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Where do I get all these crazy ideas?

” Barack knows that we are going to have to make sacrifices; we are going to have to change our conversation; we’re going to have to change our traditions, our history; we’re going to have to move into a different place as a nation to provide the kind of future we all want desperately for our children.”

Moochelle is right about one thing, our conversation has changed.  I never in my wildest imagination thought that I would see the day that America would accept and even beg to be servants of the government.



  1. Not to be crude or anything, but I would not have chosen that particular orifice for the title of your post.

    I remember well the Q regarding abortion. IMO, everything is above his pay grade.

    • just trying to keep a “G” rating…… 🙂 but my tongue was in my cheek….

  2. FOH,

    I have no idea what is wrong, but I cannot connect to any of the pic servers you posted. I’ll try again later, but I wanted to you know I am trying.

    • don’t know what is up with that. They are all YouTube videos.

      • I think there is a problem on my end with my router. I’ve had crappy ass service from Windstream since December and I know the field techs so well now I know what kind of sandwich they like to eat while here working on their junky equipment. I’m getting an upgraded router installed tomorrow and hopefully that will fix my issue. Sorry I missed out on this post.

      • Sorry for your problems, hopefully new equipment will help.

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