whatever is on my mind….

and neither does Moochelle…..

Michelle Obama Jokes: “I Kind Of Like” Being Called “Your Excellency”.

The Constitution is just so yesterday.



  1. FOH,

    Nothing this woman could do anymore could make her look like she is just pure trash that just happened to win the lottery. I thought how bad we almost were getting stuck with John Kerry’s wife for a first lady…I never imagined it could get worse than that, but boy was I wrong. Thanks goodness my son is now 20 and not a youngin anymore, because I’d put parental controls on Nickelodeon and that TV station would never use up any of my TV screen!

  2. Just think about how many little brains were turned to mush with Sesame Street. Today’s kids shows are even worse.

  3. FOH,

    So the First Sistathug likes being called a Queen eh? Her husband has made himself King and now she believes herself to be the Queen.

    They belong on the trash heap of history to be remembered as the worst pair ever to be in the WH topping Jimmy Carter.

    I cannot wait to see them GONE!

  4. thedrpete

    Just ponder for a moment how absolutely pathetic as women the Obama daughters will be, even bottoming Chelsea Clinton. Bo may know better, and be just playin’ along.

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