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the goose is nearly done, or is it?

When I look at all the things that are happening here at home and around the world I cannot help but be sad.  Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky, Stalin, Hitler, and all the evil dictators who have ever lived must be jumping for joy feeling vindicated in their belief that mankind is incapable of self governance.

Our founders gave us the best shot at self governance ever experienced and for over 200 years America has been that shining city on the hill.  The lights of liberty are going dim as our government has regulated us to the point that we are not even free to make our personal choices in our own homes, our property rights severely limited our access to products (energy sources, affordable food, etc.) and services (medical, educational, etc.) needed to provide for the needs of our families being put farther and farther out of reach.

It makes me angry as I reach those golden years to now be faced with the reality that some bureaucrat in DC will decide my fate should I become ill, based on my lifestyle and my usefulness to society through the mandates of Obamacare.  It makes me angry that this administration has gutted Medicare to the tune of $500Million and that the only funding source of Social Security, the payroll tax is being cut making its sustainability unsustainable.  Although I wish that these programs had never been put in place, they were and most Americans rely heavily on them.  Those of us just reaching eligibility will be up a creek and those people 55 and under will be even farther up a creek.  Can you imagine being 55 years old having paid into these programs for 30 plus years and being told you won’t be getting that money back, that isn’t just falling through a crack, it’s like being sucked into a black hole.  The rug is literally being pulled out from under us and it is deliberate.

I don’t worry for myself much but I do worry for our babies.  What kind of life will they have?  Makes me want to find a rock to crawl under it but I don’t think there will be a stone left unturned.  Maybe I am wrong and I hope that I am.  I have heard it said over many years at election times that the American people will always get it right.  We didn’t in 2008, although the choices weren’t good on either side and 2012 is looking like a re-run.   George Soros champion of Progressivism said the there isn’t much difference between Obama and Romney, meaning he and his minions will have control of either one.  My trust in the political process and the reliability of elections is iffy at best…..or is it all a charade being played out on the Left and the Right.  If it is, why and for what purpose?  Makes me feel like a mouse in a maze being watched and laughed at as I try frantically to find the exit……..whether or not my worries are real the effects are still the same.

Do you identify with me or not and why?  Tag! You’re It!

Grace and Mercy that America will return to its founding principle, Liberty!



  1. FOH,

    I certainly share your same concerns and anger! Even though I look at our situation from a very dark hole; there may be a shining light starting to glow. Santorum has now overtaken Romney in the nationwide polls, more influencial republicans are not endorsing Santorum, some that had endorsed Romney have jumped ship and now endorse Santorum.

    Obamastalin is not prepared to run against Santorum and has spent a lot of money and moved a lot of chess pieces to try and ensure he runs against Romney. Obamastalin would beat Romney, but running against a real conservative like Santorum changes the game plan greatly. Super Tuesday will be upon us soon and I believe that day will set the table to see if Santorum has gained the true momentum to get the GOP nod. If he does end up with the GOP nod; I see a light of liberty starting to glow off in the distance…God have mercy on the United States of America.

    • Hi Dave, I agree that Romney is unlikely to beat O and I do like Santorums willingness to be honest with us about his personal convictions. He does have some negatives but I think that he can go toe to toe with the O (does that make me a poet?) If however, Obamacare isn’t irradiated and soon we are sunk because it will continue to eat away access to medical care (and they are still writing the rules as we speak). Talk about controlling people that will do it! Most of Americans are convinced the economy is recovering therefore O’s favorables are recovering also.While I very much want to share your optimism, I’m not quite there yet……

      • FOH,

        I was very disappointed to hear that even thought the SCOTUS hears the case of Obamacare on June 27 of this year that they are not expected to make a ruling until sometime in 2014…WTH? Has that holy than though group of egomaniacs never heard of a speedy trial? Even though; if Santorum can win and the Repuke’s can win a majority in the Senate (assuming they hold onto the House) they can repeal Obamacare themselves. I think that is about the best chance we have right now and I’ll take it seeing how the SCOTUS moves like a turtle…

        These people must be taking blotter acid, if they believe the economy is improving. There is a lot of facts that are completely contradictory to that hallucination. Unemployment numbers dropped slightly only because some people stopped looking for work. As soon as that happens the stupid feds consider them employed! Gas prices are sky rocketing and are projected to hit an average of $4.25 a gallon by spring. The only thing still somewhat holding up the housing market is the Fed Reserve keeps lowering the interest rates…the same damn thing they did which got us into this housing market mess to begin with. The US dollar is now valued at only $0.42 cents and Obamastalin has Bernanke cranking out more that only makes it less valuable. China and Japan (just to name a few big holders of US dollars) are dumping them like a hot potato, so that is only going to further devalue the dollar even further. These are some facts I know of that illustrates our economy is getting worse; not better. Of course the laimstream media will never put fourth this info like I just did for the “sheep” to see…

      • 2014! Now that stinks, sounds like the fix is in……

  2. I like the maze analogy the best, FOH. I get that feeling at times and it really makes me question whether I am even looking at the right things to try and correct.

    To me, this has been coming on for a looooooooooooooong time. Long before either of us was born. And you are quite correct when you say, “Karl Marx, Saul Alinsky, Stalin, Hitler, and all the evil dictators who have ever lived must be jumping for joy feeling vindicated in their belief that mankind is incapable of self governance.”

    And yes, our goose is cooked if something dramatic (that doesn’t necessarily mean big/large) happens to begin the slight turn toward liberty. Much as I hate to say this, we will leave those generations behind us in one he-doublehockeysticks of a mess.

    • Don’t know what is up with WP but some of my replies to posts seem to be disappearing???

      It has been happening for a very long time. I think that one thing that makes a huge difference in today’s world is the internet, social media and such. While it is easier to contact representatives, Congress critters, an talk to friends across the country via FB, that can be a pro/con situation depending how well we use the tools. DH and I were discussing this morning how when prayer was taken out of schools that it was almost a done deal before we had even heard Madelyn Murray O’Hare’s name. I remember back in 2000 during 41’s first campaign, I began hearing about blogs and how bloggers would become more influential in the political process. It wasn’t until 2003 that I actually began to discover blogging for myself. I watched O’s speech in 04 during the DNC and it made the hair on the back of my neck stand on end. I knew that he was going to be a big problem. I had rigors during the 08 campaign not just because of O but also out pitiful candidate McCain. I feel like this is a rerun of that election.

      Well I seem to have had myself another little rant….

      • The disappearing comments thing is something I have not experienced. If you are replying via email that may be part of the issue. If you are replying here on your blog, then I am at a loss. I haven’t had that issue.

        And I am of a mind to agree with you when you say, “I had rigors during the 08 campaign not just because of O but also out pitiful candidate McCain. I feel like this is a rerun of that election.” WELL SAID!!

      • At this point I have no idea who I will vote for but here in Texas it won’t really matter as far as the POTUS nominee goes because a primary date hasn’t even been finalized. Tentatively set for May 29th. Makes me sick, we elect people to do a job and then 3 judges decide to throw up a road block. grrrrrrr

  3. thedrpete

    I — as you, FOH — don’t worry for me. That’s not because I don’t envision having my IRA taken from me or my home and property taken from me or Social Security means-tested and, thus, eliminated for me or my being precluded from obtaining medical care. No, it’s because I’ll then just die smiling. Stoically.

    My daughters and my grandchildren will suffer without tools to survive and thrive. My son will win no matter what the U.S. Government does.

    • Knowing that there isn’t anything I can do to protect our daughters and their families is the hardest part of all this but I know someone whose Will shall be done!

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