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weeding and winnowing…..

These are processes very familiar to the farmer.  Being raised on the farm I quickly learned about the weeding and why it was extremely important when it came to winnowing (harvest) time.  I hated hoeing, it was hard work, always hot, dirty and boring.  Now my Dad was a pretty good farmer and knew how to roll the dirt with the plow to minimize  the growth of weeds but some of them always escaped the plow.  The only way to get rid of them and limit the number of weed seeds in the soil was to hoe them.  Let me tell you walking a half mile row chopping out the dreaded ‘Careless’ weed, Johnson grass, Morning Glory, Goat-heads and Grass-burs was not anybody’s idea of fun but it sure made harvest time both easier and more profitable.

When I got old enough to pull boles (harvest cotton) I was around 6 years old.  My Mom made me a cotton sack from a burlap feed sack by sewing a strap on it that would fit my shoulders.  This was before we got a Cotton Stripper machine that eliminated hand-pulling of the cotton boles.  Now I wasn’t expected to pull enough boles to amount to anything but I was being taught some lessons and I enjoyed being paid for my labor.  I also learned that a weed that got skipped during hoeing was very painful to the fingers during harvest.

If could go on and on about farming but that is not the reason I am writing this post.  The lessons I learned I wish to apply to both the political landscape today as well as the real-life landscape as I see it.  First of all you need to be able to recognize the weed from the crop.  Some weeds look much like what was actually planted when they first emerge from the soil and are easily removed.  By the time it becomes obvious they are weeds, removing them is much harder.  Our founding fathers planted the seeds to grow a nation, a representative republic rather than a pure democracy.   It didn’t take long for the weeds of democracy to sprout.  They looked and sounded much like the crop that was seeded and so they were allowed to grow and multiply.

In today’s political landscape we are coming to harvest where separating the grain from the chaff is tantamount to survival.  The sad part is that if you ask the average man on the street what kind of government we have, they will say Democratic.  If you try to educate them and talk about the representative Republic, they will look at you as though you have two heads because they have never heard of it, not because they weren’t educated but because they were educated in public propaganda mills.  People of my age may be the last generation that was taught even a semblance of our true history  and even I wasn’t taught with true accuracy.

The common man on the street, doesn’t believe that America will ever end or that about 50% of their fellow citizens, most unwittingly, are hastening our demise as a sovereign nation.  They gripe and complain about the price of food and fuel but just go about the business of dealing with the way things are today, thinking tomorrow will be a better day.  They don’t talk among their friends and neighbors about ways to change the status quo because they don’t believe there is anything that they can do about it, other than voting and then they go vote for the same idiot that has been representing them for decades.

One of the main problems average people have is that all we get to choose from in both parties, in the election process are weeds, still unrecognizable to those who don’t know the difference in a democracy and a republic.  Some of these weeds are less harmful and less invasive and maybe more dangerous as such because they are usually the ones elected, the lesser of the evils.  The creep of the social democracy has been for the most part barely visible and then only to a few.  We are about to reap what has been sewn.  I can’t remember the last time I actually voted FOR a particular candidate.

There are voices crying in the wilderness, and the average citizens regard us as mutants…..


  1. thedrpete

    Got me thinking, FOH. Thanks. How does a businessman or professional, also a husband, also a father, also a grandfather, also active in his church community, and also active in, say, youth athletics or performing arts, also find enough time to weed at the local and state and national levels?

    • This is a very good question dr pete. First and foremost true men of courage who know and love God, and have experienced grace and forgiveness personally must look to His Word and make sure that he is being the man that God calls him to be toward his wife and children. Taking and teaching spiritual, economic, as well as charitable responsibility to both his family and his community by example. That may seem kinda inconsequential but I think home is where the healing of this nation has to begin. We as a nation, parents in particular, and fathers specifically have become too passive, allowing schools to teach our children without question, allowing government to take care of charitable responsibilities that should be coming from individuals, churches and communities. Its hard to reach out when we see how many children are growing up without two parents and may not even know a father but that didn’t happen overnight and it won’t go away without human to human effort. All charity should be local as well as politics. We look at the problems and it reminds me how politicians say that drilling now will take too long to do any good in the short term but if they had started drilling the first time they said it we would find ourselves in a much better place nationally on the economic level. The same is true for society. Good people have turned a blind eye to things that were so ugly they felt helpless to do anything about it, it has resulted in massive moral decay. Children without fathers need mentors more than they need a welfare check. I have been saying for a long time that even if we change Presidents things won’t get miraculously better in 4 short years. If we are to save this nation and preserve our liberty it will require a lot of sacrifice and pain on all levels but if humanity doesn’t FIRST love GOD as God has loved them, they cannot love their families and they cannot love their country. Love is passionate and without passion great things don’t happen. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives and now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their family and therefore their country one good man at a time……didn’t start out to write a dissertation

  2. Great read here, FOH. DrPete’s comment is right to the point also. The inability to differentiate between a Democracy and what is supposed to be a Constitutional Republic is problematic to say the least. I would say something sarcastic like, where’s the DDT when you need it, but I’m not like that.

  3. Great analogy FOH. I remember coming home everyday from school and my father asking me what I learned today. His main concern were history and civics. He always told me that I had not been told the truth or at least the full story and told me what really had happened or what was going on. Our educational system was infested by liberals by that point and they were distorting everything. I’m very lucky to have a Dad that is so fluent in history and civics, so I did learn the truth early; just not from our polluted educational system.

    I would like to address Doc’s comment, because he ask a very good question. This is how I would reply, if he asked me that question. “It comes down to my priorities. God comes first. My country comes second and my family comes third. If I don’t put God and our country before my family, then I’m not doing my family the justice they deserve to preserve the future they should be afforded.”

    • You are right Dave, priorities must change if we are to save this place we love.

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