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A good day, it heals the soul.  I had a very good day with my 3-year-old granddaughter.  Her joy, laughter, curiosity and her imagination takes me out of the places that hurt.  I cannot imagine life without my grandchildren, all of them.  I have 5 of them ranging in age from 1 to 26.  The pure joy of being Meme, not Mommy is the best reason I have found for growing old.  I get to enjoy them more fully than I did with their mothers, my sweet girls.  My one desire is to remain as a happy memory as they grow up and that maybe in some small way I made their lives better.

Every child is a gift, an opportunity to see the world as it should be through eyes that see only amazing, beautiful things.  They don’t know hatred or animosity, vindictiveness, meanness or ugliness.  If only adults could retain the heart of a child…..




  1. FOH,

    So glad to hear you had a good day; you sure deserved one! There truly is nothing like it in the world being around children that I believe are still closer to the touch of God that created them and the truly beautiful way they see our world.

  2. cromwellshead

    This made me happy for you. My grand daughter approaches her third birthday, she questions everything, is excellent at saying that magical word “no”. She flies to grandpa when trouble threatens and shows an interest in tractors and guns.

    Blessed are we 🙂

  3. Great post, FOH. Wish I could relate better to what you and the others who comment are experiencing. Last time I was around little ones was about 6 weeks ago. Whew, now there’s a story — haha. And as the song goes, “… they are precious in His sight …”

    • wish you could meet our little ones, they are hilarious!

      • Quick question if I may … why is it with fresh babies if you put in 6 ounces of fluid it seems like you get 10 to 12 ounces out? I would think they would get dehydrated.

      • I am afraid that I don’t have the answer to that one. Since I raised mine before the obsessive need to know how much goes in and out, I just fed them till they were done and changed them when they were wet and never thought that I needed to know the why, LOL.

  4. Good news indeed 🙂

    Hoping that today is also a good day!!

    • Zane isn’t here today but so far it is an ok day….

  5. Jan

    Gosh FOH, you sound just like me! A day with any of my grandchildren is priceless to me. My two oldest (and only girls) and the youngest boy are living very far away now, and it is heartwrenching. I had my girls around from birth until the older one turned 13 and a half and the younger one 10, and little brother is 2. I wrote on Townhall a few times about my oldest one and the connection we had. She is growing up and I miss her sweet face and her wit and sense of humor. We are a match. I love having my three boys here, including my cherub with all his difficulties. I heard someone say that grandchildren were your reward for not killing your teen-agers, and while we did have our moments of trial, I, like you, had sweet girlies (3 of ’em) and was hardly ever tempted to kill any of them. 😉 No, on the contrary, blessings abounded, and now abound many times over. Bless yours and mine!

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