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3000 Americans die….

Yesterday, today and tomorrow, every single day in this country 3000 lives are ended and for those of us who believe that this truly is murder, funding genocide with our tax dollars makes us accessories to the crime.

I am of course, talking about abortion.  If I could have my way there would be no such thing, but of course I and others like me know that is not even possible.  I have always said that morality cannot be legislated but what we have here in this country is immorality being subsidized by my tax dollars and that is the focus of my argument.  We all know that if you want more of something subsidize it and ever since Roe v Wade we have assisted in the murder of millions of Americans.

As a woman and the mother of two beautiful daughters I cannot even imagine how any woman can choose her own body over the life of her child, but that’s just me.  Not a day goes by that I don’t think about how many babies lives are being ended, some of them just seconds away from taking their first breath.  I have painfully watched videos of late-term abortions and I cannot even describe the horror of it.  We have people in this country crying their eyes out over the mistreatment of animals and the pain that is inflicted on them, some even advocating that animals have the same rights as humans, hiring lawyers to represent the animals and suing for damages.  Yet, they say that the unborn have no right to life, even though it has been proven that they feel the pain long before the end of the first trimester trying to find a place within the womb to avoid the intrusion that will kill them.

I believe that I as an American citizen have the right to petition my government not to use my tax dollars to subsidize what I believe to be murder.  Government should not be choosing winners and losers on this issue.  We have seen over the last week that even though Planned Parenthood is not anywhere close to being the only avenue of assistance for poor women to receive a mammogram, how the social media outcry caused the Komen foundation to reverse their decision to continue giving grants to PP.

A little research on Planned Parenthood will take you to its founder, Margaret Sanger.  She was a believer in Eugenics, the systematic snuffing out of populations she and her minions considered inferior and useless to society.  Specifically the offspring of Blacks along with other minorities, poor uneducated Whites and those who would most likely be born with mental and/or physical handicaps.  These people did not just advocate to kill unborn undesirables but believed that parents should be allowed to kill their offspring up to the age of two years should they become disabled due to accident or illness that rendered them either mentally or physically handicapped.  Cass Sunstein, one of Obama’s Czars also advocates for this getting rid of children and even the elderly due to their inability to contribute to the betterment of Society as a whole.  We see this being implemented in Obamacare through a beauracracy that will determine who will receive treatment and who will not based on how useful they will be if treated.  Controlling healthcare is the key to the fundamental transformation of our country from a Representative Republic to a Socialist Democracy going downhill from there.

The rights of ALL American citizens to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness is at stake and should concern all of us.  If we don’t stand up for the most innocent of all citizens, who will stand up for us when the time comes?  Think today about the 3000 souls who will never get the chance to prove their worth…..and then ponder when your own life might be considered worthless.

Our Creator tells us through His written Word that He knows us and loves us even before we are conceived.

Grace and Mercy to choose Life for the innocent!



  1. thedrpete

    First, We the People granted no-nil-nada-zero-zip-zilch authority to our national government to be involved in health and medicine in any way, any shape, any form. Second, We the People DID charge that national government with protecting and defending collectively our lives, our liberties, and our properties, a self-defense right each of us is endowed with from the Creator. Funding Planned Parenthood is, then, not authorized. Destroying Planned Parenthood IS authorized and required.

    Abortion is violation of the unalienable right to life, except and ONLY except in the case of self-defense by the mother of her own life. And there, and only there, she has a right to choose.

  2. Can’t express strongly enough how much I appreciate this post, FOH. I too have witnessed (on film) the horror called abortion-on-demand. It’s about as ugly and brutal as it gets, IMO. Still makes me want to throw up to this day. I have marched, been call every name in the book, flipped off more times than I could count and spat upon.

    It was necessary for those who hate our underpinnings to devalue human life. They succeeded. The Supreme Court had not business taking up Roe v. Wade and yet they went ahead a violated their own oaths of office and themselves, flipped off the Constitution.

    I won’t get into the personal aspect of all this but suffice it to say, I am angry every day about this. And yes, I believe it to be righteous anger.

    • Sorry, didn’t write all that very well. Wrote quickly and did not proof-read before posting. Egads.

    • I too am angry everyday and my heart breaks everyday and I do believe it is a righteous cause. This is and has been a cause that I have been fighting for over many years.

  3. Taking emotion and morality issues aside, you know what I find interesting about the logic?

    There was none.

    It’s odd, but when SCOTUS upheld Roe vs. Wade, the woman named Roe was in the speech circuit for a lot of organizations. Now that she has reversed her position, she is seldom given a venue from which to speak about it, and the media silences her at every turn.

    Is it coincidence that most PP clinics are in areas of higher minority concentration? I was going to type “poorest areas”, but the newest kill zone (and that’s what they are) in Houston is not in a poor side of town. It is, however, located in a predominantly “African-American” part of town. Sanger’s design is still implemented.

    The recent law here in Texas that was passed granting a woman an ultrasound and doctor’s input gives the woman more information about the child she carries. And yet PP claims it takes away the woman’s right to information.

    This isn’t about the “right to choose”. It’s about control, not the woman’s over her body, but the government’s over us. Now that they have legislated that abortion is a right, what is to stop it dfrom legislating how many kids you can have?

    I didn’t want to get into the emotional issue, since it tends to hurt so badly for me. Also, I would be writing here for days if I did!

    • I know Y! This is such a hard issue for me because I just cannot fathom how killing babies is being met with so much nonchalance. Heaven forbid that an expectant mother be given the chance to see the child she is about to kill. Sea turtle eggs are protected under law yet human babies aren’t. The African-American community has suffered the most yet they have no concept that they are actually being targeted.

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