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Ben and Jerry’s big adventure….

The Occupy movement quickly turned violent and whatever sane people who may have been involved at the beginning quickly saw that it wasn’t the cause they thought it was.  We have already been hearing that protesters were being paid and had no idea what they were protesting.  Now come Ben and Jerry to save the Occupy movement.  What a crock!  It never ceases to amaze me the number of economically successful leftists who are so blessed by the fruits of their labor made possible by Capitalism to imply that what they accomplished is impossible for the rest of us.  There are innumerable rags to riches stories throughout America‘s history for those willing to work hard, seeking and finding opportunities to further their dreams.   Yet they find no joy in their success and seem to need chaos to allay their guilt for realizing their own dreams, convincing others that it is just too hard without taking from someone else’s dream.

The truth is that many people don’t have a dream.  They just go through life victimized by their own lack of vision, desire, motivation or whatever.  Then someone comes along like Ben and Jerry and convinces them that it isn’t their own fault that they don’t have a goal in life but rather that they have suffered at the hands of people who did.  The victim mentality is killing this great nation.  Where once people were ashamed to take welfare, now it has become a badge of honor.  It never occurs to them to imitate success, it is just easier to be intimidated by it and hate those who have worked for it.

We are suffering at the hands of several ‘time out’ generations.  Never disciplined, having no basic moral grounding, being allowed to be a ‘winner’ in games where no scores were kept have given us a people who only know how to throw tantrums when they don’t get their way and now we reap the results.  Wasn’t it Al Sharpton that said America’s chickens were coming home to roost?  Well he was right about them coming home, he just had the wrong chickens.

The saddest part about all this is the massive number of good, hard-working, self-reliant people who are being sucked into a system they don’t agree with and want out of.  Its like being in the midst of a mob and being pushed, pulled and shoved along a road you don’t want to travel.   The mob has been given ‘rights’ that once were ‘privileges’, things like owning a home or a pair of $180 Air Jordans, driving a car without passing the driving test, voting without proof of citizenship, being paid a living wage with no skills and no effort to acquire them, and the list never ends.

A revolution is simmering just under the surface.  People are being pitted against each other according to their position on the ladder of success.  Sooner or later the ‘animal’ will come out and react to being put in a corner and fight to stay out of the cage.  A sad day is coming unless we re-establish our Faith in God, renew our Hope in His goodness and reach out in Love to lift someone up and out of that corner.  I pray that the tree of Liberty will not once again require nourishment from the blood of tyrants and patriots…..

God Bless America!



  1. Well said, FOH! We are in deep dodo and that’s a fact. The B & J’s of the world are trying to make money even with their “sponsorship.” It’s good for business. And that’s the degree to which leftists will display unabashed hypocrisy, IMO.

    Here’s a link to another rant you may enjoy …

    • Thanks Mrs. AL, just read Jan’s post and loved it! Yeah, successful Lefties practice capitalism for themselves while pushing socialism on people who live with their heads up you know where…..

  2. FOH,

    Great post and I couldn’t have said it better myself. For the life of me; I cannot figure out why those that have prospered by the ways of our great nation now openly fight and say there is something wrong with the way people attain wealth in our nation. The United States has now turned into the Granny States and it seems everyone has a hand out for something they did absolutely nothing to earn. I read an article yesterday where Jessie “James” Jackson is proud that Obamastalin is known as the Food Stamp President…surprise…the crook is proud his people are once again being held down!

    I’ve always said the only country that could ever destroy the United States is the United States and we are now imploding like watching a sky scrapper being demolished by precision experts.

    • I can’t figure it out either Dave but I feel cornered……..

      • Yeah; I’m feeling cornered as well at that usually doesn’t turn out good…

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