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Barack Obama will win re-election.


Because 1/2 of American adults pay NO taxes and in fact a large portion of them get money back for not making enough to pay taxes…..

And just what will they do with that refund of tax dollars that they didn’t pay?  Start an IRA, pay past due car payments or utility bills, or stock the pantry.  None of the above.


Because there is no incentive to do any of those things.  They will go buy a flat screen TV or treat themselves with something to reward themselves for being poor and look forward to tax time next year….they see no FREE in Free Enterprise.


Because 535 people we elect plus all their stooges (bureaucrats) in DC want it that way.  Hopelessness insures re-election.  Many generations have been conditioned and know that it takes money to make money and they don’t have any.  That conditioning has included being excused and subsidized for making bad decisions, for growing up in a bad environment, and for pure laziness as well as any other excuse that can be imagined.

A lot of people, including people who have worked hard all their lives, have fallen into the government trap and see no way out.  So they seize the day and take all they can get while the ‘getting’ is good, with no thought of tomorrow.

We are at the crossroad and people are going to do what they are conditioned to do, take the path of least resistance and HOPE that things will CHANGE if they just stay the course.  People who were born into the bottom of a hole don’t know that they are digging themselves deeper because they have never seen anything else and that ladder that government offers is missing the lower rungs, on purpose I might add.

The Republican Party preaches to their choir and doesn’t understand that their message just doesn’t resonate with folks who have never felt the satisfaction of self-reliance and believe that the Democrats are their best chance to survive.

Then there is another dirty little secret.  For folks that have somehow managed to live by pulling themselves up by their own bootstraps, being self-reliant and living just well enough to be satisfied and happy, then hit a brick wall, like some illness that sucks the life out of their ability to be self-reliant will choose to live as a slave rather than suffer the consequences and die.  Death is a hard punishment for not understanding that government has systematically been setting traps designed to look benevolent and helpful but that insure falling into the hole.  A good example of this is my Mom.  She worked 35 years for the phone company and retired at age 65 with a small pension.  She is 82 now and can no longer live alone.  Her social security and her pension are not enough to pay privately for nursing home care.  She doesn’t qualify for any assistance because her income is $300 too much to get any help.  I am now living with her and DH and I are in limbo, putting our lives on hold because we can’t afford to make up her lack of income to pay privately for her care.  It is a maddening situation for all concerned.

Government is responsible for driving up the price of healthcare, energy, food and everything else necessary to live, yet we keep giving them permission to do it.  Insane but true.  If I weren’t too tired to be creative this morning I could write a parody for that Elvis song ‘Suspicious Minds’, leaving in the line ‘caught in a trap, can’t walk out’.  Can you tell that I am just a tad frustrated, maybe the sun will come out tomorrow, at any rate, I won’t be voting Democrat!

Grace and Mercy to swallow the medicine……



  1. Wow … very well written, foh. Placing ideals in the context of personal experience is always a plus. Too bad that you and the others who visit here aren’t in a position to really affect change in this country.

    Hang in there … let your Mom know there are a bunch of us out here praying.

    Oh, one more thing … relative to your comments regarding “free enterprise,” those who live off the hard earned taxes of others w/o attempting to better themselves probably only see the word “free.” Doesn’t matter what follows. Free is free as long as it means they get something. FreeDOM does not seem to be in their vocabulary — probably too many syllables, eh?

    • LOL, too many syllables is right! As always thanks for the prayers!

  2. FOH,

    Good piece! I agree on all points. I’ve never voted for a dumbocrat and never will. With that said; I think there are also some old blood Republicans that have gotten a bit to comfy in Derelict City and need to be kicked out along with Dumbocrats and replaced with some new blood Republicans. I’m mighty proud KY put Rand Paul in the Senate.

    Continued prayers for your mom and you.

  3. FOH

  4. FOH,

    I hit the send button before my comment. Sorry.

    I send my continued prayers for you and your Mom. I know the situation you are in and it is a hard one. Can you bring your Mom to live at your house instead? One time my Mom needed care and I had to take care of her after a bad surgery. She wanted me at her house and I told her she had to come stay with me and my family because there was no way I could do both running back and forth. She caved in.

    On the 50% or whatever figure is used saying these people pay no taxes which I’ve heard people say on TV, I don’t quite understand that figure.

    As a single woman while working no matter how little my salary was I had to pay taxes. If I got back a refund, it in no way matched what I paid in taxes. Sat for example, just hypothetically I paid $1000 in taxes. If I got a refund it may amount to $60 or something like that which means I still paid $940 in taxes.

    So, I have to wonder who these people are who pay no taxes. This is not an argument with you FOH, but with these statistics given out to us all. I can’t believe them, not when I look at my own experience as a single working female.

    Later in my life when I had the best paying job of my life and was nowhere near the 6 figure salaries, i paid almost 50% of my salary in taxes. That included my federal, FICA, local, state, other local taxes such as for mental health and any number of taxes taken out of my check. It was humongous. So when I got my check I got a bit over 50% of what I actually made.

    So who are these people who pay no taxes. That is a question the Hawk and I keep asking one another. We don’t get this.

    So for example, if there is a single mother with 5 children who gets an earned income tax credit then perhaps those are the ones that fall into this group. Still i can’t see half the country falling into that group. Besides that, this same mother has to pay taxes on gas, food, clothing, her car, whatever else she buys. So in effect she still pays some sort of taxes that go into the general fund. And there are so many hidden taxes in what we use or buy we would fall into our grave if we actually knew the number or percentage of those taxes.

    As far as people wanting to stay on unemployment and food stamps, there may be a group of people who want that. But, from my experience, the worst and most awful thing that could happen to me was losing my job.

    My x husband was unemployed for a year during the Jimmy Carter years and he was so demoralized and humiliated he barely could accept the unemployment he and his employer paid into the government fund. He pounded the side walk every day actually begging for a job but to no avail. He became utterly depressed and despondent. Also we were eligible for food stamps and my son to have free food at school, but we would not accept either. We felt too humiliated. So we cut and tightened our belts as much as we could. We lived off of peanut butter, cheese, and hamburger for a year. (hamburger was cheap back then).

    So I don’t see all these people who don’t have jobs wanting to stay on the government dole. It does not pay what a real job pays for one thing. Unemployment is a lot less than one gets on a paycheck. Plus the bennies you don’t have on unemployment. The loss of your health insurance you pay at work in your group for example, your dental insurance, and other types of benefits you get on a job.

    So i guess this just perplexes me when I hear 46 to 50% of people who don’t pay federal income taxes because even when I made 65 cents on my first job as a teenager I paid taxes. They may not have been a huge amount but I also had no recourse to get anything back because I had no deductibles. I think one year I received $9 back out of my federal tax overpayment as they call it But by no means did I get all the federal income taxes I paid back.

    Sorry about the length of this comment but some of these statistics baffle me.

    • you know what Mark Twain said about statistics…..I don’t know pepp but I see a lot of folks who think that is their best option and a lot of other folks driving newer cars than me using their food stamps at the store. I am just PO’d because I can’t walk out of the mess!

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