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DavetheRave asked me why no Corvette‘s were in my post, Where have all the old cars gone?, so I decided to tell the story of our little GTO.  It had 3 deuces and a 4 speed and a 389, just like in the song.  We traded in our 1961 Chevy Impala, 4 door sedan (ugly brown car) on our first wedding anniversary for this sweet little GTO, it was gun-metal blue and it was our first foray into debt…..when we got up the following morning we both went to the window and looked out at the driveway, hoping that we had not done what we did.  Sure enough there it sat in our driveway.

Little GTO

About a 6 weeks later we found out that our first child was on the way, I think it had something to do with that little GTO…….

We decided that with a baby on the way and having a car payment we would move to Big D so that DH (dear husband) could find a better job.  He got hired at Texas Instruments right away and we got a little apartment and I incubated the little bun in the oven.  As my belly grew it became more difficult for me to drive because the seat had to be so far back to accommodate the bun that I couldn’t hold the clutch down long enough to shift gears smoothly.  So DH taught me how to double clutch…..more on this later.

DH and his Supervisor were on the night shift and rode to work together and one morning after working their shift went out to the parking lot which was gated and had high security to find that our little GTO was not there.  The guard on duty said that he saw a car matching that description leave the parking lot sometime during the wee hours of the night.  The police were called to report our as stolen.  A few days later we got a call from Big D police that our little GTO was in their impound lot, with instructions on how to pick it up.  The cop at the police impound told DH that it had been found abandoned behind the pink wall, an area known as Turtle Creek.   This is where President Bush now resides, but I digress.  DH also was told that police had chased it all over Big D the night it was stolen but never could catch it.  Our new tires had no tread left on them, the positive track rear end was shot and the interior was trashed with spilled drinks and food and the distinct aroma of weed.  My DH’s new glasses were missing but they did leave all my ‘green stamps’ in the glove box.

We got little GTO repaired.   I gave birth to our little baby girl.  We had enough of Big D by this time and moved back home to farm.  Little GTO still ran like lightning but drank oil and gas like crazy after it was repaired.  There was now a car seat in the back for our DD (dear daughter) and the drive to town was down a long cleche road with some areas of deep sand and a lot of rattle snakes.  This is where the double clutching maneuver came in handy.  Every time I saw one in the road I would stop, back up and then pull up to the snake, double clutch it and squall the tires and made some fresh road kill for the varmints.  I loved that car….

Alas though, we couldn’t afford to completely overhaul the engine so we traded it in on a red 1966 Chevy Impala 2 door SS.  I liked it too but nothing was ever as sweet as our little GTO.   Since we are into restoring old cars maybe one day we will find one and relive some great memories.  We might even see if we can find an old Corvette to bring back to life one day but I don’t think anything could replace that little GTO as my favorite car ever!

Grace and Peace to all to look fondly on the past and face the future in faith…..



  1. FOH,

    Nice little story about a piece of your life. My husband is also a great Corvette fan and he wishes to this day he never got rid of his. But, that was many years ago.

    My favorite was my X’s 57 Chevy. I can’t say I have any favorites myself. All I cared about was having any car just so I could get out and away. 🙂

  2. Not a big car person myself, but I sure did enjoy the story!

  3. willibeaux

    FW & Mrs. Pepper’awk! Here is a tale about corvettes. Boulder CO has a large community of ‘ippies and transients. One day one of the ‘ippies took off on his bicycle heading East on Interstate 70. This was the typical Boulder ‘ippie, long straggly black hair and unkempt beard. As he was peddling along his merry way a corvette pulls up along side of him. The British driver asks the ‘ippie “where you ‘eading?” ‘ippie replies “Kansas”.

    Driver says “would you like a lift?” ‘ippie says yes, but ‘ow are we going to get my wheels in your car?” Driver replies”good question”!

    Driver says “I ‘ave a rope; we’ll tie it to your wheels and I’ll tow you”. “‘ere is a ‘orn”. Blow it if I’m driving too fast.”

    They take off down the road at a reasonable pace. All’s well so far. Out of nowhere comes another corvette which pulls up along side of the British driver. He yells “wanna race”? “Yeah lets do it.”

    The corvettes take off down the road flying low. They pass a State ‘ighway Patrol vehicle. The trooper radios ahead to ‘is buddy down the road and says “Willibeaux you ain’t gonna believe this. Two corvettes racing just passed me doing 80.” Well says Willibeaux “what’s so unusual about that”? The first trooper says “there is an old man with white hair and a long white beard on a bicycle blowing ‘is ‘orn for them to move over so that ‘e can pass.”

    ‘ooRah! 😉

    • willibeaux, you are a hoot!!!! LOL! Thanks for the laugh with my first cup of coffee at 5:13 AM!

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