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I can’t believe I did it but I actually watched the Academy Awards.  DH and I don’t watch much network television anymore but for some weird reason we landed on that channel. The walk down the red carpet portion was on and I began getting a kick out of watching the ‘interviewers’ fawn over filmdom’s royalty.   The number one question, “Who are you wearing?”  I always find it fascinating that these people admit to wearing ‘borrowed’ jewels, poor things….


I had seen only one of the nominated pictures, The Help, was a decent movie but fell below my expectations.  No attempt was made in the picture to lay the blame for the plight of Blacks at the feet of the perpetrators, allowing the myth already ingrained in the minds of minorities that the Party responsible were Republicans.  Admittedly, politics wasn’t the focus of the movie and the story was engaging.


The only other nominated picture I plan to see is Warhorse.  It was up for several nominations but I don’t think that it won any.


George Clooney and Brad Pitt (he needed a shampoo) were up for Best Actor, can’t remember which on won.  I won’t go see either one of their movies.  Actually I don’t GO see any films, I rent movies from Netflix and watch in the comfort of my easy chair where I can hit Pause and have an intermission whenever I need one.  Modern day movies don’t interest me much but I do enjoy some of the Classics.


Host Billie Christal did make one good quip, saying that he was sure Americans hit hard in this economy just couldn’t wait to watch a room full of millionaires giving each other little gold statues.  That isn’t a verbatim quote but that was how I heard it.


There was one other memorable moment when Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez were presenting the award for best costume designer.  Diaz quoted the legendary designer Edith Head and this isn’t verbatim either, “A woman’s clothing should be tight enough to show that she is a woman and loose enough to show that she is a lady”.  Ms. Lopez mouthed the second part of that quote (I missed seeing the wardrobe malfunction) while standing there in a gown that looked like it had been melted and then poured on her body, no imagination needed….


I am not a pundit, a poet, a prophet, a preacher or a movie critic but I am very sure that I won’t be watching THE OSCARS again in my lifetime, kinda like if you’ve seen one rodeo you’ve seen em all…..unless you are particularly interested in seeing WHO gets bucked off.


Popcorn anyone, the fights are about to start!



  1. Beth

    lol. “Brad Pitt needed a shampoo”! You don’t like the dirty bad boy look meme? 🙂

    • nope, you know what my man looks like and that’s the way I like it!

  2. Gah…I used to watch the Oskars™ when ctors kept their politics to themselves.

    I laugh about the way they borrow jewelry and clothing for this occasion. Really? They can’t afford it?? They take this acting stuff so seriously, they forget about reality!

    • they only know about virtual reality…..

  3. FOH,

    I had a choice; watch the Oscars or go voluntarily get a root canal without being numbed. The root canal hurt like hell, but I didn’t puke like I would have watching those liberal Hollywood loons act they really give a rats ass about common folks or reality…

    • oh I know they don’t care but what they don’t know is that I don’t care! I seem to have a lot of company….

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