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Where have all the old cars gone…..

1949 Flathead FordThese are just some of the cars we have owned over the years…..not pics of the actual cars we owned but you get the idea.  Wish we had them all now…….would make a pretty good little nest egg!  We currently have a 1956 Chevy Stepside pickup to restore, along with 1951 Chevy pickup and a 1969 Chevy pickup.  We both love old cars and trucks from back in the days when you could distinguish one make and model from another.  Most of them today look alike and are ugly……

They used to write songs about cars, when cars had some romance…..



  1. thedrpete

    That was all before my time, FOH.

    • Really?

      • thedrpete

        Umm, no, not really. So I lied.

      • 🙂

  2. Technically before my time, too. However, living in PR I used to see them everywhere, since most people couldn’t afford new cars in my hometown.

    Hubby wants a 1968 Camaro. I want a 1955 silver Thunderbird. He tells me his car is cooler, and I tell him about the Mark Cohn song, if God drove a car, it would be a silver Thunderbird. He shuts up after that 😀

    • Well they aren’t before my time and I heart 1955 Thunderbirds, especially white ones!

  3. FOH,

    Nice trip down memory lane. My X husband had a 57 Chevy that was so cool in 1966, but he blew the engine up. Years later he had so much remorse for not keeping that car and replacing the engine since it would be valuable. Oh, well, such is life.

    Uh, yeah, most of this was before my time too. 🙂

  4. guess it would be pointless to claim anything is before my time 🙂 We used to look forward to the fall of the year when the new car models were unveiled, not that way anymore….

  5. FOH,

    Some are before my time and some aren’t…LOL. Those are some sweet pics for sure, but I must ask where in the world is a pic of either the 57 or 58 corvette? When I was a youngin all the boys wanted a vett…

    I finally got me one in 1996 and it done run like a jet, but I’d traded it in along with my left arm for a 57 or 58. (-:

  6. thedrpete

    My first car was a 1950 gun-gray Pontiac.

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