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Sometimes being a good citizen has nothing to do with being obedient, con-formative or placid.  There are good rules that most follow not because they are ‘the law’ but because they make sense.  Things like not shouting ‘FIRE’ in a crowded theater are ‘no brainers’. Then there are laws that have nothing to do with the general welfare and serve only to fill the coffers of government.  Fines and fees assessed for going against the status quo are nothing more than taxes.  Government under the guise of protecting us not from others but from ourselves is my biggest pet peeve.  This is where ‘Sin’ taxes come in.  By assessing excessively high taxes on stuff that government ‘says’ is to curb the purchase of things like tobacco, sodas, candy, booze and even gasoline.  If these and other things are so bad then why not just make them illegal?  Sometimes it feels like I have been transported against my will to Communist China.

Now here is where I will probably lose some of you.  I am a smoker and no I don’t have a death wish for myself or for you.  Tobacco was one of the first targets government took aim at and smokers were easy to malign.  First, they made ‘smoking sections’ mandatory in public places, smokers complied and the non-smokers cheered.  Gradually the anti-tobacco laws forced smokers to go outside but most places provided an area that was at least partially sheltered, smokers complied and the non-smokers cheered.  Now much of the outdoors is off-limits, like hospitals.  Let me tell you that when I can be fined for going to the parking lot at the hospital to smoke in my car, I get really PO’d!  Expecting people who smoke to all of a sudden become non-smokers in situations that are often extremely tense due to the injury or illness of a loved one is like expecting a dog not to bite when you try to take his bone away.  It is rude, illogical and oppressive and non-smokers cheer.  It makes me want to blow smoke up you know where!

Many years ago a study was done to see whether or not second-hand smoke actually had any bad health effects.  I first heard about it from Rush Limbaugh many years ago.  The study was done by the World Health Organization (WHO) and found that second-hand smoke did not cause things like asthma and other respiratory illnesses.  Since the anticipated results of the study was contrary to what was desired, they did another study skewed to produce the desired outcome and it was published.  Limbaugh found the actual results (unpublished) and reported on it.  There used to be a link on his website and at one time I downloaded and printed it.  Wish I had kept it because all evidence has now been scrubbed from cyberspace.  I have listed several links below that refer to that study.  I don’t do this to justify my habit but to justify my doubts about studies done to convince us that something is either desirable (green initiatives to save the planet from fossil fuel) or undesirable (like smoking or eating a Big Mac).

My point is that by taking aim at an easy target government began the systematic oppression of personal choice.  No one cared that a smoker’s right to choose was oppressed or that private business owners were forced to comply with anti-smoking laws even in their own offices within a non-public building because there might be employees exposed to second-hand smoke.  It’s like the employees were indentured servants unable to go find a job where the boss didn’t smoke.  Entering a particular restaurant is not mandatory but government convinced the public that it was protecting them by oppressing others and they cheered.

Over the years we have been told by government that many things are bad for us only to find out later that no, they weren’t bad for us, like coffee, eggs, cheese, etc.  and today we are being told that even whole milk is bad.  I was taught that milk was the perfect food back in elementary school.  Salt, sugar and trans-fats, all bad.  Back in the seventies global cooling was the big fear, we were all going to freeze to death in another ice age, today we have global warming.  Government always needs a boogie-man that can be used to control the unwashed masses and the people cheer.  Just this week the food police at an elementary school deemed a little girl’s lunch of a turkey sandwich, chips, apple juice and a banana, packed by her Mom, didn’t meet government guidelines and gave her some chicken nuggets instead and sent a bill home to her Mom for $1.25 to pay for the nuggets.  Are you cheering?

In November this year the wolves and the sheep will be voting on what to have for dinner and the wolves really like lamb chops.  We need some good sheep dogs in Washington and in our state houses and out here in flyover country who will defend liberty.  Unfortunately they are a rare breed and evidently the sheep are willing to be eaten as long as they don’t have to feel the pain or smell the smoke…..first they came for the Jews.

All comments welcome!

Grace and Mercy to stand up for the right to make personal choices.   (the link in this article no longer connects to the WHO study)   (this is a summary of the original study done the WHO)



  1. Beth

    I wasnt sure if i told you but here at my job if you are a smoker and have insurance you must enroll in the smokers program by November of last year. After you enroll your insurance goes up $30 plus dollars a month. If you refuse to enroll you chance losing all your benefits if you “fail” a blood test. But they cant drug test people before allowing them to live on welfare.

    I bet they start charging for other things such as being overweight next… this is ridiculous. I’m kind of mad at you for opening my eyes to such things. I was alot happier being dumb. 🙂 jk. But really…

    • It isn’t pleasant to learn that you are being manipulated by your own government who instead of defending individual liberty are in the business of suppressing it. Yet when you talk about these things people often look at you like you have two heads…..

      No you hadn’t told me about this but I am not surprised and you are right about the weight thing. Just last week Obama, not Congress mind you, but Obama and HHS mandated insurers to provide ‘Free’ contraceptives for All women policy holders if the employer, like Catholic hospitals and schools have an objection based on religious principles. If they can mandate private business to provide free products and services (not free but added to premiums being paid by same employer or the taxpayer) what can they mandate next? Maybe that couples can have no more than one child, like in China where if a married woman is found to be pregnant who already has one child she is forced to abort the pregnancy.

      We should always think before we accept someone else’s personal liberty to be suppressed just because it sounds like a worthy thing.

      Love you baby!

      • FOH, how can it be a “worthy thing” if it suppresses personal liberty?

