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I am definitely a Tebow fan.   I first heard about him through the pro-life ad he did a year or so ago.  His Mom was advised that she should abort her pregnancy because of complications that could put her life at risk.  Obviously she chose not to, also obvious is that Tim was raised with good moral and spiritual values.  I have a great-grandson and there aren’t a lot of good roll models for youngsters today among the famous.  Thankfully he has wonderful parents that will raise him with strong moral, spiritual and ethical values but it doesn’t hurt to have a football player who isn’t out trying to see how much trouble they can get into or see how many people they can offend with foul language and shocking behavior.

I will definitely be watching this young man and praying for him as he continues praising God for his blessings.  Most folks don’t see that he praises God all the time and understands that all things work to the good of those who love the Lord.  Whether the Broncos go on to win the Superbowl or not Tebow will still be Tebowing.  The media and pundits will have a hay day either way…..but they would love to see Tebow loose.  What they don’t understand is that Tebow wins either way.

Grace and Peace to live true to your faith….




  1. thedrpete

    He passed for 316 yards yesterday against the Steelers. That’s right, 3-16.

  2. I know, I heard that! Amazing….I wasn’t watching the game but think I will be catching the next one. 🙂

  3. There is no mountain high enough we cannot climb with the help of our Lord and no hill so small that we can walk over without the help of our Lord.

  4. willibeaux

    Amen Dave!

  5. FOH,

    I love this guy. What an inspiration he is and I hope the younger people who look up to these sports figures take a long, hard look at this guy and his achievements. I love that he does not shrink from all the arrows and shots made at him in regard to his Christianity. He is a real hero in my mind.

    • too bad there aren’t more like him…

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