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The ‘just in case’ candidate….

Please remember that my posts are about whatever comes across my mind and are based not on specific research but more on ‘knee jerk‘ reaction to what is being put out by the media.  This morning this little tidbit crossed into my consciousness…..

I think that a lot of Americans are like me.  They don’t have the time nor the inclination to dig deep into the political process.  They know they want things to get better but only have whatever news source they are listening to or reading to base their assumptions on. Now I do read and listen to a lot of different sources and call myself a Conservative, with a big C!  However, I don’t post a lot of links to much that I have gleaned because I want to reflect how I think others who may or may not share my opinions are reacting to the news politic.

Conspiracies are running rampant in both parties.  We have become a nation of citizens who do not trust government and politicians in general, yet we keep voting for ‘our’ particular representatives.  So here is my conspiracy for the day…..

We know that Progressives inhabit the Republican party just not as openly as they do in the Democrat party.  What if, Romney was chosen to be ‘our’ candidate by Republican élite GOP Progressives in cahoots with Democrat Progressives, just in case Obama is defeated……think about it and let me know…..

Grace and Mercy on us that we don’t get duped again!



  1. FOH,

    I think you’re on to something. The DC politicians don’t want a single that to change and that includes the Republicans that love the way they pay and benies are already set up. One has to wonder why so many of the GOP establishment is pushing so hard for Romney to be our candidate. IMO; there is no way Romney can defeat Obamastalin in the general election. Romney has Romneycare and Bain Capital stuck to him like glue and he is now constantly saying stupid stuff and shooting himself in the foot. The other day he said, “He’s not worried the poor in our country.” WTH? He may think that, but why in the world would he even let those words pass by his lips? We are up for another 08′ election and Obama is very likely to win another four years, because not too many people see a difference between Romney and Obama. A lot will just sit out and not vote just like in 08′, but the slime balls will come out in droves to vote for Obama….pitiful!

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