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Was yesterday a harbinger?  Super Bowl 2008, Giants vs Patriots, Giants won and so did Obama…..I’m not superstitious but ….

There has been much evidence that both Obamas hold everything that is dear to most of us as a bunch of poppycock!  That evidence was abundantly clear in both of Obama’s books.  Did anyone actually read them or are they just impressive coffee table books?  Then there was Black Liberation theology, the gaff with Joe the Plumber and Michelle’s statement that America is a downright mean country and her little speech about how Barak would change our traditions, our language and our history.  Obama’s refusal to wear a flag pin back then but does wear it now, bowing to the Saudi king, apologizing all over the middle east for America’s, uh I’m sorry but I never really got what he apologized for?  What exactly did he mean by ‘fundamentally transforming America’?  I know and most of you know and we don’t like it but evidently the majority did back in 2008.  Do they still like it today?  There are many, many more examples of Obama’s disregard for the land of the free and the home of the brave but I won’t bore you with all of that.

Many questions run through my mind.  Is the Occupy movement really a grass-roots movement or is it being orchestrated by, you fill in the blank.  I have my own suspicion.  Will the 2012 election results be reliable?  Are Progressives running both parties?  Why did the GOP push an old, white, war hero on us in 2008?  Why are they pushing a rich, white, corporate raider, who projects all of the attributes of a used car salesman, on us today?  Is is because they likely couldn’t and can’t beat Obama and if they did/do they can be manipulated and controlled or maybe they really do have the same objectives as Obama?  If any of my questions could be answered definitively as true, would it matter?  Why is there a Communist Party in America and why didn’t their endorsement of Obama in 2008 insure his defeat.  Socialism and Communism used to be dirty words in America.  Why did Planned Parenthood defeat Komen?  Is genocide now a good thing?  Good and Evil seem to have swapped places.  Morality is passé and decency is just out of the main stream.

Why do so many Catholics, Christians, Jews and minorities sell themselves short and choose slavery to government over self governance and freedom?  Why do so many believe the lie that government is doing or even should be doing what Jesus taught that individuals should do?  Is coveting your neighbors success or possessions now a right?

I have read, heard and seen massive amounts of evidence since the campaign of 2008 that the Constitution and our very way of life are being systematically dismantled but it seems to have made little to no impression on the majority of citizens.  Does the majority really want to hear the words, “I am from the government and I am here to help you”?  Where is the evidence that government has efficiently and successfully increased anything other than dependence, debt and their own power to dictate?  Is the government of the people, by the people and for the people demanding their chains back?  Why?  Have the gifts of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness become too burdensome?

Do they both have acid reflux?



  1. Gotta’ tell you, FOH, after getting to the end of your post with the pic and Q underneath I was laughing so hard I had to take a short break and come back to comment on your posting.

    Whew … I think I can manage some type of coherent response at this point. I will only comment on your final paragraph: Your final Q is, “Have the gifts of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness become too burdensome?” BINGO. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness (property in original version I believe) are indeed too burdensome today. These noble ideals require hard work, perseverance, a concern for the next generation(s), a willingness to fail, and guts. Appears a majority of our fellow citizens lack these qualities and, as you cited, “.. people [are] demanding their chains back”.

    • Somehow our agreement on the subject at hand isn’t comforting! Best to you Mrs. AL and to all who still believe in the real American dream! Yes, it was ‘property’ at the outset, I believe…..

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