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listen up y’all…

“Don’t squat on yer spurs”.  Why, well it is because I see too many folks who are squatting on their spurs.  I never got the memo about keeping my mouth shut and being thought a fool rather than opening it and removing all doubt… 😉 so here goes.


When people communicate with each other they learn more about what is going on.  We don’t have a problem rooting for our team, sending birthday wishes, congratulating each other on anniversaries, or bragging on our children.  I hear a lot of griping about the price of gas, food and everything else and I am sure that most folks have an opinion as to the reasons why but they usually don’t actually lay the blame anywhere.


Do you ever wonder where some new law or regulation came from?  How about when you go to register a used vehicle?  Now the state gets to tell you what it is worth and it matters not what you actually paid for it.  That is just one example but there are many.  Laws like that happen because they are usually on the ballot during general elections held in ‘off’ years, and may be the only thing on the ballot.  That was the case in November 2011 when only 206 people out of over a thousand registered voters in this county thought it was important enough to go vote.  That folks is how we lose more and more of our freedom as individuals and wind up with government having more and more control over our property rights.


If you were paying attention when Obamacare passed you probably heard Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi say that they had to pass the bill to know what was in it.  Now at the time I naïvely thought that the problem was that the congress critters didn’t bother to read it.  That was part of it but the whole truth was that the rules to actually implement it hadn’t even been written and that the Department of Health and Human Services would actually be writing those rules as needed.  That is why we are incrementally finding out just how much it is going to cost, not just in dollars out of our pockets.  The bigger loss is the freedom we have always enjoyed to control our own medical decisions with the doctors and hospitals of our choice.


Whether you agree or disagree with my opinion isn’t what is important.  What is important is what we can learn from each other.  Knowledge is power and so is fear.  We can choose to speak and empower ourselves or we can keep silent and take the medicine being offered.


If you don’t see any problems and aren’t concerned about the future, tell me why.  If you do see problems and are concerned, tell me why and what your solution would be. I will assume that by not opining you either disagree and think I am just crazy or if you do agree and don’t think I’m crazy.  Now I really need to know whether I am or I’m not.  Help me out here!






  1. cromwellshead

    Well said lass, “shek em up” 🙂

    • I love being called a lass! 😉

      • cromwellshead

        I now employ all of my ethnic and cultural speech and mannerisms into my everyday life. All aspects!

        It seems that it is a fair way to fight back against what I class as the enemy of our people. That is anything that tells me how to speak, or what to think or how to act.

        We live in a two way street after all 🙂

      • yes we do live on a two way street! My DH (dear husband) reads all this stuff and he really likes your style and so do I.

  2. FOH,

    Very nice post. I’m about as outspoken as a person can get and I hate to talk about crap I know nothing about, so I like to stay up to date on issues. You’re not crazy! The apathy in this country is killing us. It’s like most people are now just willing to remain ignorant of the facts and look the other way. Then when the facts end up hitting them in the face they want to bitch and grip out the issue. My stance has always been; if you don’t stay informed, share ideas and then “VOTE” just shut the hell up about the issue! It’s too late to moan and whine once the die has been cast.

    • I also wish that people who do vote would make sure they educate themselves before going in the booth and playing rock, paper, scissors with themselves…

  3. Great base message here, FOH (that’s why I chose the screen name that I did — haha).

    Now I could be all wet (like that would be a first), but I think those folks who don’t pay attention to what is happening ignore it because there are such a large number of complaints and issues that it becomes overwhelming. Golly, I’m overwhelmed a lot. The head gets to spinning sometimes.

    Part of the overall problem is that we don’t have those who can command publicity, etc able to cull matters down to one or two sentences. And no, I am not talking about saying things like we are losing our liberty, etc. It’s got to be a simpler message and ‘the over reach of government’ only communicates with those who believe the government is overreaching. I know there has to be a power-packed one or two sentence message that would resonate with the majority of those who vote (or who are dead, depending on what State you live and in what county of said State).

    Enough of my babbling …

    • You are right it is overwhelming and you are also right about the language used when trying to convey the message. First of all most people that loosing freedom isn’t even possible after that the messenger starts sounding like Charlie Brown’s teacher….

    • cromwellshead

      There are too grand words that I learned from an NC cousin that I feel suit.

      “Molon Labe”


      • Ah yes, two very good words! 😉 supper’s ready come and get it!

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