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that ‘Texan’ attitude…

Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way saying that ALL Texans have the same ideology, opinions on any given subject or would even agree that there is a ‘Texan‘ attitude but I have it so I assume others do too.  I bet that residents of any state have it too, although I am sure they wouldn’t call it ‘Texan’!

The reason I bring this up is due to Rick Perry and some of the so-called gaffs he has made during his campaign for the GOP nomination.  First let me say that I don’t agree with ALL of  Perry’s opinions nor the opinions of any other politician for that matter.

The lessons we learn in life, we apply to our individual situations and they become the basis of our opinions.  We make sense of any given situation based on those lessons and yes, those opinions can change and evolve as new lessons are learned and understanding is expanded over our lifetime.  I guess you could legitimately call me a ‘flip-flopper‘ since I have changed my mind many times over the last 62 years.

Back to that ‘attitude’ thingy….Texans historically don’t have much patience for ‘bull’, second part of that word omitted on purpose, but I digress.  Rural Texans living outside the big metropolitan areas, making their living on the farm or ranch, running a small local business in tiny towns or working for those farmers, ranchers and small businesses exhibit this attitude more prominently than our fellow big city Texans, not the ones that migrated there from rural areas, mind you, but definitely for the ones raised there and others who were transplanted from big cities up north (no offense to northerners), I have some Yankee neighbors that have adapted very well and have developed that attitude we are talking about here.

Mother Nature plays a big roll in the lives of rural Texans.  The farmer knows when he ‘lays down’ a hay patch that the chances of rain go up significantly and the rancher knows that more calves are born during a blizzard or any kind of severe weather than at any other time and that small town businessman knows that a drought will have just as much effect on his bottom line as it does for those farmers and ranchers as do those who are employed by any of the above.  The biggest operations of all the above occupations are the most likely to survive ‘hard times’ and are the ones who bring stability to the local economy at all levels.  Rural people everywhere, not just Texas, know that ‘hard times’ are a fact of life and that no one on earth, especially government can ‘fix’ the fallout.  The lesson here is that when successful people get more successful everyone benefits and vise verse (visah versah in Texas speak).

As I write this post, I find that this attitude is more difficult to define than I thought.  So if you have trouble following my train of thought just mark it up to the ramblings of a wandering mind…..and I accept the consequences of having an opinion.

The one thing Rick Perry said that I really would like to see is that he would make government as inconsequential as possible in my life.  At this point, I don’t even know if that is a possibility but it is one thing that would make me very happy because I can feel government breathing down my neck!

No patience for stupidity, maybe that’s it!  This came to mind as I heard this morning that Obama plans to raise the national debt ceiling by another $1.2 TRILLION and that he has the authority to do it even if Congress disapproves because of the way it was raised early last fall.  The shenanigans in DC are way over due for a correction…..



  1. FOH,

    In reading your essay, I believe you brought up an excellent point that a lot seem to overlook. Just about everyone in this country could be a flip-flopper (except Obama). My personal opinions have changed many times since I was 18 years old as I’ve learned more and more lesson’s up to now. And I know I still have a lot more lesson’s to learn and my opinions could very well change again. IMO: That’s the nature of life, if a person is willing to learn from their lesson’s. Obviously, others (like Obama) are the same way they’ve been all their lives and will never change. But we all know…you can’t fix stupid. Good post FOH!

  2. willibeaux

    FW! I met an ole boy in Austin in the late ’70s and I remarked that a lot of Texans come to Colorado to ski.

    He jokingly replied “If the Good Lord had wanted Texans to ski, He would have made bulls*** white”.

    He got me on that one. 🙂

    • He might have a point there willibeaux! I sure don’t have any desire to ride up the side of a mountain perched on a TBar with long blades attached to my feet! I would end up face planted on a tree! Now that whole sitting in the ski lodge sipping hot buttered rum might be right up my alley!

  3. FOH,

    Meant to come over yesterday but was not feeling good.

    I like Rick Perry’s statement too about making big government inconsequential as possible in our lives. I would vote for Rick Perry actually but I fear he is getting nowhere.

    I’m sick of government down the backs of everyone in this country. If you are an entrepreneur you can’t possibly start up a business today due to the thousands of fees, rules and regulations. Not unless you have a pile of money already I guess. But for those of us with limited means there just is no way.

    • even people with a pile of money are leery of investing when there is no certainty that more won’t be required of them in the future, why take the risk….

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