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you can take the girl out of the country but…

you can’t take the country out of the girl.  I am a country girl so I should know, right?  My point is that each and every human being on the planet is an individual because that is how we were designed at creation.  When push comes to shove we will all instinctively respond by protecting the people and things that are important to us as individuals.

I bring this up because I watch too much political debate and read too many news stories.  It does not matter which side of any given issue is being debated, left or right, Democrat or Republican, they all vehemently defend their side of the issue being argued.  I find that those who defend socialism are just as individualistic as those defending capitalism.  Socialists will defend to the death what they see as their individual right to benefit from the labor of someone else and have government pick winners and losers, while capitalists do the same to defend their right to keep what they have earned and decide to whom or what cause they want to share with.

The two ideologies are diametrically opposed.  There is no area for compromise.  The thing the Socialist never understands is that individuals will ultimately cut their losses, even the Socialist, as a means of protecting themselves and the things they have.  There is no reason to go out and work your butt off or risk what you earn to grow more successful, if at the end of the day you have no choice but to hand it over to be distributed to people or causes that you don’t agree with.  Charity begins at home, from the heart of the giver.  Government has no heart and does not recognize the heart of any individual.  The shared courtyard will never be swept…..

Over and over I see big government Socialists demand the rich pay their fair share.  The 1% already pay upwards of 70% of all the revenue government gets from the taxpayer.  So how much is fair?  These same people are in that top 1% and they got there because they or their parents/grandparents, etc., participated in the only system ever that allows the poorest of the poor to become rich, Capitalism.  Why then would they deny others that same opportunity?  The answer is power.  The power to limit participation in the only system that works, protecting their own ability to grow even more wealthy by reducing the number of players and at the same time convince people that they cannot make it on their own.  It is a very sad to watch man’s inhumanity to man and to see how many more people are willing to enslave themselves for the crumbs that fall from the table of the Socialist Progressive elites.

I thought how ironic it was to read that people attending a lecture being given by Eric Holder on the unfairness of requiring a voter ID had to show their ID to get into hear him.  I have lost confidence in the electoral process.  We are being duped left and right.

This week Obama is asking for the debt ceiling to be raised another $1.2TRILLION and unless Congress rejects it by January 14th it will automatically happen.  Congress will still be out of town on January 14th…….some in Congress are calling for the elimination of the debt ceiling altogether?

There are so many battles being waged against the American people that it boggles my mind, but what is even more disturbing is that way too many of us don’t even know it.  Why?….because we are busy being individuals, trying to watch out for our own best interest and that of our families while that very ability is being systematically taken out of our hands.

Too big to fail, we are all familiar with that phrase by now.  Consider this, when the USA can no longer service even the interest on its debt like Greece or Italy who will bail us out?

Grace and Peace to look past this post and live as we were created another day!



  1. thedrpete

    If men were angels, there would be no need for government. If government were populated with angels, there would be no need for either external or internal constraints on it. Most men are NOT angels.

    Government must, therefore, be constrained internally by the Constitution, as written, original meaning, and externally by us, We the People. Let’s roll.

    • Hoping there are enough of us willing to ‘Roll’, that takes community organization on our part and historically our side isn’t very adept at that, as it goes against the grain.

  2. FOH,

    With the usurper “requesting” another 1.2 trillion dollars we are most certainly are going to be too big to bail out. The gangsta government could take every penny from the so-called rich and not put a dent into the debt.

    While he is up to this, I hear the socialists keep saying the “economy” is getting better. But for whom? Not us. We are having to pay for the inflation of everything on the market making our few dollars so much less than what we could buy 4 years ago.

    It frightens me that I hear so few people actually know what is going on. I cringe every time I hear that BHO is “incompetent”. He is destroying us on purpose, it’s the communist way. But, there are those who wish to keep in the good graces of the proletariat group in the hopes they will be able to share in their fortunes while the rest of us become slaves.

    I’m at the point where I am almost hopeless as I hear our fellow countrymen speak about taking from the rich to give to someone else. It was unheard of in my day and never even spoken about. People from my parents generation, theirs before them, and my generation did not expect a handout. When things were tough, we did without.

    What some people do not understand that communism never works. They need to do some reading in history.

    • willibeaux

      Mrs. Pepper’awk! Next time you are outside and the wind is blowing hard from the East, start sniffing real hard. You will get a whiff of the funny cigarette smoke emanating from 1600 PA Ave.

      • I am laughing willibeaux! I was about to ask for the recipe, LOL!

  3. The socialists/communists among us want everyone ELSE to sacrifice something and do nothing themselves. Take from one to give to another. Handouts for all at the expense of a few.

    And at the very same time, IMHO, the biggest impediment to getting this thing back on track is an unwillingness to “do without.” No one wants to sacrifice anything for any reason at any time. If this country is going to survive, don’t we all have to give up a little something willingly? Or am I being too darned idealistic?

    Say, am I being really contradictory? Hmmmmm. This country is a bloody mess (sorry for the language, foh).

    • Yep mrs al, bloody mess pretty much sums it up. When they stop funding the Endowment of the Arts, Nat’l Public Radio and funding studies of the mating habits of some obscure beetle in some obscure country and about a million other stupid things MY money is being wasted on then I MIGHT talk about sacrificing….just sayin’, truthfully I am already sacrificing because I didn’t have the free will to save my own bloody money for my own bloody future….am I being an idiot, LOL!

  4. FOH,

    Good post! “Too big to fall”…that’s what the mighty Roman Empire believed and I’m pretty sure history tells of their mighty fall. As a matter of fact, if you read about the fall of the mighty Roman Empire; just take a look around the United States right now and see if a bell starts ringing.

    Communism/Socialism has never worked in the entire history of civilization. Every “nanny state” has fallen or is currently doing so; just take a peak over at Europe. Who are the European countries now looking to bail them out…capitalist countries in the name of Germany and the United States. Free markets on the other hand work every time as long as the government stays out of its way. There is no country big enough to bail out the United States. There is not three countries working together that could bail out the United States. We are the largest industrialized nation in the world with more personal wealth than any other country in the world due to capitalism. When we do go belly up, and if Obamastalin is re-elected the US will go belly up; then the fall of the Roman Empire will look like a two year old kid skinning their knee compared to the BOOM the rest of the world hears when the mighty United States crashes to the ground. O’ gotta go…

    • I think I hear a fiddle in the distance but it is getting louder……

      • willibeaux

        FW! Are you talkin’ ’bout Nero?

  5. willibeaux

    FW! A little off the subject but here goes. I was an avid gardener in the ’80s and one year I raised a bumper crop of tomatoes. Even after supplying the neighbors all Summer, I had an abundant number left over.

    I still had beau coup jars of tomato juice and stewed tomatoes left over from the previous Summer. What to do!

    My wife has an old Settlement Cook Book that had a recipe for homemade tomato wine. I thought why not give it a try.

    I followed the directions and ended with a brew that tasted a little like Bloody Mary mix.

    A good friend of mine, who just happened to be a wine taster, came over and I asked him to sample it. He thought it tasted pretty good but wondered what was the alcohol content. I said I didn’t have any idea.

    He told me I could send a sample to the nearest USDA lab and they could analyze it and send me a report.

    I received a letter about two weeks later. The author said “we have tested the sample of your brew and regret to inform you that your horse has diabetes.

    Laugh dang it! 😉

  6. Wonderful post. Great points!

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