whatever is on my mind….

oh, my head…..

When I started writing this blog, I stated that I would be opining about whatever is on my mind.  Since then my life and my mind has been invaded with so many emotions and so much that had to be done that I hardly know what is going on up there where my brain is supposed to be.  It’s like a buzz saw got in there and shredded everything…..

On a happy note, so far so good with my Mom.  She seems to like being at the nursing home and is settling in.  I have another big hurdle to jump today on the financial end of it but I think that after today, things will level out……..?

Part of my problem is that every time  I pass a mirror lately, my Mom is looking back at me.  I think that I have aged about 10 years in the last 4 months and it shows on my face.  Not liking that at all!  Guess that’s a woman thing, never thought of myself as vain but if I had the chance I think I would definitely get some work done…..LOL!  Why is it that as men age they just get more distinguished and women just get uglier????

I haven’t spent much time with my grand babies over the last few months either and I miss that.  They are growing so fast.  I don’t want them to forget me and I want to play with them and make some memories that they will keep for a lifetime, as I did with my sweet grandmother, Memaw.

My home has suffered much neglect and needs a LOT of attention.  My desk looks like a disaster area.  I have managed to keep up with the bills, ours, my Mom’s and DH’s Mom’s but that is about it.  Nothing is filed, bank statements lay staring at me, the ‘to file’ pile is mountainous.  I want to throw it all in a big trash bag and call it good, but it’s time to think about taxes…..that is another thing I would like to forget!

Right before Mom got sick, I had cleared out our guest room so that I could repaint and decorate it for the grandkids.  Got a new bed, bedding, curtains and planned to make a home away from home for them.  It is still uninhabitable.  Then there is the kitchen….well better not even go there for now.  I need to get rid of the dust and dirt, (the dust bunnies and cobs have been working overtime) the clutter and all that first.  Those wood blinds in the living room make me tired just to look at them and how did that porch get cluttered, we haven’t even been here?  Those pups have been up to no good!  I really, really wish that I could just stay home for about a week and get back into my ‘house wife’ mode…..I know my DH would like that since he has had to do all the cooking that got done and all the grocery shopping!

In addition to all that, DH and I have become painfully aware of just how much preparation we need to do for our ‘old age’.  While it is true that none of us know when we will get sick or die, we do know that the more birthdays we have, the closer we must be to those events.  Providing for those things both financially and organizationally so that our kids aren’t totally confused and overwhelmed is a daunting task and one that I really want to accomplish.  Understanding how to protect assets and all the legal mumbo jumbo that needs to be in place is complicated and not something that I don’t want to think about… makes my head hurt!

When it comes to the mess that our government is right now in addition to all the messes right here in my own life, it becomes impossible to sort out what exactly is on my mind.  The duty to stay vigilant in the current national climate is difficult.  Who knows what or whom to believe anymore?  My one little vote and my one little voice seems pitifully inadequate to have any effect on the outcome.  I won’t even go into what is happening globally on the terrorism and economic fronts……

I think all these things add up to one BIG job and I know that my one BIG God is going to handle it in His own way and time…..He has a plan even if I don’t!

Grace and Mercy to live in today, walk a straight and narrow path and go forward in confidence that He knows best…..



  1. Christie

    Mom, I saw you yesterday and you looked beautiful! I thought to myself, “Wow! I hope I age as beautifully as Mom and hold up that well under pressure!” On the preparations front, you made a very good point….When it comes to our government, who knows what’s going to happen. So, quit worrying so much about our future – just protect yours and live the best life possible. That will make us much happier than inheriting assets! I love you and I love your blog!!!

    • You make me so happy! I love you more and more every day and when I think my heart is as full as it can be I find that I love you even more!

    • Beth

      Christie couldn’t have said it better! You are beautiful Meme!

      PS Quit worrying so much! Worry Wart.

      • Move over sweetie! I need to move into Beth Land!

    • Excellent advice, Christie. And I will echo that advice, FOH.

      • she is a very smart woman!

  2. Beth … you keep reminding her not to worry so much. I know you have much more influence than a nameless, faceless blogger such as myself.

  3. FOH,

    I’m so glad to hear that your mom sounds very well adjusted to living in a nursing home. I’m sure that was very fearful for you not knowing how she would react. You put first what had to come first and other things do tend to pile up during those periods, but your outlook is perfect. If you don’t know how to get er’ done yet, our Lord does and he will guide you. I’m very happy to read that your life sounds like it is starting to get back to your normal routine. Your mom and you will continue to be in my prayers. God bless…

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