whatever is on my mind….

he never forgets….

but I do (sigh).  First thing this morning I found a red envelope laying on my keyboard.  A beautiful Valentine from my sweetheart and DH.  This is one of the things that always amazes me.  He never ever forgets and takes every opportunity to let me know just how much he loves me!  He does it on important dates and randomly on just any day.  I felt so sad that I had not remembered Valentines Day!  I am a total embarrassment to my gender!  I am also the luckiest girl (well, he makes me feel like I am still just a girl) on the planet!!!!

Someday I will write ‘our love story’ but it’s too good and too important (to me) to just do it on the ‘fly’.  One thing I will say though is that if everyone could experience so much peace, joy and love there would be no more need for jealousy, gender competition, abuse and who knows it might even lead to world peace!  Too ambitious, maybe, but what a wonderful thought!

Happy Valentine’s Day to ALL!  I leave you with ‘our song’…..

Grace and Mercy to love like no one has ever loved before!



  1. FOH,

    Sounds like good O’ DH still knows how to properly court a female lady woman; a lost art to these newbies indeed!

    Aaaand my goodness! Don Williams!!!! Yeah man!!!! Best concert I ever saw at Rupp Arena was first row seats right in front of Don Williams. A voice of pure gold….

    • Yes Sir, DH knows how to treat a lady. That has been our song, from the first time we heard it. Hoping we get to celebrate at least 70 anniversaries!

  2. Happy Valentine’s day to you too! Your hubby sounds wonderful. You do too. 🙂

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