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so it’s Super Bowl Sunday…..

I think the Giants and the Patriots are playing and I think Madonna is performing at half-time.  Since we don’t follow football it’s just not a big deal at our house.  Now if the Cowboys were in it, we might watch.  That is because back in the mid seventies when Tom Landry was the coach and, oh heck I forget who the quarterback was, my DH was a Dallas city bus driver.  During the Super Bowl, one of those years, he got to drive the team to the Cotton Bowl stadium and sit on the field with the team.  Oh yeah, just remembered, it was Roger Staubak, miss-spelled I am sure….. there was another guy who quarterbacked part of the time and it was sort of a rivalry to see who would be the star, guess that is why I don’t remember his name.

When I got up this morning a hair past 5AM I was thinking that the Super Bowl was yesterday, got my days of the week confused again.  Anyway there weren’t any headlines telling me who won, so I went to the FOX News page and there it was, ‘Romney wins Nevada Caucuses’, I knew there was something important happening yesterday, oh well.  That is when I remembered that the Super Bowl is today’s big deal.

Maybe we should get the winners of the Super Bowl to run for Congress, they at least know how to butt heads and kick butt!  As for the Super Bowl, the only reason I might check in on it is to catch a couple of those $3.5million commercials, talk about a waste.  I sure won’t be watching to see who butchers the National Anthem or watch to see how much of a wardrobe malfunction Madonna is wearing.  Y’all have fun now and I hope your team wins!

Grace and Mercy to remember the Lord on His day!



  1. Doc

    I am surrounded by Pat fans and could care less my self. I quit football after many years of being a Buffalo fan and watching screwed up calls one after another. I just gave up when Indpls got messed out of a superbowl by a very bad call and started wondering how mush the refs bet on the games. Ya never know.

    Hope your mom is doing ok. Still praying for her.

    • Thanks gunslinger, we still need the prayers. She seems to be settling in but still barely eats.

  2. FOH,

    The pic is hilarious! I won’t be watching myself seeing how my team (San Fran) got beat by the Giants. I’ll probably pop in a good movie to watch myself. I could care less about seeing the classless Madonna and what that tramp will be doing. Looks like we’re stuck with Romneylie now, so I don’t even pay attention to that stuff anymore. KY’s primary is so late that the candidate is always already picked. All I can do now is try to boot Obamastalin from his thrown in November.

    Many blessing upon your mom and your family and I pray our Lord gives you his strength, comfort and guidance through this tough adjustment period.

    • Now that really would be a super duper bowl! Thanks Dave for the kind words of encouragement!

  3. Maxine speaks for me … especially this year. The only team I was interested in really being in the SB was Green Bay (sentimental reasons). So it will be kind of boring to watch. Don’t watch half-time and the commercial craze is interesting to me given my past profession (qualitative marketing research).

    Prayers continue and you have a fine one, FOH.

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