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is the 2012 election just an afterthought……

Republican Primary election results so far shows low turnouts.  Although people are very sure that they are not better off and that they are less free than they were four years ago, they aren’t going to the polls in record numbers as you would think.  Why?

This is just my opinion based solely on my own observation of the process so far.  I am not an expert in economics or politics but I can read and understand the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.  Here are some of my conclusions.

Mitt Romney, four years ago he was running as the conservative alternative to McCain but McCain won because that was what had been pre-determined by the top players in the GOP.  Romney, after losing the 08 election immediately started running his campaign for 2012, with the blessings of the top players in the GOP.  I voted for Romney in the Primary (his name was still on the Texas ballot) because I couldn’t stomach McCain.  Of course in the General I had to either hold my nose and vote for McCain or just stay home.  My conscience wouldn’t let me stay home and I held my nose, knowing my effort was futile.

When the current primary campaigns first began and I saw all the candidates I knew that once again our candidate had been pre-determined.  I have tried to really get behind one of the ‘not Romney’ guys.  Rick Perry would have been my first choice and still would be but we all know how that ended.  Then I tried to get behind Cain, then Gingrich, then Santorum but the truth is I think that all of them who are still standing, with the exception of Paul are runner-ups in the GOP beauty contest.  Paul is the rogue candidate, the one the GOP wishes would just go away.  But not so fast, now we are hearing that there is some kind of pact between the Romney and Paul camps.  Rand Paul has said that he would be honored to be chosen as Romney’s running mate.

So where am I?  I am scratching my head.  I don’t normally see boogy men around every corner but can’t help living in ‘conspiracy theory’ land at this point.  Does it really matter?  Is being allowed to choose a master every 4 years just a ‘sop’ for the electorate to make us believe that we are still a free people?  I watched the John Stossel special last night on FOX and it really made me wonder just how long our Republic has been gone and whether or not we can get it back……

I appreciate all the bloggers who educate me on the political landscape, who do the research and show hard evidence of the astounding amount of corruption in our political process.  I write just as an ordinary citizen trying to apply what I learn while going about the business of living responsibly and honestly, knowing that something is dreadfully wrong and having no idea what part I can or will play in ‘righting’ what I know is threatening the future of my grand children and all the generations to follow.

Oh say, does that Star Spangled banner yet wave?  Where are the good men who will come to the aid of their country?  Will I be one of them, will you?  Will the cancer of Socialism make us all participants?  When we can no longer afford the basic necessities to sustain our families with food, fuel, education, medical care and even the roof over our heads, will we lay down our liberty?  Have we already?  Am I crazy?  I don’t think so………..but I hope so.

Nearly forgot, does anyone know who got kicked off American Idol last night?

God’s Grace and Mercy on an unsuspecting people……



  1. FOH,

    I’ve never been a conspiracy theory fanatic…until now. IMHO; the fix is in so badly that the process of us picking a GOP candidate is useless. Whether we like it or not, or even want to admit to ourselves; Obamastalin will win another 4 years and we can’t do shit about it….

    When my son reaches my age; the landscape of our once great Republic will be a distance memory. Sorry if that is depressing, but I’m simply a realist and everything I see around me leads me to no other conclusion.

    • The good news, I’m not crazy. The bad news, I’m not crazy. Lord have mercy on us!

  2. thedrpete

    If Rush Limbaugh on 600+ radio stations 3 hours per day, five days per week, can’t cut through this fog and sludge, I think our chances, FOH and Dave are less than slim.

    • Doc,

      Good point about Rush! We’re screwed…

      • If I knew where to go, I would go there….

    • Me too….:-(

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