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Every morning one of our local new stations posts a question on their FB page.  This morning’s questions was, “Is it important to have manners?”  My first thought was why didn’t the question ask if ‘good’ manners are important.  Seems all public media are afraid to err on the side of good and remain ‘politically correct’.  I was taught that the two most important things we have are our character and reputation.  Manners, whether good or bad are a manifestation of character and result in the kind of reputation we will have.
The ‘in your face’ tactics being used by the Occupy movement is being touted by the media as courageous and reflective of main stream opinion while the Tea Party movement has been labeled racist and bordering on terrorism and that it’s participants need to be watched for signs of violence.  There has been out right violence from the Occupy folks but I have not heard one thing to suggest that they are being anything but a patriotic, grass-roots movement, even though we know that many of those involved are being paid to protest by people of questionable motives.  Participants with Technicolor hair, bodies covered in tattoos and piercings and smelling like they haven’t had a bath in forever are the heroes if we are to believe media coverage.  Common decency and good behavior are only important if you want to be employed and stay employed, be respected in your community, or give your children a better life, otherwise just enjoy your bad self, after all there are plenty of bleeding hearts who will make every excuse in the world for why you are acting like a delinquent, malcontent.
Generations have been taught that there is only one pie and that if their slice is smaller than the rest they have the right to demand that government take from those who have earned and give to those too proud or too lazy to imitate success.  They may have heard of pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps but apparently flip-flops don’t have any and any thought of .  If economic equality existed why would anyone put out the effort and expense to become anything more than the dog catcher?  Who needs the headache and danger of fighting fires, enforcing laws or spending thousands of dollars and hours upon hours of study and training to be a brain or heart surgeon?  In order for society to function properly it takes all kinds of people with individual degrees of desire, motivation and levels of contentment.  There is honor and value in every job or profession performed to the best of one’s ability but equal compensation would be a disaster for everyone, not to mention idiotic.  That reminds me of my FIL.  His favorite saying was, “I came from dirt, I will return to dirt, a little in between won’t hurt”.  He was a lifelong farmer except for the time he spent in the Navy during WWII, he piloted a landing boat and was witness to the raising of the flag at Iwo Jima.  Farming is hard work, not glamorous, involves long hours of manual labor in all kinds of weather and the compensation does not necessarily equate to the amount of effort put into it.  There are good years and bad years and you live with it.
We are in a battle to preserve the right to determine our own destiny, learn from our failures to achieve success and live with the outcome, against those who would rather allow government to determine their own standard of living if it means that the successful can be brought down and all live at the same level even if it means that level is equal misery.  Never mind that there no examples of good outcomes under Socialism, Communism or Marxism.  America’s Representative Republic has led to more prosperity for the greatest number of citizens ever witnessed under any other government system.  The Founders warned that government would seek to increase itself at the expense of individual liberty under the guise of fairness to all and that the people once learning that they could vote themselves benefits from the public treasury would do so at the expense of liberty.  In spite of their best efforts to prevent that, it is ultimately up to the people to either control government or be controlled by it.
This post is kinda all over the place but it is my rant for today.  What’s yours?
Grace and Mercy to live and die honorably, honestly and free according to the rights given by our Creator!


  1. FOH,

    Great article! Our younger society is now so spoiled I fear they cannot be saved. Our greatest mission is to once again take over our public schools and the kick the loony liberals and their union into the gutter where they and their anti-US and anti-God
    beliefs belong. We will never end this vicious cycle when our fresh young minds are bombarded by these crazy commie/socialistic principles for at least 12 years. The parents for the most part are also now useless, because they’ve already recycled through the terrible educational system and believe the exact same thing as the idiots teaching their kids.

    What made this country great was the opportunity to prosper, if you were a person willing to do what it took to achieve their individual goals. That opportunity was a blessing God gave our nation and has blessed it like no other place in the worlds entire history. The loonies have removed God from everything they can, young kids parents are now stupid and they are taught by stupid people. None of the teachings have anything to do with character, morals or value. Without those three basic stones upon which to stand and build upon; you get exactly what we see on our TV now everyday. Our children have been thrown to the wolves…

    • Yes you are so right about todays children and their parents have been brainwashed! Thankfully my kids didn’t buy into that stupidity. Of course, we had a little something to do with that. Too many parents are willing to have the schools raise their kids and that is exactly what the socialists want!

  2. I’ll sing my familiar and tiresome song once again … it is the States that must muzzle and bring the national government under control. We must put all our pressure on our local and state elected officials to grow a pair and do their duty on our behalf. That’s their job and they have abandoned their duty. All the States became especially suppressed after the Civil War and have never taken back their rightful sovereign place since. As long as we keep putting all our time, effort and treasure toward defeating the current Resident, we will continue to lose the war no matter how many small battles we may win.

    See – you shouldn’t have asked what my rant was at the end of your post. And your post, FOH, is great. I know you lost the original via an accident with your new Mac and that’s a shame. This one surely makes up for that. OOOOOOOps … don’t touch that button …

    • You are right about the states Mrs AL, we need to make politics more personal at the local level. Glad you responded to my question, wish more readers would opine! Actually I think WordPress changed something because when I rewrote the post and hit publish, instead of the usual option to correct errors, it disappeared. Then I hit preview and there it was. Went back to the dashboard hit publish again and got the option to correct errors but it looked funky. Anyway when I again hit publish it did so. Who knows, all this is a learning process for me!

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