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Drill Baby Drill….

Going to see the dentist today.  ETA at dentist 8:30am, ETA back home 4pm.  Estimated time in chair, 5 hours.  Plan on breathing some laughing gas, taking a snooze, hearing some good tunes and wishing someone would answer that phone…….I always hear phones ringing when I am under the gas.   All y’all have a good day!

Grace and Mercy to smile a lot!



  1. Love the title, FOH! I truly expected something different in your post — good one.

    Have fun. Say, wonder what it means that you hear phones ringing when you have the laughing gas … hmmmm

    • Thanks Mrs.AL, don’t know what ringing phones means but it always happens. I really don’t mind having dental work done, except for the expense. I was a dental assistant back in another life about a hundred years ago, LOL!

      Have a great day!

  2. FOH,

    Very sly funny piece; I love it! Sounds to me like you may be having a good day getting to breathe in that Nitrous Oxide. If you can, sneak O’ Dave out some and we’ll both have a good day… 🙂

    Good luck with your dental work today…

    • Thanks Dave, It is now 9:24pm and we just got home. Got a call that Mom had collapsed at the nursing home and was being transported by ambulance to hospital in the city. This was just after I came out of dentist office. We went to the hospital and after another 6 plus hours and CT scan, X-rays, blood work they told me what I already knew. She was dehydrated from not eating and drinking. They are giving her fluids tonight and hopefully she can return to nursing home tomorrow.

      Everything went good with the dentist and I didn’t hear phones ringing! I am still smiling, even after this looonnnnnggggg day.

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