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We have another McCain….

Newt, Rick and Rick are splitting the conservative vote, someone needs to take one for the team but I don’t see that happening in time to have just one ‘not Romney’ candidate and Romney will win by default.  Then there’s Paul who will I think run on the Libertarian ticket.  His supporters are demanding it and it looks like they will never vote for anyone else, effectively electing BHO by splitting the conservative vote.  If my assumptions play out, the only hope we will have is if we win a super majority in both houses of Congress.  Nothing would make me happier than to be wrong…..

This scenario may be the least of our worries though.  There is a perfect storm brewing and the October surprise could be multifaceted.  We may see anarchy in the streets with the Occupy movement, BHO could do something stupid like bombing Iran‘s nuclear facilities after gutting the military rendering our homeland and Israel like sitting ducks, leaving BHO the opportunity to declare Marshall Law and putting elections ‘on hold’ indefinitely.  The dollar could be replaced as the preferred world currency, or it could be that the election will be so fraudulent that it is stolen because we are just too dumb, ala Newsweek, to realize how wonderful BHO is and we must be protected from our own ignorance.

When I consider the assault on States by the DOJ, EPA, the Fed, Dept. of Treasury, Homeland Security, the CZARS, and the media then add to that the threats form the Middle East, China, North Korea and Russia I just have to wonder who will land the final blow first…..

While I am worrying …..  how likely is it that the Romney campaign is being supported by left wingers to make sure he is our nominee?  I am just full of conspiracies today and I really hate it!  My level of trust of government is at zero!!!!

After yesterday’s announcement that the Keystone pipeline will not be approved there should be a public outcry like never before.  This is proof that BHO and this administration are Public Enemy #1!

Grace and Peace to me and to you to return to our God, for our families and our Country and for future generations.



  1. thedrpete

    It, FOH, takes more than 1200 delegates at the Republican Convention in August to become the nominee. So far Romney is leading by single digits and with just over 1% of the delegates having been selected. The conventional wisdom that it’s over is akin to identifying the baseball World Series teams in April. There’s a reason we actually play the games.

    I also must question, FOH, your assertion about a Republican congressional super-majority in the scenario wherein Barack Obama is re-elected. What had been evolving, and what has been sped up geometrically during the Obama years is the de-fanging of congress along with the rapid growth of regulatory bureaucracies. President Obama is bypassing congress, rendering the constitutional separation of and balance of powers null.

    If even the Supremes stepped in, I guarantee that Obama would pull an FDR, and threaten to stack the Court.

    • I agree with you on all points dr pete. There SHOULD be no reason to assume Romney gets the nod but that is not what is being portrayed to the public via the media and most people just hear a few sound bites and read a few headlines and assume what they are being fed is true and vote accordingly. I wrote this post mainly out of my own frustration and a feeling that the train has left the station on the wrong track and is barreling forward at warp speed. Will the impending collision jolt us back on the right track or permanently derail us?

  2. Conspiracies require the coordinate effort of one or more individuals/institutions. From here in the cheap seats, I don’t think you are that far off. Question is — why would the leftists want Romney as the nominee? Again I may be waaaayyyyyy off base (and I am sure some will tell me I am), but my gut instincts tell me that Romney is an almost ideal candidate against which the current Resident can continue to play the class warfare game. The departure of Herman Cain, IMO, is perhaps the reason we are where we are.

    • My gut is causing me much discomfort……my head is spinning and IMHO I see no true patriots in the bunch……

      • I an relate to the gut discomfort. Oh and btw, the leftist/liberal/progessive/ etc etc types are counting on our heads spinning. Keeps us off guard and trying to put out the small and less destructive fires while the BIG FIRES just keeps destroying our republic. How’s that for some off the wall philosophy?

      • same as mine!

      • P.S. sorry for the typos. It’s cold here and the fingers are stiff – hehe

  3. thedrpete

    Rick Perry will announce departure from the race today. In effect, FOH, that will leave the un-Romney field as Gingrich and Santorem. Paul is a whole other kettle of fish.

  4. thedrpete

    Moving on to Florida, a huge question will be whether Gingrich and, particularly, Santorem can garner huge influxes of campaign cash. Florida — even more than South Carolina — is no longer “retail” politics; it’s tv ad buys in the many major markets.

    • I have heard a few speculations that there will be a brokered convention but I really don’t think that will happen and not sure it would be a good thing if it did.

  5. For what it’s worth, ya’ll … while Romney may be the nominee I think the whole thing boils down to who he puts on the ticket as VP. Crucial decision. Maybe someone in Romney’s campaign as a modicum of wisdom.

    • maybe but it didn’t help McCain and I think Romney’s ego is too big to pick someone more conservative than he is….just MHO 🙂

  6. FOH,

    I see much doom and gloom, if Obamastalin gets re-elected; even if we take over the Senate and maintain the House. Obamastalin uses EO’s and the UN to get around congress like I drive my car to avoid pot holes. He must go. I believe that no later than right after the SC primary that Perry will drop out. Paul has publicly stated he will not run on a third party ticket and I’m willing to take his word. Newt is starting to wear Romney out and Newts numbers just took a big jump and Romney’s didn’t move. I believe we will see this continue as the other primaries go along. Everyone now knows that Romney pays 15% in taxes and in this economy that is not going to sit well with a lot of people. I think the liberal the state, the better chance Romney has of winning it. The more conservative will start falling in Newt’s pocket. That is my humble opinion.

    • Just listened to Perry announce that he is suspending his campaign and endorsed Newt. Ron Paul supporters are pushing him to run outside the party and from what I read online the majority of them will just write him in even if he doesn’t. Only time will tell….

      • IMHO: That shows Paul’s followers do not recognize the overall battle that must be won by doing all they can to assist in kicking Obamastalin out of our WH. Very short sighted thinking…

      • Dave, you may be spot-on about Paul and his constituency. Me, I am more inclined to believe that like all politicians, Paul wants his day in the sun as it were. May be cynical of me, but I don’t see any evidence that he is wanting to join forces and work with many others to get this listing ship put aright. Maybe I am wrong. Time will tell.

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