women — is trading almost anything for safety and security.

  2. FOH,

    Wow, what an essay! So very impressive and like you said it covers a myriad of topics, and profound ones at that.

    I’m not even sure where to begin. I do know on the subject of our children I felt the same as you, wanting the best for my son, but at the same time, teaching him there is never a free ride. He learned that lesson quite well and worked very hard during his short life to make things better for his own family.

    When children get older, they do see the wisdom of their parents, at least some do. Jeff did about some things he thought we were too harsh about. He came to a different understanding once he had his own children.

    And, by golly, nothing is truer that a parent, at least one who cares, loves their children forever. I do believe Mothers give unconditional love while the Father gives conditional to balance it out. But, for Mothers like you and me FOH, we will love our children always even after they are gone it does not stop the feeling of love you had for your child.

  3. Now to my next topic, why did God create us? I don’t suppose we’ll know the exact answer to that. I don’t think we are all made in the same way however. Some of us know we have to work to empower ourselves and live an independent life. Some others don’t seem to learn that lesson and how much better it feels when you know you are the one making your own life choices and not by someone else. The collective government can never allow an individual to make his/her own choices since “control” over us is the ultimate gain for them and has nothing to do with doing the right thing.

    Being a Libertarian at heart, I hate anyone to tell me what I can do or not. I want to make my own choices and if they are wrong I can change them and learn by that, hence making myself a wiser person.

    Once tyranny takes hold, we are nothing but slaves to the collective. Only a small percentage of people will benefit by that. The rest are serfs.

    In the Declaration of Independence as you know it speaks about how people will suffer a great deal of abuse before they rise up. That is getting harder for us now with all the new laws which basically are taking away our freedom and liberty. I, myself hate it. In the end I do hope there are enough brave people who will rise up and say NO, we’re not taking this anymore. At least I pray for that.

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