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Hello Mac!

Finally did it!  I have been shopping for months for a new computer to replace an ancient Dell PC (2005) model.  I also have a Dell Laptop (2007) model that is on the fritz.  I’m not sure how many computers I have had but had always liked Dell, until I began shopping for a new one.  Unfortunately, I purchased a new Dell printer last Fall, which I found out is made by Lexmark and Dell just sticks their logo on it.  It isn’t compatible with my new MacBook Pro, but after hours online with Dell and being transferred to four different experts none of whom spoke the English language fluently I finally told them to forget it.

I had looked at the Mac’s many times and drooled but just couldn’t commit to spending more than for a PC.  Today’s PC’s are loaded up with stuff like trial offers for everything imaginable and even if you don’t want it you better not try to remove it because it causes other stuff (you can tell I am a geek by now, LOL) not to work.

Just to satisfy my suspicion that I shouldn’t contaminate my Mac with anything Dell (printer) I called 1-800-My Apple and wallah, a person from Kansas was speaking to me in my own language!  He went to the Dell website and did a little research and found out that none of Dell’s printer drivers are compatible with the Mac Lion OS.  After that was settled he went on to give me a short lesson on syncing my iPhone.  Using a Mac just means I have to stop thinking like a PC which means a more straight forward approach to everything you do on it, like not having to save every little change you make because once you make a change that’s all you do.  I visited with this nice fella for over an hour and it didn’t cost my a dime!

Forgot to mention that my Mac is refurbished and came with the same warranty as a new one and saved me a lot of cash and it was less expensive than the Dell I almost bought!  I love to save money especially when what I got really is a bargain!  I have a lot of old habits to break and a lot of new things to learn but so far I am very happy with my decision.

This is my first post from my Mac!

Grace and Peace to keep on keeping on!



  1. Hubby loves his MacBook Pro. It takes a bit of getting used to, but in the end, he likes it more than Windows.

    I still have a 2005 Sony Vaio laptop, which I configured to Linux Ubuntu, and love it. When it finally dies, I will probably stick with Vaio, and upload Linux to it. I’m addicted 😀

    • I always say if it aint broke don’t fix it!

  2. FH,

    LOL; I don’t speak the native tongue of India either and that’s why I always chat online with Dell CS. Now I personally love Dell computer’s and have had a lot of luck with them. But, I don’t drop the big dime buying Dell computer’s that are already assembled and sold ready to go. I go straight to and I configure my own computers and save a ton on money as oppose to buying a Dell computer from lets say Best Buy that isn’t nearly as good as the one I configured. Dell PC’s is the only PC in my life; and I’m referring to being Political Correct. 😀

    • I get the PC part Dave, LOL! I always bought my Dell’s the way you do directly from Dell. I loved them when I first started but as time went by I was less and less satisfied with the already loaded stuff even when I configured them myself as well as the expense of stuff I really did want. We shall see how this goes…..

      • FH,

        Please keep me posted (on any article you put up) how you like your Mac. My Dell is about 12 years old now and I’ve replaced everything over time except mother board and process. So I’m still dark ages on my processor and I’ll be needing to replace this puppy soon…damn it! Can’t afford this right now!

      • Will do Dave, I know what you mean about the money! My DH told me that this one batter last for a loooonnnnnggggg time, LOL!

  3. FOH,

    Having worked in Information Technology for years, I worked on every possible brand of computer you can think of. I do not like Dell computers. If you could see the inside of them they are very cheaply made. All techs hate Dell computers along with Gateway if they still exist. Both were so cheaply made with very bad materials on the inside.

    Your choice of Apple is a very good one. Apples are great and made well. Also they are very user friendly.

    As an IT person however, they do cause us techs a lot of problems when we have to fix one of them. But, other than that they are great computers and congratulations for a very good pick.

    • So far so good! I just have to learn to think like a Mac, not a PC, LOL….

  4. IMO, Macs are the best. My first computer experience was with Mac through my employer. When I was “forced” into going to the PC route, it was torture. Given your experience with the refurbished model and warranty … I am going to investigate this with my husband person. I would like to use a Mac again. Thanx for posting this!

    • Mrs. AL, I just went to, clicked on ‘Store’, then scrolled down the page til I saw link to refurbished Macs, clicked then put in what I wanted and chose from what was there. So far I am loving it and it looks and feels absolutely brand spanking new!

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