      • It never can be a worthy thing but that is how we are being nudged by government, after all it’s for the children you know. I know better and you do too but most people just go along as long as they don’t have a dog in the race. Sooner or later everyone will have a dog in this race because personal liberty is just about to go out of style in America….. 😦

      • Suppression of personal liberty is never a worth thing. There are a lot of folks willing to limit their own liberty (even though they probably don’t see it that way) in order to control someone else though and that really ticks me off!

    • By any other name, Beth, that is fascism, IMO. Hope you find somewhere else to work if you haven’t already. Bet they don’t test for alcohol use, eh?

  2. Sorry, FOH, but this post hits a nerve hard. Hope you and Beth don’t take my comments negatively. My personal bugaboo has to do with any form of alcohol. Drunks on both sides of the family which has resulted in broken homes and death. Heck, I was a drunk until I was 24. So I have zero, zippo tolerance for the stuff.

    That said, do I believe others should not drink? NO. Do I think bars ought to be closed? NO. I simply avoid bars, etc. Don’t sit in restaurant sections where a bar is present. Easy enough.

    Oh, and just in case this rant isn’t long enough, here’s a couple links regarding nicotinic acid:

    You may not like the final comments at the end of the second article, but it’s interesting all the same.

    Oh, and I could post ooodles of posts here that discuss the medicinal properties of certain wines also, despite my personal bugaboo with the stuff.

    So there you have it … rant over except to say – Loved the KR’s song. Always did like it.

    • No offense taken Mrs AL. This was a hard post to write because I too have been brainwashed along with most of America. Smokers are considered stupid, backwoods, rednecks, too simple minded to understand, downright pariahs on the general public. Don’t blame you for your opinion of alcohol. You knew when to run!

      It would be much easier if I didn’t smoke in the sense I wouldn’t feel like the stupidest person on the planet. It does make me feel a little less stupid when I see doctors an nurses standing around the dumpster sneaking a smoke out back of the hospital, that is until they started doing random blood test on all hospital employees who risk loosing their jobs if they are found positive for nicotine. Then on the other hand I smoke to spite the behavior police, LOL! Maybe I am a skitzo? Thanks for those links, very interesting.

      Anyway although I was writing from the viewpoint of a smoker, I was trying to make the point that smoking was one of the first targets and one of the easiest to malign and that behavior modification is being used as a means to control the great unwashed masses of stupid people. Cass Sunstein one of O’s Czars talks about how the nudging principle can be used to get the desired response by putting road blocks up that eventually the subjects become too frustrated to deal with them and just give in and do what was desired by those who know best.

      About the only place I can smoke any more is at home and in MY car. I don’t smoke around non-smokers and the kiddos. I quit once for six months and was homicidal (notice not suicidal) the whole time. For now I am holding em….

      God Bless Mrs AL

  3. Davetherave


    Great piece and you sure in the hell hit on one of my biggest pet peeves! I’ve smoked since I was 15 years old, but what are ya’ gonna do when you live in KY where tobacco is our biggest source of income. And then here come the Nazipolice telling private businesses no one can smoke in their businesses anymore…WTH? Does the Fed’s subsidize these private businesses? HELL NO! I watched three of the most popular bars in Lexington have to close their doors, because of the Nazipolice. Did the Fed’s bail out these businesses? HELL NO! It won’t be long before we’re told we cannot even smoke in our houses…remember…tobacco is our main cash crop…well…legal cash crop! 🙂

    You nailed it with this article and our liberties being taken away in the name of “taking care of us.” I just want to be left the hell alone….

    • I want to be left alone as well but it is getting harder all the time to feel free!

  4. One last thing to any smoker who comes by, if you have been smoking for any length of time and you try and quit, check out where the stuff is metabolized and then check where any medications you are taking are metabolized. Had a friend who ended up quit ill when she quit and had to go off statins because of the side-effects which were apparently minimized or masked while smoking. Doctors don’t discuss that with you often, do they?

    • My DH went off statins after more than 12 years due to the massive muscle loss which made his arthritis so painful that he could barely walk. His doctor ignored the muscle deterioration and the unbearable pain DH was in. When the doctor learned that DH had gone off statins he severed all ties to his case, via a registered letter. DH quit smoking in 1995 when he drove himself to the ambulance barn while suffering a heart attack. After going off the statins, within about 6 weeks he was able to walk again without his cane but the muscle damage was done and without sufficient muscle protection of his knee joints he still suffers a lot of pain and can no longer walk for exercise which he always enjoyed doing until statins took that ability away from him. I too was on statins and around the time that DH quit them I began having knee problems and took a couple of pretty bad falls, so I quit too. I have no more knee pain and haven’t fallen in several years. Sometimes the cures doctors prescribe turn out to be worse than what they are treating us for.

    • Mrs AL I think I failed to make my point in this post. It wasn’t supposed to be about smoking per se but about why smokers were singled out for degradation by our government overseers. They took the lowest common denominator and divided citizens who saw personal choices as something government had no business in and the ones who saw it as government protecting them from undesirables, not realizing or maybe not caring that eventually government would come after them too, as long as they could ‘feel’ safer. It has become a very successful adjunct into the class warfare agenda that continues to divide people depending on which side of an issue they see as in their best interest.

  5. No, FOH, you didn’t fail to make your point. I took the thread off-track. Sorry about that. You can delete my comments that went off the rail. You won’t hurt my feelings a bit!!!!

    I will be back to post a more pertinent comment after you have deleted. Oh, and I have lots to say on the main topic as well!

    • Mrs AL I don’t want to delete anything. What you wrote was informative and appreciated. Besides that if I deleted your comments there wouldn’t be much left. I think I must have a lot of mute readers!

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