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buy stock in white hats….

No, I am not an investment guru.  It’s an election year you know, and every single politician running for office is wearing one.  This won’t make it easier to know how to cast your ballot but you might add a couple bucks to your retirement account, who knows….

It’s a good thing to realize that you are being manipulated but quite another to figure out where the truth lies….truth lies, what a conundrum.  The majority of us don’t want to think about political stuff but we do like to gripe about the stupid stuff government does, especially if we took time out of our busy lives to spend 15 minutes in a voting booth, that gives us the right to gripe, right?  We vote, we gripe and then when the next election rolls around we vote for the same things/people we voted for the last time.  You might want to look up the definition of insanity sometime.  We are content that we still get to go vote.  We all know that government is growing by leaps and bounds, that our freedoms grow more narrow with each passing election but we still have choices, after all.  Right?

We can choose to pay the going price at the fuel pump to fill up our demonized gas guzzlers or we can choose to buy a high fuel mileage, extremely overpriced ‘green’ car (it takes a rocket scientist of repair one), or we can walk, ride a bike or just stay home.  Like any of those choices?

We can choose what we eat.  Of course if you have a taste for trans fats, sugar, salt, dairy, red meat, potato chips, soft drinks, etc., be prepared to pay the sin tax levied on these undesirable foods and be prepared to pay a higher health insurance premium if your weight falls outside the preferred guidelines.  Heaven forbid if you want to enjoy a pipe, cigar or cigarette after dinner, you will be deemed too high a risk to receive treatment for any smoking related illness (every illness can be traced back to smoking or second-hand smoke according to the experts).  Don’t worry though, you will be kept comfortable (over dosed) until you die.  Don’t believe it, check out Obamacare a little more closely and keep in mind that all the rules haven’t even been written yet and that the people writing them weren’t elected.  Like any of those choices?

We can choose how we worship according to our faith, right?  Yes we can, as long as we don’t do it in the public realm and we don’t invite others to join us in our homes because we might be plotting something evil like a charity benefit for the homeless, the disabled or to send some warm socks to soldiers serving overseas or even worse we might be teaching others about our faith and it might incite public unrest.  Like these choices?

Well we do still have the right to own a gun, the Supreme Court said so, right?  Yes you can own one but you can’t carry it with you if you plan on visiting a friend in the hospital, go to the shopping mall or eat out at a restaurant or go to DMV to get your new license plates.  You can keep guns at home but if they are loaded and ready to go be prepared to be arrested if you use it in self-defense against and intruder and break some obscure law against noise pollution.  If the intruder was stupid enough to break into your home in the middle of the night unarmed (after all he knows there is a local ordinance the requires gun owners to have trigger locks or lock them in a safe and that ammunition must be kept in a separate location) then you can just kiss yourself goodbye.  Like those choices?

We can still peacefully assemble and petition our government when we have grievances that we want addressed.  You can if you can obtain the proper permits, if you stay a certain distance away from public buildings and public officials and if you aren’t deemed dangerous (new rules and laws coming down as I write).  We have seen and heard how the Tea Partiers are demonized for their patriotism and calls for a return to the Constitution.  There have been no instances of violence at their demonstrations other than instances where the opposition attacked someone.  Their demonstration sites are as clean or cleaner when they leave than when they arrived.  Contrast that with the Occupy movement.  Like these choices?

Do you see a pattern emerging?  The majority of Americans don’t believe that government or the MSM has evil intentions toward citizens, after all that makes no sense, what would be the purpose in that?  For the most part they just think that the people in government are watching out for the greater good, at least the ones THEY voted for and the ones they didn’t vote for are just plain stupid but probably harmless.  The problems many of us are concerned and down right worried about have been growing  over many years, being slowly and patiently implemented.  Government is promising to make us safer, healthier and happier.  All it will cost is our freedom to make our own choices according to what we think is best for us and for our families and ever more of our money to fund an ever more voracious government and a citizenry that feels entitled.  Many have sounded the warning signs over those same many years.  Progressivism has up until now been so patient and so slow that hardly anyone noticed their choices becoming narrower with each new rule or law passed for the greater good.  The ones who did/do notice are about as effective as the boy who cried wolf.  Why does it takes a billion dollars to run for President?  Where does that kind of money comes from?   Is it still possible for anyone in America to grow up and become America’s President?  America is still in its infancy when it comes to longevity.  Has the experiment in self-governance failed?  Will we allow it to fail?  It has been said that if all the wealth of the world were gathered together and evenly divided among every man, woman and child on the planet that its apportionment would quickly return to the apportionment that it was to begin with.  Those who hold the most wealth hold the reins of government and are still convincing the common man that they can achieve economic equality for all.  They can but what they won’t admit is that all common men will be equally poor and miserable rather than equally rich and happy.  The more things change, the more they stay the same.  Americans got a glimpse of what individual and economic freedom could accomplish and promptly started back down the road toward a Utopian vision that has never been accomplished in the history of mankind.  When will we ever learn?

At this point I am not crazy about the choices in either party and will ultimately try to decide between the lesser of evils.  All I ask is that we think, we study and we pray a lot before November 2012……

What are the chances of attack against Iran


  1. thedrpete

    The chances of an attack against Iran between now and, say, October are >80% . . . by Israel . . . alone. The chances of an attack against Iran between now and, say, October are >98% . . . by Israel and the United States.

    • October surprise?

      • thedrpete

        “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.”

  2. Many people are just too darn busy trying to earn a living, feeding the family, and putting gas in the tank, and just don’t have the time to pay attention to those who are destroying our Republic!

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