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Yes I am, I just think the choices should come at a more appropriate time when it comes to birth control and I want to choose who to help with my own money!  Last week a 31-year-old female Harvard Law School graduate student testified before a Congressional committee that providing her own birth control is a hardship.  WHAT?  She wants taxpayer dollars expended on behalf of her ability to afford recreational sex while she attends Harvard on a Public grant.  She says that the cost of birth control over the three years of graduate school amounts to $3000.00, has she never heard of Planned Parenthood?  They hand out BC pills like candy for free, well not free, since they are also subsidized with our tax dollars, but still.

I want HER to make some choices too.  Like if she must have sex and can’t afford birth control then maybe she needs to make some adjustments in her budget and set her priorities.  The congress critters on this panel, all Democrats, tell us that we must provide birth control for all women for free to prevent the government from paying for more babies born to single women who can’t afford to have and raise them, and Obama agrees!  He has mandated that health insurance companies cover birth control, with no co-pay, saying that less pregnancies will be a cost savings in the long run.  There are many choices when it comes to preventing unwanted pregnancy even if you don’t like the most obvious one.  I don’t care what this young woman wants to do, that is her CHOICE but lack of planning on her part does not constitute an emergency on my part!

What ever happened to the responsibility of individuals to make choices based on what they personally can afford?  Don’t we have bigger problems in this country that desperately need attention?  If the Mandater in Chief can mandate paying for the irresponsible sexual activity of women with no sense of self-control and self-responsibility, what else can he mandate?  Think about that and let it soak in…..

This young woman wants to be free to do what she wants, when she wants to but is willing to beg for the means to do it from the public trough.  She was never taught in the public propaganda mills (schools) that you never get something for nothing and that everything has a price.  The price she will ultimately pay is a high one, her freedom will be subject to the whims of politicians and bureaucrats who have no idea  what a wonderful young woman she is…..

Here is another thing to ponder.  Government control over population growth (fewer people polluting the planet) will lead to less future income earners, which leads to less tax revenue, which leads to more and more people on the public dole, which leads to heavier tax burdens on income earners.  How long will it take for people still working to support themselves and their families to decide that they are fighting a loosing battle and give up.  Makes no sense, does it?

Well it does to the ‘climate change believers’ and the one world government crowd.  Fear mongering by governments is an old tactic that still works to control massive numbers of people, suck them into a system of entitlement promising economic equality.  This requires a population no longer grounded in morality and faith in their Creator, the demonization of religious freedom through Secularization.  Man’s inhumanity to man, the enslavement of the people to provide for the public good.  Those who live beyond their usefulness, the disabled and the infirm are merely discarded permanently….but none of that can happen here, right?

I don’t blame anyone who just doesn’t want to ponder these things.  I don’t want to either but it is either that or just give up the desire to know that the future generations of my family will be one of Life, Liberty and the pursuit of happiness….

You choose and carpe diem!



  1. cromwellshead

    What a wonderful piece of writing. So true, of course the woman in question could practice the old art of celibacy. However it appears the “I have a right to several orgasms” way of thinking is now official government policy within the US. I also, as an observation, love the way that folk like this scream rape at the drop of a hat. Not that I trivialise its seriousness as a crime, it deserves hanging if proven. No, it is the casual and common way that the subject is treated that riles me.

    Maybe I am older, conservative, and some say, wise, However, people like this trouble me deeply. When government takes this route and lets face it, they all have, eugenics rears its ugly head.
    My, the ways of the marxist are truly against all I believe in. To hell with them all.

    • The ‘give me more stuff’ crowd has no idea what they are asking for, unfortunately when they outnumber the likes of you and I, we will be dragged into the fray with them…..albeit kicking and screaming….

      • cromwellshead

        I now see them as Lucifer and his work. Some call that mad and bigoted, I call it truth.

      • the devil is in the details…. 😉

  2. thedrpete

    You are apparently speaking of the House Democrat Subcommittee on Policy and of second-year-law student Heidi Fluke of Georgetown, and her phoney-baloney testimony before said subcommittee.

  3. Great post, FOH.

    We each need to do what we can to get those who “don’t want to ponder these things” to start pondering away. Needs to be done one-on-one. As a herd, humanoids tend to want to take the path of least resistance from what I’ve experienced over the many decades I have been blessed to be on this planet. Gotta’ find the right issue and drill it home to the individual. I have helped several people in this area.

    • I’m tryin’ as are you and a lot of other good people!

      • And you may never know the impact you have had, FOH!

      • I just need to know I tried, that is the best I can hope for….

  4. FOH,

    A very nicely written piece! I choose to seize the day…

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