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The story challenge….

My friend and blogger, Sithy Things, has challenged her readers to write a story and since I am fictionally challenged at best, I am submitting the writing of another friend and blogger,  pepperhawkfarm, because she has such an amazing imagination and ability to put her thoughts into story form.  Take the challenge and enjoy reading their blogs, links below!




  1. FH,

    Pepp is truly amazing!

  2. Pepp reminds me to Russia in 1918.

  3. privbullright


    Good suggestion. What a compliment. But com’on you have some real talent telling a story too.

    • Thanks per, like you said, what a compliment!

      • privbullright

        Writing is a great reliever.(but you knew that…) And if nothing else it helps ya keep score. Maybe your flare is more non-fic but still, these days ficion is becoming reality anyway. It just arrives early. I don’t even think of Pepp’s story as fiction, it feels more prophetic to me.

      • You are right, Pepps Acorn story is prophetic….

  4. FOH,

    Oh my gosh. You have flattered me immensely. Thx so much for your compliment to me.
    I’m not so sure I live up to that, but I’m very pleased.

    I have to check out this Isande8 who thinks I’m from Russia in 1918. LOL! I wonder why he/she said that. Intriguing.

    Also I agree with the Bull, you write some darn good stuff yourself. You have lots of good stories you write. Don’t sell yourself short.

    • Hey pepper your Acorn series is pretty amazing stuff! I don’t know Isande8 but I think they might have meant that it reminds him/her of Russia 1918, just guessing though.

  5. Not fair, foh … submit your own story. You have a gift for putting together word pictures. Yes, Pepp is fantastic. However comma so are you.

    • me, blushing….maybe after we get passed Mom’s ordeal I will be able to think better. Ya just never know though, what might set me to thinking. It usually happens in the wee hours of the morning and then it just pours out…..

  6. Oh, you can write well!! You should do a little one, like I did!

    And thanks so much for linking over to me 🙂

    Going over to Pep’s!

    • Thanks, Thanks and Enjoy your trip over to Pep’s!

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