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A new day….

During the eight nights I spent at Mom’s I made my bed on her couch so that I could hear her and see her bedroom door.  The longest interval between her calls for help was about 4 hours but on average was more like 2 hours.

We spent the day Sunday getting ready for Mom’s move to the nursing home.  Everything that we planned to take for her had to be marked with her name.  By the time I lay down on the couch Sunday night everything was packed and ready to go for Monday morning.

I had a weird feeling all day that things were not going to go as planned and sure enough around 1AM monday morning I heard Mom get up and watched as she made her way to the bathroom and thought how good she was doing and how much she had improved in the week that I had been there.  Then I heard her say “Help!”  I jumped up and rushed in to find her seated and it seemed as though she was having some sort of seizure.  I couldn’t break her grip on the towel bar next to her and her eyes seemed glazed and she just stared ahead and wasn’t responding to my pleas to let me help her to the floor.  It took me several minutes (but seemed like hours) to get her safely to the floor so that I could get the phone and call 911.  As I spoke to the 911 operator my voice shook and my head was spinning and I was asked to stay on the line until a deputy could get to the house.  As I waited I got my pillow from the couch to put under Mom’s head and just kept talking to her.  She never lost consciousness but was rigid and I couldn’t move her to a better spot.  After what seemed an eternity the EMTs arrived and began assessing her condition.  They determined that she had probably had a valsalva episode (sound familiar), blood pressure bottomed out, nausea, ears ringing, plus barely there.  The EMTs advised transporting her to the hospital 80 miles away due to Mom’s heart history and her overall weakened condition.

So at 2AM as the EMTs loaded Mom in the  I called DH to come to town and go with me to the hospital.  Long story short, the doctors couldn’t determine exactly what happened and she was released.  The nursing home provided transportation back home (to the nursing home) and Mom spent her first night there.

Today we start down a new path of this journey.  We have only today, the past is over, and the future hasn’t come and we are going forward in the faith that God will provide whatever in needed.

Grace and Mercy to face each new day in the confidence that God always provides!



  1. Ann Thrasher

    Keeping you and Aunt Odell in prayer! Love to you!

  2. God kept you strong to deal with such a fright, FOH. I pray for y’all, and for your mom as she begins her transition to the new home.

  3. dena brown

    So sad this is happening to you and Aunt Odell. It brings back lots of memories with Mom. It is only because of God’s grace, mercy, strength and love that we survived on a day to day basis. I know how you feel. I’ll definitely be keeping you both in my prayers. Send her new address, please. Love and prayers. Dena B

    • Thank you Dena. I am having her mail sent to me and I will send the address to you in an email.

  4. Gotta’ say I was praising the Lord you were there for your Mom, FOH! It must have been scary beyond belief. I am also heartened to hear she is in an environment where she will be monitored.

    So despite your heartache and your Mom’s situation I kind of took this post as most positive.

    Prayers won’t cease.

  5. Blessings for you and your family as you transition to this new chapter….

  6. Jan

    I have walked in your shoes, so I pray for peace for you and your mom. We must repeal the abomination that is obamacare, or there will be a very different response to people like your mom in the future. Godspeed.

    • Bless you, this walk isn’t easy. When my time comes I pray that my loved ones will be the ones making the decisions but if obamacare isn’t repealed that won’t happen….

      • Jan

        So true. I heard a call on Mark Levin’s show from a brain surgeon who had just returned from a meeting with other doctors to discuss how to get rid of this horror. He said they were made aware that if this law stands, they will not have a choice as to whether or how to treat patients. If patients are 70 or over and have a brain event, they will not be treated but will be shunted off to hospice. Even though we have great success with rehab in elderly patients who have strokes, that won’t matter. He also said that the pencil pushers (who, as he pointed out, cannot even MAKE a pencil) in the gov’mint will decide which INSTRUMENTS he can use in his surgeries. Please make everyone you know aware of what’s coming. The MSM will NEVER tell you these facts. It is beyond frightening, and a disgrace to our country.

      • I have been sounding the warning for a long time, most people look at me like I have two heads……they don’t believe this can happen in America

      • Jan

        There are none so blind as those who will not see. I am so sad for America.I know we will keep trying to fight this uphill battle!
        But right now, I am going to forget all that and take care of my grandson for the day. If anything makes me smile in this world, it is this boy!
        Have a wonderful day all, my own computer is gone to Repairville so I am using my husband’s sporadically, when I can wrestle it away from him. 😉 So if I seem less present than usual, that is why. Counting the days until my trusty red Dell reappears.

      • Our granddaughter age 3 spent the night, today is going to be a fun day! Nothing cheers me up like my grand babies!

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